Quotes from When Bad Warlocks Go Good

"C'mon, it is just a workout. The worst case scenario: you're in better shape by the time you check into the the nunnery." -Phoebe

"It's just, I dunno, Phoebe, is seems like every guy I've liked lately has been either a warlock, a ghost or otherwise unavailable like Leo. I was just trying to save myself some grief with Josh." -Piper
"But Josh is available. And human too. I think." -Phoebe
"I just don't want to to be disappointed again. I'm tired of falling for the wrong guy, human or supernatural." -Piper

"Y'know, if you're ever gonna lose a guy, it might as well be to the big guy." -Phoebe to Prue

"Well, you're not hand-cuffed, that's a good sign." -Piper
"It depends on who's cuffing you." -Phoebe

"God's got all the studs." -Phoebe

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