Quotes from That Old Black Magic

Prue: "It's none of our business, right? Right?"
Phoebe: "Isn't it sort of our business?"

Dan: "That handyman guy sure does seem to hang around here a lot."
Phoebe: "Well, it's an old house. Lots of things need fixing."
Dan: "Then why is Piper so upset?"
Phoebe: "Because there are some things he can't fix the way she wants it."

Prue: "You wouldn't like it here, Mr. Sheridan. We don't lie or cheat."
Jack: "I don't lie."

Piper: "This is wrong. He should be battling acne at his age, not evil witches."
Phoebe: "Hey, but look at us. Do we look like we should be the all-powerful charmed ones?"

Dan: "Don't you have some other house to repair?"
Leo: "No."

Piper: "It just gets all confusing when we're close... when you touch me. I don't want to be confused anymore."

Phoebe: "Well, I did find one spell, but it requires a human heart and unfortunately we're all still using ours."
Piper: "Well, take mine, all it does is get me in trouble anyway."

Kyle: "I always wanted to be somebody special. You should be careful what you wish for."
Piper: "Believe me, we can relate."

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