Quotes from PreWitched

Phoebe: I hear spikes are making a comeback!

Piper: And he knew where to find us. What are we, like in the warlocks' guide to San Francisco?

Prue: Spell?
Phoebe: Check. Potion?
Piper: Check. Sharp painful implement?
Prue: Check.
Phoebe: Ooh, nice choice.
Prue: Thank you.

Cat warlock: You've got something up your sleeve.
Phoebe: Hello, sleeveless.

Piper: Okay, was that for good?
Prue: Well, if it wasn't, he's really gonna miss his ear 'cause it looks like part of it's dripping off the clock.

Piper: Are you gonna hate me?
Leo: Not if we hire movers to move everything back in.

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