Synopsis of The Fourth Sister

Written by TK

A young witch named Aviva is sitting in a group of candles and conjures up Callie. The beautiful ghostly spirit of Callie arrives. They speak of the young witch's wish to join the Halliwell sisters, and how she has been following their every move. Callie tells Aviva that she needs to make the Halliwell sisters want her as much as she wants them. Callie asks Aviva how her mother is, and Aviva says she thinks she's doing better. Callie gives the young witch a sacred power and tells her that she is only to use it as instructed. When Aviva leaves the room, Callie looks evil.

The Halliwells' new handyman, Leo, is checking their chimney for their missing cat, Kit. Phoebe and Piper drool a little. He goes to put up flyers to see if anyone in the neighborhood has seen Kit. Aviva sees him putting up flyers and uses her power to set them on fire after he has posted them so that no one will ever see them.

Opening Sequence

Piper pulls something out of the oven and puts it on a plate. She pours a glass milk, and takes the whole ensemble out to Leo who is on a ladder in the hallway. Phoebe and Prue come down the stairs, and Phoebe is telling Prue that everything will work out with Andy. Phoebe flirts shamelessly with Leo. Prue pulls her away and tells her that Piper really likes Leo, and to butt out. Phoebe says she is not a boyfriend stealer, and tells Prue to leave Roger out of it. Piper comes in and says that Phoebe stole her boyfriend in high school. Phoebe denies it. Prue leaves for work, reminding her sister that she wants the house to herself tonight to spend time with Andy. Phoebe and Piper agree to a little friendly competition over Leo.

Aviva is in her room writing in her diary, saying how much she hates her life. Her Aunt Jackie bursts in, saying she's going to be late for work. Aviva is very confrontational, and won't give her aunt an inch. She asks Jackie why she hasn't called her mother yet, and Jackie says her mother has to be responsible for her own actions. Aviva reminds Jackie that her mother isn't in jail, she's in rehab.

Andy and Prue are trying to pick out a video. They can't agree, with Andy picking "Lethal Weapon 3" and Prue wanting something more romantic. The guy who works in the store offers to help them. Andy says they probably won't get around to watching it anyway, since something always comes up when they plan on spending time together. Prue promises that won't happen tonight. The video store guy comes back with "Body Heat" and the couple take it.

Aviva conjures up Callie again. Aviva is impatient, and wants to join the Halliwells. Callie says she must be patient. Callie sends that Halliwells' cat to Aviva, and tells Aviva to take it to the Halliwells.

Leo is finishing up. Piper asks him to a movie. He says that he can't paint over the original woodwork in the house as they asked him, that it really should be sanded and stained. He says he could bring by stain samples. Piper tells him to bring them by the restaurant at lunch time, since Prue is busy and Phoebe doesn't care. He asks what time that movie was. The door bell rings. Phoebe gets it. It's Aviva with Kit. Aviva comes in, lying about how she found the cat, and says that she fed her. Phoebe and Piper are happy to have Kit back. Aviva makes herself at home on the couch. Leo goes to clean up before the movie. Phoebe hears about the movie and asks if she can tag along. Aviva is shocked that the sisters would go out right after getting their cat back. They say the cat will be fine. Prue walks in with Andy is surprised to see her sisters still home. They point out Aviva and the cat. The sisters offer Aviva a monetary reward. She says she doesn't want money, she wants to talk about Wicca. The sisters send Andy and Leo off to talk to each other, and try to kick out Aviva. She tells them she's one of them, and proceeds to pop the popcorn that Andy is holding. Piper panics and freezes everything, but Aviva doesn't freeze. She says she wants to be friends, but Prue just wants her to get out, or else. "Or else, what?" Aviva asks, and heats up the video that Prue is holding enough that she has to drop it. Aviva stalks out. The men unfreeze and the popcorn explodes.

Commercial Break

Aviva is complaining to Callie that she got turned away. Callie asks if it was the oldest, Prue, who kicked her out. Aviva confirms Callie's suspicions. Callie says to avoid Prue, because she's the strongest, and to separate the sisters and get to know them separately. She says Phoebe is the most susceptible because she's looking for someone to share with. Aviva is losing heart. Callie reminds her that she wanted sisters... she wanted a family, and it was Aviva who came to her asking for help. Aviva asks Callie what she gets out of it. Callie says Halliwell magic is old and powerful... and she wants it.

Prue is on the phone with Andy, and can't explain what happened the night before. Although Andy is frustrated, he's understanding. They plan to meet tonight, same place, same time, same movie (even though it's kind of melted). The three sisters discuss Aviva. Prue condemns her, Phoebe defends her (and thinks her power is cool), Piper thinks it might be sort of neat to meet another good witch. Phoebe thinks she might be lonely. Prue decrees that they should steer clear of her for now. Aviva calls and Phoebe picks up the phone.

Phoebe meets Aviva after school. Phoebe is hesitant, but takes Aviva for a ride.

Leo comes by the restaurant where Piper works with the stain samples. Piper flirts, offers Leo lunch on the house, is impressed by Leo's knowledge of Mayans, and hints that Phoebe is lesbian.

Phoebe shows Aviva around the house. They talk about Phoebe's competition with Piper over Leo. Aviva tells Phoebe to just cast a spell on him. Phoebe asks Aviva how she knows about the sisters. Aviva tells her about her mentor. Aviva tries to appeal to Phoebe's young rebellious side. They play "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Callie flashes in through a mirror and give Phoebe the ability to make heat as well. Prue walks in and is furious that Phoebe is there with Aviva. Andy rings the bell, and Prue has to ask him for another rain check. They make plans to meet at Quake for lunch tomorrow. Phoebe tries to defend Aviva, but Aviva attacks Prue saying that she'll never understand and stomps off.

Callie and Aviva are talking. Callie says that if there were no Prue, Phoebe would be "with us." Aviva wishes Prue were dead. Aviva's aunt bursts into her room, and Aviva orders her out. Aviva begins to threaten her aunt when her aunt refuses to leave, and Callie sets the aunt's skirt on fire, making Aviva believe that she did it herself. Aunt Jackie falls down the stairs.

Commercial Break

Paramedics are taking away Aunt Jackie. Aviva told the paramedics that it was a candle that did it. Aviva is horrified at what she did. Callie says her powers are growing. Aviva wants to run away. Callie says she has to go use her power and take Prue's place in the power of 3 and she'll have her family.

Aviva comes to the sisters saying she has no one and she needs their help. Piper confirms that her aunt is in the hospital. Aviva says she doesn't know how her aunt fell. She asks if she can spend the night, and they can talk tomorrow. Phoebe says she can sleep in her room. Prue says no magic allowed.

In the middle of the night, Callie visits Aviva a through a mirror and tells her now is the time. Aviva sneaks to Prue's room, but Piper busts her. Aviva say she's looking for the bathroom. Aviva goes to the bathroom and Piper checks on Prue, suspicious.

Prue goes to see Aviva's aunt. Aunt Jackie doesn't understand why Aviva is staying with the three sisters. Prue explains that she found their cat. Jackie says she's a strange kid, and into black magic. Prue asks if she can go by their apartment and get some things for Aviva.

Andy is at Quake waiting for Prue, but she doesn't show, and Piper can't find her. Andy is losing patience.

Prue walks into Aunt Jackie's apartment. She sees the candles on the floor in Aviva's room. Callie flashes quickly in the mirror, but Prue doesn't see her. Prue finds Aviva's diary, reads it, and realizes what Aviva is up to. Prue calls Phoebe at home, tells her to get Piper to come home and keep an eye on Aviva. Phoebe tells Aviva that Prue is on her way home. Aviva goes upstairs to lie down, but actually gets her bag and sneaks into Prue's room.

Leo is done working. Phoebe is upset that he's done. He says he'll be back tomorrow to check on things. Leo tries to ask if Phoebe and Aviva are a couple, but can't get the words out. Phoebe doesn't know what he's asking, but realizes Piper said something about her, so she tells him to take whatever Piper said with a grain of salt because sometimes her medication makes her say crazy things. Phoebe picks up Aviva's sweater that's lying on the back of a chair and gets a flash that Aviva is going to attack Prue with a fireball when she gets home. Phoebe goes up to Prue's room to find Aviva, and Aviva accidently throws the fireball at her. Luckily, Phoebe blocks it with sweater. Aviva apologizes and runs out.

Commercial Break

Phoebe has a small burn. The sisters get rid of Leo so they can talk about it. Phoebe tells them what happened. Prue says Aviva isn't evil, she's just being used by an evil spirit.

Aviva is packing her things. Callie appears and asks her where she's going. Aviva tells her to go away and she doesn't want to be a witch. Callie says they have to finish what they started. Aviva says she doesn't want to hurt people. Callie tells her to touch the mirror to say goodbye. When Aviva touches the mirror, Callie possesses her.

The sisters are looking up Callie in the Book of Shadows and find her. To get rid of her, you shatter her reflection. The sisters don't get a chance to figure out how that works, because Callie walks in in Aviva's body and starts throwing fireballs. Aviva gets a chance to cry out to Phoebe to help her, and it's clear to the sisters what's going on. Piper freezes her. Aviva falls the floor and Callie is left suspended. Prue puts Callie in the mirror, and Phoebe smashes it. Callie has left the building.

Phoebe lends Aviva one of Prue's dresses. Aviva is having trouble with mirrors. She's done with black lipstick. Aviva says it's hard. Phoebe says it was hard for her too when she was Aviva's age... these are the hardest years of her life. Aviva says she'll miss being a witch, and having powers, and having sisters. She promises not to tell anyone about the three sisters.

Prue finds Andy on his way home. Andy has given up on her. She says she can explain. He says she can't, or she won't. He starts to walk away, but turns and says that he still loves her. He says it hurts that she doesn't trust him enough. She says she doesn't know if she can share it with anybody. He says he doesn't know what else he can do. He walks away. She stops him and asks if he doesn't want to see her anymore. He says he doesn't know what he wants.

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