Quotes from The Demon Who Came in From the Cold

Piper: Welcome to the power of four.

Prue: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're gonna go see the thriller, as if we don't have enough scary bad guys in our real life.

Phoebe: I was starting to worry that you wouldn't make it back in time for my graduation.
Cole: I wouldn't miss that for the world... or the underworld.

Cole: You just vanquished my brother.

Phoebe: I just vanquished Cole's brother.
Prue: Whoah, this is so much better than the movie.

Cole: You can't stop the Brotherhood with a little research and your basic kick, freeze and magical move. No offense intended.
Piper: Some taken.

Phoebe: Cole is risking his life for this. The least we can do is trust him.

Piper: We're gonna fight the Brotherhood with Ben & Jerry's?

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