Quotes from Ms. Hellfire

Phoebe: "Do you really want to know, Darryl?"

Prue: "Phoebe, I'm working."
Phoebe: "More like you're working IT."

Piper: "Okay, that's all, folks,"
Phoebe: "Ugh, who knew perky could be so annoying?"
Piper: "How long do you think I can keep her like this?"
Phoebe: "Your power, your call."

Piper: "Prue, we're your sisters. Listen to me, you gave me the chicken pox."
Phoebe: "Yeah, and remember, I taught you how to French kiss?"
Piper: "You broke your ankle when you were seven. C'mon, Prue, we went to Duran Duran together. You stretched out my leg-warmers."
Phoebe: "And then you gave them to me."

Barbas to Bane: "She's not back in one minute, then I'm going to spend my last two minutes killing you."

Phoebe: "Oh, I'm begining to see your attraction to the dark side."

Phoebe: "I never get tired of kicking his butt."

Prue: "Just a little something to think about... in jail."
Bane: "That won't be the only thing I think about, I promise."
Prue: "Is that a threat?"
Bane: "No, it's a compliment."

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