Quotes from Heartbreak City

Prue: "I'm sorry that Kevin bagged on you."
Phoebe: "Ah, it's his loss."
Prue: "It's is so his loss, 'cause you are beautiful, my sister."
Phoebe: "You are so beautiful."

Cupid: "There's a fine line between love and hate."

Prue: "God, I love this new power."

Drazi: "Hiding behind a witch's skirt?"
Piper: "Stealing things that don't belong to you?"

Phoebe: "Did you do something specific to tick Drazi off or did he also find your honesty to be a complete and total pain in the ass?"

Piper: "Nothing like a night out on the town after a hard day of demon killing."

Drazi: "Dan, Piper still loves Leo. Always has, always will. You are nothing more than geographically desirable. After all, a girl can't get much closer than the stud next door."

Prue: "Jack's scum."
Piper: "So's Dan."
Prue: "Are you scum?"
Piper: "No, I'm not scum."
Prue: "I knew you weren't."

Dan: "You don't look okay. Are you all right?"
Cupid: "I'm having a rough day."

Piper: "How can you be sure?"
Phoebe: "I can't, but love is a risk. If he's taught me anything, it's that."

Phoebe: "Now that boy can kiss."

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