Summary of Magic Hour

Written by Trish

Piper watches women in a hair salon look through bridal magazines. She picks one up then puts it back down. She gets up and starts to leave, but returns and picks up the magazine again. As she gets into the elevator, another woman gets in and is showing her friend her engagement ring. Piper just rolls her eyes and looks away. Arriving home, as she gets out of her car a caravan passes being led by a couple just married. She slams her car door and heads for the house.

Inside Phoebe and Prue are discussing her maid of honor options. They are trying to decide who is going to be her Maid of honor. Prue comments on the glasses that Phoebe is making and Phoebe comments that they are for the eclipse the next day. Just then Piper enters, and they want her to settle something for them. She says, "anything to get my mind off weddings."

They don't want tell her now but she gets them to. They want to know whom she will choose to be her Maid of honor. She replies, "I am not allowed to invite anybody, or have a cake or a band or even flowers, so what makes you think that I will even be able to have a Maid of honor?" They all discuss her marrying Leo, and as they talk Leo appears bearing bad news. He and Piper have to decide by the following night either to not be together or the sisters get a new White Lighter. Leo talks of he and Piper being able to get married before the deadline and that the Guardians won't be able to break it because it is binding. The four of them discuss the consequences of what would happen if the Guardians were to find out. Phoebe gets stuck on the "unspeakable wrath", and what it may mean, while the others are deciding how to hide it from them. Piper and Leo say goodbye for now.

After he leaves, they here the cat outside. They open the front door and the cat has cornered an owl. Later that night the owl has turned into a guy whose name is Christopher. They try and ask him about the situation and offer their help, but he refuses. He says that he is running short on time because at daybreak he is airborne again. He states that his boss did this to him, and how he cannot handle another day like this again. Piper offers him some clothes while they try and figure out what to do. While they discuss his innocence he takes off, and Piper wants to blow it off until the next night.

Prue sends Phoebe and Piper to get some books on Pipers wedding problems of secrecy. Phoebe is concerned with Pipers willingness to break the rules. She ends up going with her anyway. Cole shows up and switches his books with their books while they are looking away. They leave without realizing it.

A sorcerer and his assistant enter his office, he turns out to be the one who cursed Christopher. It turns out he wants his girlfriend, whose name is Brooke. Christopher enters threatening the sorcerer's life, and ends up getting his life threatened instead. The sorcerer orders Christopher killed by sunrise.

Piper & Phoebe get back home and meet Prue in the attic. Piper finds a hand-fastening spell that might help. She asks Phoebe (who was supposed to look through the book of shadows) about the spell. They discuss the problems with the spell, mainly the lack of a 'high priestess' that they spell calls for. An owls feather falls to the ground and Phoebe picks it up. This causes her to have another premonition about Christopher and a wolf. They all go in search of the place that this premonition takes place in.

Finally, 3 hours later they find it in the woods. They see Christopher running, and they call to him. A wolf appears barking at them and Christopher gets the wolf to stop, and follow him. They run into a nearby shack. As daylight approaches they crouch in the shack, and when the sun hits the shack, the wolf changes into a woman. Christopher changes back into an owl and flies away. The woman, whose name is Brooke, starts to run away but Prue stops her by telling her that Christopher wanted them to talk. Prue tells her about meeting him the night before, before he went after the sorcerer to try and stop him. Prue says "he'll do it again, and we both know what will happen if he does." Brooke says, "he'll do I know you aren't working for him?" Prue replies, "you don't, you are just going to have to trust us." Brooke says, "Trust is earned". Phoebe asks to discuss what Christopher meant that someone was coming. Brooke says that if Christopher went after the sorcerer, then he sent someone after them. Piper asks why, and Brooke says it is because he fell in love with her and the curse is her punishment for not returning that love. Christopher comes flying by and Brooke says that he is warning her, and they have to go.

They start running when a demon comes out of a black cloud carrying a bow and arrow. He shoots one at Brooke, and misses hitting a tree. He shoots another one and Piper freezes it as it heads her direction. The demon wants to know where Christopher is, and Prue tells him that is the least of his worries. She throws him with her power of telekinesis, and he lands on the ground. The arrow unfreezes and hits the tree between Piper and Prue. The demon gets up and runs off. Phoebe asks if they have earned Brooke's trust yet. They all run off and go back to the house.

Upon entering the house, Piper comments about swearing this was in a movie she had seen. Prue starts to say, "Phoebe...", but before she can finish Phoebe says, "Upstairs, Book of Shadows, curse book, way ahead of you". Prue tells Brooke that they are going into the kitchen, and Brooke insists she is fine and wants to help. Prue tells her that she is tired and hungry, and to let her help. Brooke agrees, and they go into the kitchen.

Piper approaches the stairwell, and Phoebe jokingly asks her if she wants to take a Wiccan time-out and do a crossword puzzle. Serious now, she and Piper talk about her doubts about Piper and Leo's decision. Piper agrees that if both her and Prue don't approve then she won't go through with it.

In the kitchen, Brooke is talking about how when the curse first happened she and Christopher used to leave each other notes, but lately that had stopped. She talks about the limit that each person can take. Christopher shows up, and Brooke says "you keep asking yourself..." and Piper finishes "shouldn't love conquer all?" Prue talks about how unfair it is that she went through this, and now Piper is going through this, and then Brooke. She also says that what love doesn't conquer, they will. Piper is pessimistic, but Prue tells her the day isn't over yet. Piper tells Brooke that they will need her help if she wants a "happy ending".

In the sorcerer's office, he asks the demon if he comes bearing gifts. The demon nods showing his bag. The sorcerer comments, "that is an awfully small bag for such a large prey", and that if the demon had killed Christopher there would be a human bleeding on his floor. The demon tells him that Christopher has witches to help him, and now they are with Brooke. The sorcerer kills the demon and promotes another one to go after Christopher.

Brooke is telling Prue and Piper about taking the job at an established firm with a reputation for promoting from within. She said that her boss was an odd man, and she had worked for nightmares before but none like him. "He made moves, I made things clear. He made me this", she said. Piper asked "to keep you from Christopher?" Brooke says, "If he couldn't have me no one could, until there is a night within a day or until I give in." She comments that she never thought that magic was real, but just for kids parties. Piper tells her that they are still getting used to it themselves. Brooke is blaming herself for what is happening, and Piper and Prue convince her that she is strong and that Christopher believes in her and is relying on her to pull him through this.

Phoebe, in the attic, is flipping through the Book of Shadows, asking to find anything helpful. The book suddenly starts flipping pages quickly, and lands on the hand fastening spell. Phoebe's grandmother appears and they discuss the spell and Phoebe's worries about Piper and Leo. Grams tells Phoebe that "logic and reason go out the window when True Love is involved." She also tells her that when the time is right they will know.

Piper calls to Phoebe as she and Prue are getting chased around the living room by another demon with a bow and arrow. One of the arrows almost gets Prue, and two pin Piper to the front door. As Phoebe is coming down the stairs one hits the wall just in front of her. Prue throws the demon against the wall, where he crashes into a cabinet. Phoebe and Prue get Piper off the door. The demon says that he is only after Christopher. Brooke comes in telling him no, and he shoots an arrow at her. But, before it hits her, Christopher flies in and it hits him. Prue throws one of the arrows from the door at him and kills him. They all rush to Brooke and Christopher.

Sitting on the couch Prue tells Brooke that he will be alright. Brooke says that she cannot watch Christopher die. Prue tells her that isn't the only thing they can do. Piper doesn't think it is a good idea, but Prue says, "this has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with innocents." Just then Leo appears. As Prue is trying to explain, he tells them he knows, and that the Guardians filled him in. He states that the word vanquishing caught their ear. Prue tells Brooke that Leo is a healer. As Leo sits he tells them he cannot heal animals. Piper says, "he isn't exactly an animal." As Leo attempts to heal Christopher, Prue says, "he is until sunset." Leo cannot heal him, and he apologizes to Brooke. Phoebe says they will just have to wait.

Just then the doorbell rings. Phoebe opens the door to find Cole standing there. He recites their address and says that the bookstore gave it to him. Phoebe says that he came to return their books. Cole says he wouldn't mind having his back either. She gets them and as she is handing them to Cole, Leo appears asking if everything is okay. Phoebe introduces Cole and Leo. They shake hands, and something gets on Cole's hand (a blue particle of some sort). He walks away saying that he has an appointment. At the street he wipes his hand commenting on White Lighters. He tells his shadow to report this.

As Phoebe and Leo walk back into the Living Room, they over hear Piper and Brooke talking. Piper is asking Brooke if she ever thought that it just wasn't meant to be. Brooke says "If you can't take the risk for Love, what can you take it for?"" Just then Phoebe clears her throat-causing Piper to look up in time to see Leo walking away. She chases after him. She tells him, "you just can't do that, you can't walk in on the end of a conversation and assume you know everything." He tells her to explain it to him. She says she isn't questioning him, just their decision. He tells her to direct her questions at him. She asks, "don't you think I want to?" He tells her he doesn't know what she thinks anymore, and starts to walk away again. She tells him that she is thinking that Phoebe might be right, that they are being selfish. They talk about how it effects others, people they love. They are talking about their doubts when Phoebe walks out. She tells them that they should go for it, and holds up a sign with the words "YOU HAVE MY BLESSING". Then she tells them that when the time is right they will know. Piper asks her what made her change her mind. She said she had a "long distance call".

Brooke is holding Christopher on the couch, crying she says she cannot do this. She asks him to forgive her but she can't let him die. Outside the eclipse is approaching, and Phoebe realizes that is when the curse will be broken. They go in and find that Christopher is human again. They tell him that this is when the curse will be broken, all they need to do is tell Brooke. They all discuss where she is, and figure out that she has gone to the sorcerer. Christopher says that it is the only way she knew to break the spell, and she didn't have enough trust in them. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe watch Leo heal Christopher.

The sorcerer is telling 3 more demons that one of them will be promoted, and the only way to be promoted is to kill Christopher. Just then, Brooke walks in asking if he would take her instead. She asks him to kiss her, and just before he does asks if he will spare Christopher. He answers, "You have my love isn't that enough?" They are bringing Christopher to the sorcerer's office, when Piper stops and says that she feels fuzzy in her chest. Phoebe realizes that this is the right time. They agree to fix Christopher and Brooke first.

Christopher and the others enter the Sorcerer's office, and Brooke comes to him after they explain about the eclipse causing night in a day. She and Christopher are about to kiss, when the sorcerer takes out a bow and arrow, saying, "if I can't have her no one will." But Prue throws the bow and arrow across the room. Christopher and Brooke finally kiss, killing the sorcerer.

Prue and Piper mention that they have a solution to her Maid of honor fix. She says that she is more worried about the High Priestess issue. Back at the house, they are about to get started. Grams is the High Priestess, and she starts the music. Piper comes down the stairs and they all gather around, just as they are about to start the ceremony Leo is agonizingly drawn away by the Guardians. Piper starts crying saying that it is all her fault. She is crushed.

The Triad have Cole in front of them, and are congratulating him on telling them of the secret wedding of Piper and Leo. They ask him what his next step is. He answers that this was just child's play, and that he would get them.

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