Quotes from Coyote Piper

Piper: I'm this superpowerful witch who's engaged to a whitelighter saving the world from evil on a daily freaking basis and all these people are gonna see is the same pitiful loser who still ives at home with her sisters and her unemloyed boyfriend.

Piper: Leo, when you find out your boyfriend is a demon and then you have to vanquish him, a little alone time is in order.

Prue: Why do you even care what these people think?
Piper: Only a former cheerleader could ask that question.

Piper: Being around these people makes me feel exactly like I felt when I was sixteen: invisible and inferior.
Prue: You want me to beat them up? 'Cause I'll beat them up, one by one.

Piper: If you get out of my body now I might not have to vanquish your sorry ass.

Terra: What kind of witch can't kill a demon without her sisters?
Piper: What the hell kind of demon has a panic attack when her boyfriend comes to visit?

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