Quotes from They're Everywhere

Phoebe: "It's been awhile, but it seems like they're everywhere."

Eric: "You don't work for some government agency?"
Phoebe: "No, I'm just a girl."

Prue: "Do we have to protect him?"
Piper: "He is pissin' me off."

Prue: "We may have to make a choice."
Piper: "Why? I mean, there's gotta be another way with all the hocus pocus we have."

Prue: "You know, they really shouldn't have given us the finger."
Piper: "You read my mind."

Prue: "Too much knowledge, whether it comes from tha Acacic records or other people's heads is just dangerous stuff."

Prue: "They're huge."
Piper: "They're expensive."
Prue: "They're ringing."

Piper: "Oh no! Dan! He's leaving... without me."
Phoebe: "Don't just stand there, freeze him."
Piper: "Oh right." (freezes him) "I gotta go." (walks out door)
Phoebe: "Nifty little power."

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