Summary of Exit Strategy

Written by TK

Phoebe worries about Cole, who hasn't been in contact for a week. Piper fixes up Leo's original birth certificate to make him fifty years younger so he can get a passport and they can fly to Paris like a normal couple for their honeymoon. Raynor plots to kill Phoebe's love for Cole to turn Cole evil again. Raynor sends Cole to get a protective amulet from a witch. Cole tells Phoebe what's up, and then goes and gets the amulet without hurting the witch. Raynor visits the witch afterwards and kills her, and Prue and Phoebe arrive in time to find tell-tale scorch marks. Phoebe still believes in Cole.

Piper and Leo are in the passport office when Leo is called by Them. Piper gets upset and insists that Leo not leave. She points out how long they've been waiting in this line, and the clock on the wall that she points to explodes.

Cole reports back to Raynor who says that he's disappointed in Cole because Cole didn't kill the witch. Cole says it wasn't necessary and he didn't want to raise the ire of the Charmed ones. Raynor says he took care of it for him.

Leo briefs the Charmed Ones on the amulet. There are two of them, and they were given to witches for safe-keeping. If they are combined, they give the wearer more than double the protection, and make the person almost invincible. Evil can't use the amulets, but they probably want to keep good people from using them.

Raynor sends Cole after the second amulet, and sends with him his old friend Tarkin to "watch his back." The Charmed Ones are waiting, and successfully defend the amulet-wearing witch, Jana. In the process, Cole shoots lightening at Phoebe, but the amulet protects her. Phoebe insists that Cole knew that the amulet would protect her when he shot her. Piper is incapacitated because she doesn't have control over her new exploding power, and keeps exploding things instead of freezing things. Cole and Tarkin end up running away, and the Charmed Ones bring Jana back to the manor. Cole is ready to just give up on the masquerade, when Raynor shows him that he has Cole's father's soul, and if Cole behaves, he can have his father's soul back.

Jana, an expert with potions, helps complete the potion to separate Cole from his powers. Phoebe goes to the mausoleum, finds Cole, and brings him back to the manor. Tarkin shimmers into the manor and distracts the Charmed Ones while Raynor shimmer in to mess with Cole's head. Piper almost kills her own sisters, but finally ends up successfully exploding Tarkin. Meanwhile, Raynor convinces Cole to kill Jana and knock Leo unconscious. Phoebe witnesses Cole kill Jana. Raynor shimmers away. Cole asks Phoebe for the power separation potion. Phoebe throws it on the ground, saying that it's too late and Cole has gone back to evil. Since there is a spell in the Book of Shadows that shows how evil could use the protective amulets, Phoebe suspects that that was Cole's goal all the time, and he now wants separation from his powers so that he can use the Book. Cole shimmers away.

Cole asks Raynor what kind of spell he used to force Cole to kill that witch. Raynor laughs at him. Cole kills Raynor in revenge for Raynor killing Phoebe's love. Cole enjoys it.

The Charmed Ones say a prayer for the dead innocents, and Phoebe says a prayer for Cole.

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