Quotes from The Power of Two

Phoebe: "I'm not even married and already I'm a housewife."

Prue: "Andy, are you okay?"
Andy: "I don't know. I'm just getting used to the idea of demons and witches. I don't know if I'm ready for ghosts too."
Phoebe: "You ain't seen nothin' yet."

Phoebe: "Welcome to our little shop of horrors."

Andy: "What do you mean, 'Stop him from killing his next victim?' How do we do that?"
Phoebe: "I have a power too, you know."

Phoebe: "What was that?"
Prue: "Probably a zombie...or a vampire."
Phoebe: "Great. Where's Buffy when you need her?"

Phoebe: "Okay, you're scaring me. Where did you learn to do that?"
Prue: "Book of Shadows."
Phoebe: Where? Under Dr. Kevorkian?"

Phoebe: "What happened? Is the ghost toast?"

Andy: "It may sound boring, but I know that someday I want to have a normal life to come home to. Y'know, with a white picket fence, a two-car garage, a screaming kid... but no demons. Maybe it's because of all the evil that I deal with every day on the job, I don't know...."
Prue: "You don't have to explain, I understand. Belive me, I wouldn't want to come home to it either if I could avoid it, but I can't. You can."

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