Quotes from Blinded by the Whitelighter

Leo: It's not like I was out carousing with the boys, I was out being a force of good in the universe.
Piper: I true force of good would have called, or at least orbed.

Leo: You want to freeze me in bed for your own personal pleasures, that's fine....

Leo: Consulting with the elders is for your own protection.
Piper: And siding with us is for yours.

Eames: Oh, did I miss all the fun? No, wait, I am the fun.

Piper: I'll help. Anything to get rid of her.
Phoebe: You mean him.
Piper: Nah, I mean her.

Eames: After ten years of chasing a dream the dream starts chasing me.

Natalie: You must prepare yourselves for battle, mentally, physically, sartorially.
Piper: Hah.
Phoebe: I'm sorry, what?
Piper: She doesn't like our clothes.
Natalie: You need outfits that are loose and move. That means no more braless, strapless... fearless attire.
Prue: Okay, then I have nothing to wear.

Prue: Okay, tell me again why we're doing this.
Piper: Because one bad word from General Goodie-Two-Shoes and I'm not getting married.
Prue: That's a good reason, I guess.

Natalie: All right, now let's pretend I'm the enemy.
Prue: Oh, that is way too easy.

Phoebe: If we don't vanquish Eames, can we at least vanquish Natalie?
Piper: Don't tempt me.

Prue: Something doesn't feel right, this was way too easy.
Phoebe: Or even worse, anticlimactic.

Eames: What the hell are you doing up here?
Phoebe: Kicking your ass.

Phoebe: Wow, it worked.
Prue: Yeah, nothing anticlimactic about that.

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