Quotes from Reckless Abandon

Piper: "Y'know, I'm not really good with these things."
Phoebe: "They're called babies. Just do the rock and walk, he loves the rock and walk."

Piper: "Wow, you're like MacGyver with estrogen."
Dan: "Thanks, I think."

Prue: "I thought that babies slept a lot."
Phoebe: "Yeah, obviously one of those lies they tell ya so you'll WANT to get pregnant."

Phoebe on babies: "I don't understand why this is so hard. We're women, this should be in our DNA."

Piper: "He didn't freeze. Why didn't he freeze?"
Ghost: "What are you? Witches?"
Piper: "I've frozen ghosts before, haven't I?"

Phoebe: "Every time I get close to the little guy he either opens his mouth or his bowels. I mean, call me kooky, but that feels like rejection to me."

Prue: "Looks like we finally all fell for the same guy."

Morris: "Three witches and a baby. I don't think that's gonna fly."

Phoebe: "Don't wave things in his face, 'cause he does not like that."
Piper: "But he does like the jiggle. Do you know the jiggle?"
Morris: "Of course I know the jiggle. I'm a father."

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