Quotes from Power Outage

Phoebe: I want to know. I deserve to know.

Prue: We need to practice our couter attacks so the next time he shows up we can get some demon flesh.
Piper: White meat or dark meat?

Phoebe: I could probably get Piper to handle the meeting.
Cole: Yeah? Are you sure she won't be angry?
Phoebe: Oh, she's gonna be furious, but she'll just supress it and take it out on me later.

Cole: Too bad you can't predict the future.
Phoebe: Who says I can't?

Leo: Let's start with your tiff.
Piper: Well, that's a bit of an understatement. It was... big.
Leo: How big?
Prue: Um, do you remember Pearl Harbor?

Phoebe: Has the tribal council spoken? Am I booted off the island?

Prue: Who needs Oprah when we can do it ourselves?

Prue: Okay, that's new.
Phoebe: Demon with demon filling.

Piper: I got a slice.
Prue: Hmm, yum, the other white meat.

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