Quotes from Astral Monkey

Phoebe: "He's like the big brother I never wanted... I mean had."

Prue: "Not that I was unhappy when I saw Leo all nekkid in the shower and just all... wet."

Leo: "Ever done it on a cloud?"
Phoebe: "I don't know. Does a feather-bed count?"

Prue: "So, you're saying that a monkey is sharing my powers?"
Phoebe: "Is that even possible?"
Leo: "After all you've seen and done over the last two years, you tell me what's impossible."

Prue: "BOS"
Phoebe: "BOS. Oh, book of shadows, book of shadows!"

Piper: "If we don't stop him, the monkeys aren't going to be the only ones in cages."

Morris: "Tell me again I'm not hunting down some demonic son of a bitch."

Phoebe to Piper: "You deserve the best and I think you've found it."

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