Quotes from Sight Unseen

Phoebe: Well, at least you have the option to concentrate. If Cole and I continue this flirting tango thing, I'm going to have to start concentrating on myself.

Prue: I know that she's supposed to be dead, but so were the Grimlocks.
Darryl: Please don't remind me about them.

Piper: Do you think it was a human bad guy?
Darryl: Any other house, yeah. Around here, you never know.

Phoebe about Prue: We really need to get her laid, huh.

Prue: When I woke up, there was a pillow hovering over my face about to smother me.
Piper: A pillow?
Phoebe: Hovering? Well, that must be the infamous pillow smothering demon.

Piper: You didn't sleep either?
Phoebe: Not a wink. Thank God for makeup.

Prue: You know we're always wearing inappropriate footwear when demons attack. Now we will be prepared. Keep them with you at all times.
Phoebe: I'm gonna be so fast in these.

Prue: You know, you can never be too careful with demons or mortals.

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