Quotes from Animal Pragmatism

Phoebe: "Hey, uh, there's a party tomorrow night. You should come."
Phoebe: "Because I'll be there."

Piper: "Well, it is a weekday, and Phoebe Halliwell is already at campus, while Prue Halliwell, master of the morning meeting, sultan of scheduling, and queen of..."
Prue: "Cut it."

Phoebe: "That house is only big enough for one homebound Halliwell."

Piper: "What happened to doing nothing?"
Prue: "I'm finished."
Piper: "You can't finish doing nothing."
Prue: "So how do you know when you're done?"

Phoebe: "Guess what I saw on Phoeb-TV?"
Piper: "No, not a premonition. It's Valentine's Day. Can't there be some kind of supernatural day off?"

Phoebe about Prue: "Boredom has turned her into the demon of decoration."

Snake: "Rules, like cages, were made to be broken."

Snake: "Next time you want a dangerous man, you might want to make sure he's not poisonous."

Andrea, Brooke, Tessa Piper: "Why do we seem to have a habit of gathering our men at the scene of a supernatural smackdown?"
Phoebe: "It's part of our charm."

Piper: "I don't have a permit for this kind of party."

Phoebe: "I would like you all to know that I am vegetarian, okay, I have never eaten any of you."

Prue: "Why do I have to carry the poisonous snake?"
Piper: "Because you're the oldest."
Prue: "So?"
Piper: "So you've lived a full life."

Prue: "Back off, thumper!"

Piper: "How's it feel to be a man now?"

Rabbit: "Well, at least we're human for good now."
Snake: "Shut up."
Prue: "It looks like the got what they wanted. They get to be treated like humans."
Phoebe: "And caged like them too."

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