Season 1, Episode 20: The Power of Two

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Aired: Wednesday, May 12, 1999


Written by Brad Kern
Directed by Elodie Keene

Guest starring
Carlos Gomez as Inspector Rodriguez
Jeff Kober as Jackson Ward
Sean Hennigan as Alcatraz guide
Cristine Rose as Claire Pryce
Susan Chuang as Monique
Don Brunner as Insp. Anderson
Lesley Woods as Iris Beiderman
Jack Donner as Judge Renault
Michele Harrell as Insp. Blakely
Gregg Monk as officer
Jim Hanna as CSI detective
Victoria Fang as Marianne
Yuji Hasegawa as banker Yakihama
Featured Musical Artists
Beth Orton

The reason this episode focused on Prue and Phoebe was because Holly Marie Combs had surgery for uterine fibroids. Holly's few scenes were filmed before she went into the hospital. (Holly's surgery went well and she's fine.)

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