Summary of Look Who's Barking

Written by Trish

In the opening scenes we see pictures of Cole and Phoebe together, and then we see Phoebe putting them into the Book of Shadows across from the entry for Belthazor. Prue enters and Phoebe comments about Prue's date. They talk about Prue's love life and Phoebe comments about "living vicariously" through Prue. Prue asks if it is really necessary for Phoebe to enter in Cole's human information into They are discussing this when there is an explosion, and Phoebe comments, "Piper". They get up and Prue asks where she is. Phoebe replies, "In the bunker formally known as the basement." They talk about Piper's control over her new power. They talk to Piper through the basement door, and as they are talking they here a noise and then lots of barking. As they are wondering what is going on, Kit comes dashing through the kitchen knocking over the trash can, and Phoebe jumps on the counter to get out of the way. Piper hears things knocking over and asks what is going on, and Phoebe replies that it is just Kit and not to "blow anything up". We change scenes to a Pug dog barking in a living room window. He goes to his master, who is looking through a photo album, and continues to bark. The man is crying over a woman in the pictures. Suddenly things in the room start shaking and then the glass things in the room explode. The windows explode, and in comes a woman screaming in his face. He covers his face from the screams and we see blood running out from between his fingers.

In the morning, Prue comes in the kitchen asking Phoebe if she is still writing about Cole in the Book of Shadows. Phoebe tells her she is writing about Belthazor now. Phoebe tells her that she isn't the one Prue should worry about. Phoebe tells Prue that Piper has now locked herself in her bedroom. Prue starts reading the newspaper about the noise last night, and she comments that a man was murdered at the same time. The headline of the article reads "Man's Murder Baffles Police". Prue is reading aloud that there was "no motive, nothing stolen, nothing to suggest how he was killed, lots of shattered glass everywhere". Phoebe picks up pages in the Book of Shadows and is thrown into a vision. She sees a girl in a phone booth, and then the glass shatters. The girl then covers her face and blood drips through her fingers, all the while we here screaming. She tells Prue about the vision, and then says that she agrees that a demon killed the man; she knows who did it. She goes into the dining room and is turning over the table when Prue asks her what she is doing. Phoebe tells Prue that she is going to summon Cole with a "magic to magic" spell. Prue expresses her thoughts that this isn't Cole's type of killing. Phoebe argues that she was holding the Belthazor page when she had the vision, and that the visions are directly tied to what she is touching. She tells Prue that she can do it with or without her, and asks her to get the vanquishing potion. We change to see Cole chanting and lighting candles while we hear Prue and Phoebe chanting. He cries "No" and fights the spell. We change back to the girls chanting behind the table. They are chanting the below spell.
Magic forces black and white,
reaching out through space and light,
be he far or be he near --
Bring us the demon Belthazor here.
We see Cole change into Belthazor and doesn't go with the spell. In the manor, Phoebe wonders why it didn't work, and Prue says she doesn't know. They talk about her premonition, and about anything that could help them save the girl. Phoebe says that there wasn't much to go on, and Prue says that they are just going to have to go to the man's apartment. Phoebe asks if they should get Piper, and Prue says that she has enough to deal with. Upstairs, Piper is sitting on her bed, and listening to a relation tape in the stereo. Leo orbs in at that moment, startling Piper causing her to jump and the stereo explodes. She comments, "Leo, your supposed to knock not orb." And Leo replies "but I live here". He tells her to relax, and her response "that's what I was trying to do when someone made me blow up my guru." She tells him to stay away, commenting that she isn't safe, and that her hands are lethal weapons. He tells her that is normal and that it happened with her freezing power. She says "freezing stuff is one thing, blowing up stuff is another thing all together." He tells her that this time she isn't alone, and she says that he shouldn't be. He asks her how they are going to go on their honeymoon, and she says that they are going to cancel it. He tells her that they are not going to cancel it, and she asks, "well then tell the Elders to take this power back, I don't want it, I am not ready for it." He tells her that they wouldn't have given it to her if she wasn't ready. She asks, "What if you're wrong, what if I hurt someone?" She says that she feels helpless, and he tells her that she isn't helpless. He also says, "you are on of the strongest most capable person I have ever known." We change scenes to an apartment. A detective asks what kind of specialists they are, and Phoebe asks, "Detective Morris didn't tell you?" Prue asks if she can touch a photo album on the floor, and he responds that forensics is done. The detective asks if they are "the psychics we keep hearing about he was working with?" Phoebe responds that it is funny, and Prue asks if the woman in the pictures is the man's wife. The detective says yes, and that people have said that he never got over her death a few months a go. Prue asks about suspects and the detective says, "All we know is who ever did it busted through that window, although 3 stories up." He says that nobody knows how. Phoebe asks about scorch marks where the body was, and Prue says that there wouldn't have been a body. She is about to go further, but since the detective is there she says something about if that weapon was used. The detective asks if they are from arson, and Prue says no, that they were just wondering how the man died. He replies that the man drowned in his own blood, and that all his blood vessels just burst for no reason. He then asks if they are Feds. Phoebe says, "actually mister we are witches, okay, we actually think that a demon did this, probably my ex-boyfriend, and if he did do this we have to find him and vanquish him." The detective states "very funny" and leaves. Prue asks if Phoebe is out of her mind, and Phoebe replies that it got rid of him. Prue says that it was definitely a demon but she doesn't think that it was Belthazor. We change scenes going back to Cole talking to another in a dark hooded robe. They are talking about his being summoned earlier. Cole states that he wants to destroy his human half, and the man (whom he calls alchemist) states that he can only transfuse his blood to be different so the "Charmed Ones" can't vanquish him using the potion they already have. He also goes to state that Cole's human half will always be tied to human emotion, and that this is something that no sorcery could change. Cole asks him to do what he can, and we see as he cuts Cole's arm some sort of blue lightening working. We change scenes back to the manor, where Prue and Phoebe are talking on the couch. Phoebe tells her that she is certain Cole did it, otherwise why would she have been thrown into the vision while holding the page in the "book". At this she grabs some pages beneath as well, and Prue notices this. She asks something about if she was touching another page, and turns to find the Banshee entry. She tells Phoebe that the vision was because she was touching this. As she wonders aloud what a Banshee is, Leo coming down the stairs tells her that their cry feeds on those in great pain. Prue and Phoebe turn and see that Leo and Piper are coming down the stairs. They both comment on Piper being a stranger, and Piper comments that they should be wearing asbestos suits. Prue says, "If you can't freeze us, you probably can't blow us up either." Leo tells them that Banshees are rare, but their cry is too high pitched for humans to hear. Phoebe reads from the Book of Shadows that they find their victims by hearing their "inner cry". She also reads that they do this by "zeroing in on the waves of pain that emanate from the stricken." Leo contributes that once they have found their victim, their cries turn to screams killing the victim. Phoebe comments that the "book" doesn't contain a vanquishing spell, but it does contain a "tracking" spell. She says, "a we need is a designated tracker." We change scenes to the attic, where we see Prue in the center of a circle. Piper, Phoebe and Leo are standing outside the circle, and Phoebe asks Prue if she really wants to do this. Prue comments that both Piper and Phoebe are not able to handle this right now, so that leaves her. She asks, "Besides what is the worst that could happen?" Phoebe and Piper recite the following spell:
The piercing cry
that feeds on pain
and leaves more sorrow
than it gains
shall now be heard
by one who seeks
to stop the havoc
that it wreaks.
There is an explosion of light that causes everyone outside the circle to look away. When they look back they start to ask "Prue", and then they see the dog that she has become. They all stare after her.

We see Phoebe is looking under the bed, and trying to console Prue that everything is going to be okay. This gets Piper worked up, "How? How is this going to be okay?" Phoebe tells her "Hands in your pockets!" Leo walks in, and Piper asks him what he found out, asking, "why did the spell backfire?" Leo says that the spell didn't backfire, and that they cast a tracking spell. He also notes that dogs can hear sounds that humans can't so it makes sense. Phoebe says something about if she ever comes out from under the bed. She leans down to look under the bed again and asks Prue to come out to save the innocent girl. Prue decides to come out at that, and Piper comments about her being able to understand what they are saying. Phoebe says that she is so pretty, and Piper asks, "What did you expect?" Leo comments, "a Doberman" and Prue growls at him. Piper says, "honey watch your orbs" in a joking tone. They ask about getting Prue back to normal, and Leo says that after the Banshee is vanquished Prue should return to normal. Prue runs out hearing something. Phoebe and Piper ask Leo about the possibility that she could be this way for a year. He tells them that the Banshee had an unsatisfiable appetite, and feeds every night. They are asking how to vanquish without spell, and then they hear crashing noises from downstairs. They run after Prue, and we change scenes to see Prue running through the house chasing Kit and knocking things to the floor. Kit runs up the stairs as Piper, Phoebe, and Leo run down. Piper catches Prue and says, "No no no no, very bad Prue". Prue starts to growl at Piper, and Piper says, "hello Cujo, who you growling at?" When Leo says that he is going to check with the "elders" on a vanquishing spell. Phoebe asks if he is afraid of Prue, and he says yes. Piper asks about them finding the Banshee before he gets back. He asks her what she did last time, and she tells him she blew him while trying to freeze him. He tells her to remember what they have talked about and to relax. He then orbs out and Piper says, "I really wish that everybody would quit telling me to relax." Prue starts to bark and runs to the door. Phoebe asks Piper if she hears the Banshee. They open the door and Prue runs out, and they call her while running after her. We change scenes to Piper and Phoebe in the park, and they are talking about how this can't go on much longer, and then Phoebe tries to get Piper to do "rock, paper, scissors". Just at that minute we hear a bunch of dogs start barking, and Prue runs off. Phoebe comments about being off the hook while Prue runs off and they chase her. We then see a dark alley with a pay phone, and the girl from Phoebe's premonition is talking to her parents wanting to come home. The banshee shows up, and shatters the glass. She is starting to scream and Prue shows up attacking the Banshee. Phoebe and Piper run in after her. Piper gets the girl out of there, and the Banshee attacks Phoebe. Piper gets the Banshee off Phoebe and gets thrown into some crates. The Banshee starts her cry when Phoebe tells Piper "now", and Piper tries to freeze the Banshee but explodes a lid on a trash can. The Banshee runs off and Prue follows. Prue is trying to cross the street and gets hit by a car. The man from the car is calling for help as we change back to the manor where Phoebe is on the phone with Darryl about looking for Prue. They talk about finding Prue and the Banshee. Then Piper asks Phoebe about the Banshee singling her out. She tells her that the Banshee thinks she is in great pain, and says that she thinks Phoebe is in denial. Phoebe says that she is going to get the Book of Shadows and they are going to cast the tracking spell on her. She and Piper talk about this for a few minutes, and then Phoebe goes upstairs to get the Book of Shadows. When she starts flipping through the book, she stops at the Cole and Belthazor pages, and ends up sitting down crying about Cole. We change to see Piper on the phone trying to find an open animal hospital or something when Leo orbs in. She explains that they lost Prue when they were fighting the Banshee. Leo asks if everyone is okay, he sounds surprised they fought the Banshee. Piper tells him that they were fine, and wants to know what he found out. He tells her that the Banshees aren't demons; instead they are witches. He adds that they don't kill witches; instead they turn them into Banshees (I feel some foreshadowing here...*grin*). To this Piper gives a look towards the attic as we change back to the attic. Here Prue is still looking at the pages on Cole in the "book" when the glass objects in the room start to shake, and then start to break. She calls out to Piper, and then all the windows shatter and in comes the Banshee. She screams at Phoebe, but when she realizes that it isn't killing Phoebe she stops. Piper and Leo enter and Piper explodes the Banshee into nothingness. Phoebe lays back and then turns into a Banshee herself. Piper and Leo are in shock, and then Phoebe knocks them back realizing they aren't crying out in pain. She then screams her banshee cry and leaps out the window.

Piper starts to break down, talking about all that went wrong that evening. Leo tells her to relax, and she gets even more upset at this. As she gestures, she blows up Gram's sewing machine, and Leo tells her not to loose it. She tells him that she has lost it. He advises her that if Phoebe kills one person while a banshee, she stays a banshee forever. Thus, causing Prue to stay forever a dog. Piper says that she can't solve this one by herself, and that Prue and Piper were the better witches. Leo tells her that she is just as good as Prue and Piper and to relax and close her eyes. He advises her to trust her instincts. She instantly opens her eyes and says that she thinks she knows what to do and runs off. We change scenes to Prue (still a dog) opening her eyes and seeing the man that rescued her on the phone. She takes in that he is a journalist of some kind by the phone conversation he is having. He comments that he has a "soft spot for animals". While talking on the phone he is messing with a camera. He notices that she has awakened, and comes over to her. He starts to pet her and by the look on her face she loves it. We change scenes to a dark parking lot of some kind. Phoebe is crouching behind a vehicle watching a woman walk to her car. The woman sensing something is wrong by all the dogs barking in the background hurries to her car. When she gets there she is startled by a man, and apparently is every happy to see. They embrace and Phoebe darts off and wails once behind a wall. We change back to the man who save Prue's apartment again. She starts to bark and he tells her to quiet down or she'll disturb his neighbors, but she is adamant that she wants to go out. He opens the door and she darts out. He calls after her to wait, and grabs a leash, then follows. We change back to the manor where Leo is following Piper down the stairs. They are discussing her decision to summon Cole. She says that he is Phoebe's source of pain, and if she can get him to talk to her then maybe she can be okay. Leo reminds her that Cole is evil again, and what if he tries to kill her? She tells him that she will just vanquish him if things get out of control. He tells her he still doesn't like it. She says that it is her only choice, and he told her to trust her instincts. He asks her about if he will go along given everything that has gone on, and she tells him that there is only one way to find out. She recites the summoning spell from earlier to summon Cole. He appears and comments that she wasn't the witch he was expecting to see. Piper explains the situation and Cole turns her down saying that he "doesn't do good anymore". She asks him not even for someone he loves, and he remarks about how that is past now. Leo wants Piper to end the session with him now, but she refuses, saying that she is not giving up. She and Cole dance back and forth on why he should or shouldn't help her. She finally flings the vanquishing potion at him and he just mimics being vanquished and then comments that she shouldn't have thought that he would come there without some protection of his own. Just then Prue (still as a dog) comes prancing in, and barks. Before anyone can say anything, objects start to shake and Cole asks, "What is going on?" Piper replies, "Phoebe's home". Just then the windows and other glass things shatter, and Phoebe as a banshee comes in and tackles Cole. She screams in his face causing him to shake his head from side to side. He then turns into Belthazor, grabs Phoebe in an embrace, and shimmers out.

Piper is panicking over the thoughts of Phoebe killing Cole, and her having a banshee and a dog for sisters. She is also worried over Cole killing Phoebe. Leo is trying to convince her not to worry, and Prue is barking and tugging on Leo's pants leg. She jumps out the shattered door, and Piper wonders if she can hear Phoebe. They run after her. We change scenes to the mausoleum where Cole has brought Phoebe. They are fighting, throwing each other into various places in the mausoleum. He comments to her not to make him kill her, to this she tosses him in a corner. He turns into Cole and says, "Damn it Phoebe, I love you." She cries at him, and then changes back into her normal self after a brief shot of the others running through the woods. She is staring at him when we change to the woods again. We see Prue change back to normal and grabbing her side, but still running along. She finally stops, and Piper catches up. Prue comments about how her hip hurts and asks why she is human again. Leo catches up and states that he guesses because Phoebe is no longer a banshee, and they wonder if she is still alive. We change scenes again to hear Phoebe telling Cole to stay away from her. Cole explains that the reason he killed a witch was because he was under a dark spell that was placed on him. He also explains the larger plan to destroy her trust in Cole after she wonders why they would put a spell on him. He tells her it was all a plot to get Cole back into the brotherhood as a new and improved demon. He goes on to say that they can't change their love, but that "it is a pain we both have to learn to live with." He turns after touching her cheek and shimmers out. Outside Leo has sensed Phoebe, and Piper asks him to go get her and take her back home. Prue is scratching and Piper comments, "I think you got fleas." And Prue responds to this with, "You know what, that's so not funny, 'cause I think I do." They talk about her life as a dog, where she ate garbage and such. She tells Piper about the man she met, and Piper says, "you met a guy?" Prue replies, "Uh-huh", and Piper asks how. Prue says, "He ran me over", as she grins. We change to P3, where Piper is behind the bar, and Prue is looking for her guy. Phoebe comments to Piper that they should raise prices because of the bill from the repair guy, there is a comment about giving him a lot of business. Phoebe and Prue talk about her meeting the guy who ran her over. Prue makes her exit to meet the guy, and Phoebe and Piper talk about Piper calling on Cole to help get her back to normal. Then Piper talks about listening to her instincts and believing in herself. Phoebe comments about trusting her instincts and trying to get Cole back to good again, and then she makes her exit. We close on a shot of Piper at the register.

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