Quotes from Pardon My Past

Piper: "What happened?"
Phoebe: "I don't know. But I'd sure like to find out."

Piper to Dan: "Trust me, you don't have to worry about Leo at all, he's an angel."

Phoebe: "I've just started to turn my life around. I really don't want my past life to ruin it for me now."

Piper: "Hurry up with that giggle water, Jake, we have thirsty people waiting."

Phoebe: "I was bad. Very very... bad."

Phoebe: "We lived here, in the manor, back in the 20s."
Piper: "Together? Here? So much for evolution."

Piper: "Dan? As in my Dan?"
Phoebe: "Uh huh."
Piper: "You saw him too?"
Phoebe: "He was your husband. Sorry Leo."
Leo: "That's okay. Hoping Piper learns from her past mistakes."

Phoebe: "By midnight I'll be dead again."
Piper: "By midnight? How do you know that?"
Phoebe: "Midnight, a full moon, what's the difference? It's always one or the other, right?"

Phoebe: "Dying is one experience I don't plan on reliving."

Anton: "Feels good to be bad, doesn't it?"
Phoebe: "Sometimes."

Phoebe: "Leo, don't worry so much. You're mortal now. You'll get wrinkles."

Anton: "You are too good to be true."
Phoebe: "Thanks for reminding me."

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