Summary of Astral Monkey

Piper's doctor who tried to cure her Arroyo Fever earlier this season has been playing around with the three sisters' blood, trying to figure out how Piper was miraculously cured. He not only ends up giving three monkeys the sisters' powers, but through an accident he ends up will all three sisters' powers himself. His sister is dying and needs a kidney transplant, so he uses the powers to go find a criminal who is a match for his sister and steal the man's kidney. He realizes the potential of this, and starts harvesting more and more organs from criminals, leaving the men to die afterwards. The three sisters slowly figure out what's going on after one of the test monkeys uses astral projection to find Prue. The sisters steal the monkeys and all of the doctor's files on them, and Phoebe manages to make a potion that takes their powers away from the monkeys. After Leo tells the sisters that their powers will drive the doctor mad, they go after him to stop the killing and try to convince him to take the same potion as the monkeys. He refuses, crushing the bottle of potion under his heel after knocking out all three sisters with his strong powers. Although Piper is loathe to do it, the sisters realize that their only choice is to kill the now evil doctor. In a battle to the death, the sisters make short word of the doctor mostly just by defending themselves. Piper is upset that she helped kill the man who tried to help her when she was sick, but at least Leo is there to comfort her.

Prue goes to photograph one of Phoebe's favorite movie stars, Evan Stone, for 415 magainze. He is charming and flirtatious, and his assistant is very suspicious because tabloid photographers are always trying to sneak in. It is while Prue is taking the photographs that the monkey astral projects to her, so she rushes out to find her sisters. She forgets her car keys, and Evan runs out to give them to her. A tabloid photographer catches them in the act of exchanging the keys, dropping them and both kneeling down to pick them up. It looks kind of like they're kissing, and it's hard to see Prue's face. After the sisters bring the monkeys back to their house, photographers and tabloid reporters flood the lawn to get more info on Evan Stone's mystery woman. Piper freezes the crowd so that Prue can escape and talk to Evan. He agrees to help her get rid of paparazzi, and calls a tabloid to give them a tip that he and his new girlfriend are on their way to dinner downtown. He tells Prue that he'll tell the reporters that he dumped her to preserve his bad-boy image. She is amused. The crowd on the sisters' front lawn immediately dissipates.

At the beginning of the episode, Phoebe comes down for breakfast and realizes that her box of favorite cereal is empty. Piper apologizes, Leo ate it. She'll buy more. Phoebe comments that Leo is basically living with them. Piper protests, but realizes Phoebe is right. Piper tells Prue and Phoebe to feel free to make ground-rules about Leo's presence in their home. Later on, Leo orbs into Piper's bedroom and sees someone who he thinks is Piper rummaging around in the closet. He comes up and nuzzle her neck, only to be really embarassed when Phoebe turns around. Phoebe says it's no big deal, but when Leo goes down to the kitchen to find Piper, Phoebe adds to her list of ground rules: "No orbing in unannounced." When all is said and done, however, the list Phoebe ends up giving Piper is really a list of what Phoebe herself wants in a man. She and Prue tell Piper that Leo is great, and they're perfect together, and as long as Piper is happy they're happy.

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