Quotes from Apocalypse, Not

Prue: "It nice to bond over something other than vanquishing for a change."
Phoebe: "Yeah, but I got to hand it to those pesky little demons, they sure have brought us closer together."
Prue: "Hmmm, maybe you should write them a thank you note."

Piper to Leo: "Since when you do ring instead of orb?"

Morris: "In my professional opinion, the whole city's lost its friggin' mind."

Phoebe: "What just happened?"
Piper: "I think we just vanquished our sister."

Death: "Who got vanquished and left you boss?"

Piper: "Okay, Leo, you go ask your bosses whoever they are whatever they are who those guys are and how we get our sister back. Now. Orb. Faster."

Strife: "It's a dead language that we sometimes use for ceremonial purposes."
Piper: "How festive."
Strife: "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

Phoebe: "We saved the whole darn world. The least we could get is a thank you."

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