Season 2, Episode 4: The Devil's Music

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Written by David Simkins, Directed by Richard Compton

Guest starring Brian Krause as Leo, Larry Holden as Jeff Carlton, David Haydn-Jones

Special musical guest Dishwalla

Co-starring Alexandra Picatto as Tina Hitchers, Chris Newlson as Masselin, Ralph Garman as DJ, Robert Madrid as raodie #1, Smalls as bouncer

Featured Musical Artists: Gordon, Dishwalla


"This place couldn't be more dead if I were embalmed." -Phoebe

"We have to talk." -Leo
"You bet your white lighter ass we do." -Piper

"Tonight we have some major demon ass-kicking to do." -Phoebe

"Just talk to him, honey, it'll be okay." -Phoebe
"I'd rather just freeze him and kick him in the..." -Piper

"Keep an eye on me." -Phoebe
"You're kinda hard to miss in that outfit." -Prue

"Listen up, skidmark, you tell us how to save Jenny and get Elvis out of the building, or spending an eternity in hell will be the least of your worries." -Piper

"It's just dawning on me that personal relationships and business just don't mix well at all." -Piper

Opening sequence includes Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Greg Vaughan, Dorian Gregory, Karis Paige Bryant

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