Quotes from We All Scream for Ice Cream

Piper: He's still staring at me.
Phoebe: Who?
Piper: That guy at the end of the bar.
Phoebe: Oh no, honey, that's not staring, that's flirting.
Piper: You say tomato.
Phoebe: No, I say relaxo.

Phoebe: Prue, if you keep ignoring me my feelings just might actually implode.

Prue: No powers. No powers. No powers.
Phoebe: I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised.

Pheobe to Prue: Why couldn't you get a boy-band song in your head like everybody else?

Phoebe: We thought that the good guys were bad guys, and in trying to vanquish them we helped the real bad guys, which were dead ringers for good guys.
Leo: Was that English?

Piper: Okay, so he's a demonic dog catcher and he uses ice cream as bait? Great news for the lactose intolerant demon.

Prue: We are big witches now.

Piper: Why don't they ever run into a well-lit room with nowhere to hide?

Piper: It's three of us versus three of them. We're even, and bigger.

Piper: Okay, do they do that because they think it's funny or just to freak us out?

Prue: Oh, you need a little time-out, missy.

Piper: When I decide I want to have kids you remind me of this day.

Phoebe: Something tells me I'm never gonna look at a creamsicle quite the same way.

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