Quotes from Give Me a Sign

Piper to Phoebe: "Don't act blonde."

Prue: "You just saved my life."
Bane: "You think you can trust me now?"

Darryl: "This is a nightmare."
Piper: "Welcome to our world."

Prue to Bane: "You can either take your pants off on your own or I can always do it by force."

Prue: "What are you gyys doing here?"
Phoebe: "We're rescuing you from the tall, dark and naked man."

Prue: "You guys have really got this all, um, wrong."
Piper: "Yeah, we know, it's a trap."
Phoebe: "The tall, dark and naked trap."

Bane: "You don't scare me."
Litvack: "Sure I do, I scare everybody."

Piper: "Where there's a demon there's a way."

Prue: "Thank you for saving my life."
Bane: "Thank you for changing mine."

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