Quotes from P3 H2O

Phoebe: "Be vewy vewy quiet, we're hunting demons."

Phoebe: "This is personal for us, Leo."
Piper: "Leo doesn't do personal anymore, he just does his job."

Dan: "I'm just glad you can tell me things."
Piper: "I feel like I can tell you anything." (closes door) "Except that there's a demon."
Leo: "And that you're a witch."

Sam: "In case you didn't get the memo, I'm not one of the good guys anymore."

Sam: "What matters most was taken from me twenty years ago."
Prue: "Then we have something in common."

Prue: "Piper?"
Jack: "Piper? I hardly know her."

Piper: "Can you? Isn't that breaking the rules?"
Leo: "What rules haven't we already broken?"

Sam: "Let's go face our demons."

Prue: "You took what matters most to me, and as long as I live you will never kill again."

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