Quotes from All Hell Breaks Loose

Piper: What happened?
Leo: You guys almost died, that's what happened.
Piper: Yeah, well, what else is new?

Piper: If you ask me, I think you're being paranoid. We kicked Shax's ass. We bad.
Prue: Yes, you're probably right.

Leo: They're not the ones that screwed up.
Piper: Excuse me, screwed up? We've been busting our Wiccan butts for three years without getting caught.

Prue: You, why don't you get back up there and whitelight a fire underneath your boss's butt.

Cole to Phoebe: You're not an easy girl to dump.

Piper to Prue: Okay, so what do you say, Oprah or Barbara? Barbara makes you cry. We go with Oprah.

Piper: We're gonna do talk shows and book signings and movie deals and then taken by the CIA and dissected.

Alice: I killed the wicked witch. The wicked witch is dead. I killed the wicked witch!

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