Synopsis of Sight Unseen

Written by Cassandra

Piper and Phoebe are in P3 contemplating where Prue could be. She is late for her date with Sean. Piper wonders if Prue stood him up, if so Phoebe does not believe that Prue stood him up deliberately. Phoebe comments that since the sisters have returned from pilgrim time (All Halliwell's Eve, Episode 3.04), Prue as been focused on tracking down demons. Piper and Phoebe wonder what they should do about Sean. Piper tells Abbey (the bartender) to make his drink a double.

Phoebe asks Piper about her relationship with Leo. Piper reminds Phoebe that she is afraid that the Elders are watching her and Leo during lovemaking. Although Leo has told her that the Elders are not watching, she thinks that they are watching and cannot focus on doing anything intimate with Leo. Phoebe comments on how she and Cole need to do something physical, because the flirting is not enough anymore.

Piper calls Prue and asks her where she is. Prue states that she is on her way home from work. Prue did some research on Micah's ancestry and the village they visited (from All Halliwell's Eve, Episode 3.04) in order to determine which demon tried to wipe out their family line. Piper reminds Prue that her date is waiting at P3 for her. Prue realizes that she completely forgot and suggests giving him a drink. Piper says "If we give him anymore we're going to have to send him to an AA meeting." Piper tells Prue that he's been waiting for an hour and encourages Prue to just show up for her date. Prue states that she has too much research to do on the Triad. She suggests that Piper tell Sean that she was busy at work and would like to reschedule. They hang up. Piper tells Sean that Prue got hung up and work. Sean says he understands, wants Prue to call him, and then he leaves. Piper and Phoebe comment on Prue's obsessions with demon research.

Prue gets home and notices that the front door is open. She walks through the house noticing broken mirrors. The burglar pushes Prue over the couch from behind. Prue gets up and telekinetically throws the burglar through a window.

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Piper and Phoebe are home cleaning up and comforting Prue. Piper comments on how the burglar smashed every mirror in the house. Prue believes that it was a demon. Piper reminds Prue that the only demon that they know of who used mirrors was Kali and they vanquished her (The Fourth Sister, Episode 1.07). Darryl comes down the stairs. He said that he found a lot of fingerprints that don't match any of the Halliwell's. He is going to run them through the database of fingerprints. Prue does not believe that he will find a match and reminds everyone that mirrors can be portals through which evil can enter. Phoebe reminds her that demons do not generally leave fingerprints or have fingers. Darrly requests a list of anyone who may have a grudge against the sisters. Prue gives him a list of demons that they have encountered in the last two years. Prue goes upstairs to the Book of Shadows.

When Prue reaches he attic, she calls for Piper and Phoebe. Piper, Phoebe, and Darryl reach the attic wondering what the problem is. Prue stated that she found the attic door wide open. She has been locking it since she and Phoebe found a demon trying to steal the Book of Shadows (Once upon a Time, Episode 3.03). Darryl is amazed that they lock the attic door but not the front door, and suggests that the sisters should take home security more seriously. Darryl notices that the lock was not jimmied. Phoebe states that they should not rule out that a human could have broken into the house. Prue adamantly believes a demon broke into their home. Piper requests that Darryl check on the fingerprints. Darryl leaves.

Prue calls for Leo. She tells him that she wants to know everything about the Triad. Piper and Leo are flirtatiously smiling at each other. Prue suspects that the same demon that tried to wipe out their family line is the one who tried to steal the book. She states that she is taking the matter seriously, and that she is on a mission. Prue walks out of the attic with the Book of Shadows. Phoebe begins to feel like three is a crowd and leaves Piper and Leo alone in the attic.

Cole has been summoned by the Triad. They believe that it is taking too long for him to destroy the Charmed Ones. He states that he is strategically positioning himself by getting close to Phoebe. The Triad state that they have sent Troxa to "assist."

Troxa arrives at Halliwell Manor, becomes invisible, and enters the house.

Piper and Leo are kissing while entering her bedroom. She reiterates her concerns about being watched by the Elders. Leo tries to reassure her that they are not being watched. Troxa peeks in on their conversation then leaves. Piper apologizes and Leo states that he should find the answers to Prue's questions. Piper and Leo begin kissing again, then he orbs away.

Troxa enters the attic and sees that Prue is asleep in a chair with a notepad and the Book of Shadows. Troxa grabs a pillow and attempts to smother Prue. She wakes hope and telekinetically throws the pillow away from her.

The doorbell rings. Phoebe answers and it is Cole. He says that he heard about the break in and asks if they are ok. Phoebe is flattered that he came over. Cole asks if they saw the perpetrator. He offers to call a patrol car to watch the manor but the sisters decline the help. Cole notices that Troxa is exiting the house. Prue states that the sisters have some things to discuss. Cole leaves. Prue tells Piper and Phoebe about the hovering pillow. Phoebe makes light of it and Piper suggests that she had a nightmare. Prue dismisses the nightmare and is insulted by Phoebe's joke. She restates her belief that a demon attacked and goes back upstairs.

Cole is outside the front door of Halliwell manor trying to find Troxa. Troxa attacks Cole then becomes visible. They argue. Troxa becomes invisible again and attacks Cole. Troxa releases him and leaves. Cole shimmers away right before Phoebe looks out the front door.

The next morning Prue notices that her good luck blouse are missing and Grams's necklace. Piper asks if anything else is missing. Prue did not notice anything else and thinks that those items may have been taking for a ritual. Leo returns and apologizes to Piper for leaving the night before and said that it was a coincidence. He tells the sisters that the Elders don't know much about the Triad. Prue is surprised and disappointed. Leo states that the Triad is at the highest level on the other side. Prue believes that they should make sure that they are prepared for anything and gives Piper and Phoebe athletic shoes because the sisters are always in inappropriate footwear.

The doorbell rings. It's Darryl. He reports that it's the same set of fingerprints throughout, but he does not know whose prints they are. The person has no criminal record. Phoebe lets him know about the missing items. Darryl thinks that it could be a stalker and requests a human grudge list. Phoebe wonders if it is Sean (the date she stood up). Prue believes that it is a demonic stalker. Darryl is going to check out Sean anyway.

Troxa is invisible and enters Cole's office. He picks up a letter opener to attack Cole. Cole sprays him with a fire extinguisher then hits him with it. Cole tells Troxa that he did some research to find out his weaknesses. Cold can reveal Troxa and he cannot feel it. Troxa threatens to kill Cole after he kills the Charmed Ones.

Prue is at a photo shoot (with someone like Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter"). She is being photographed surreptitiously by someone. Prue gets an idea about trapping a demon while at the photo shoot.

Phoebe arrives at P3 and asks Abbey if she has seen Cole. Then asks if she has seen Piper. Abbey tells her that Piper is in the office. Phoebe walks into the office without knocking and finds Piper and Leo kissing and groping. Phoebe apologizes to them. Piper says no problem and Leo leaves. Piper and Phoebe walk back to the bar area and discuss their human lists of suspects. Prue arrives. She looks happy and relaxed. Piper and Phoebe are pleased and wonder what's going on. Prue is looking for Sean and Piper reminds Prue that he could be the stalker but Prue dismisses the idea. Prue tells Piper and Phoebe that she set a trap and plans to make the demon talk about the Triad instead of vanquishing him. Phoebe wants to know what kind of trap it is. Prue explains how she cast a spell and placed crystals in a power grid with the Book of Shadows as bait. Whatever steps in it will be zapped and Prue will be notified with the crystal that she has. Phoebe wonders what will happen if a human or Kit steps into the trap. Prue said that she locked the attic door so Kit cannot enter.

Prue sees Sean and joins him at a table. She offers him a drink but he declines. They chat and she quickly tries to assess if he's the stalker.

Cole walks into Halliwell Manor. He adjusts the air conditioning and opens the windows. He shimmers into the attic and unlocks the door. He glances at the Book of Shadows. He opens the windows in the attic. He finds Prue's notepad. On it she is trying to formulate ideas about the connections between the Source, the Triad, and the Evil Agent that is attacking the sisters. Cole puts down the notepad and walks toward the Book of Shadows. He steps into the crystal trap and the Book of Shadows moves away from him. He is instantly zapped by the power of the crystals. He changes back and forth from Cole to his demon form (Belthazor). Eventually he passes out.

The sisters arrive at home. Prue tries to prepare the sisters for action in the attic. They all realize how cold it is in the house. When they arrive in the attic, Cole is laying on the floor. Prue thinks that it is dangerous to approach him. Phoebe is upset and tries to help Cole. Prue begins to interrogate him. Cole says that the front door was unlocked and he noticed that the windows were open. Phoebe concludes that he thought that the house had been burglarized again. Cole wants to know what happened to him and sees the crystals. Prue states that it is a trap.

As Phoebe, Cole, Prue, and Piper descend the stairs, Phoebe apologizes to Cole for what happened. Prue becomes defensive. Cole reminds her that he could have her arrested for the trap. He walks out the front door. Phoebe follows him and apologizes again. Cole says that he is glad to know that Phoebe did not set the trap. He leaves.

Phoebe notices a box of flowers by the door and grabs them on her way into the manor. She begins to get upset with Prue about nearly killing Cole. Prue states her doubts about Cole and the possibility that he is a demon. Phoebe counters with "You're right. He's a plant. Trying to get close to me so he can kill us."

Piper notices that the box is from Sean. Prue opens the box and discovers flowers and maggots. Phoebe points out that Sean is her demon and that she is going to call Darryl. Piper puts the box outside the front door. Prue cannot believe that Sean is the cause. Prue states that she has to trust her instincts. Piper supports that but reminds her that some of the evils in the world are human.

Cole meets with Troxa and claims that he is there to apologize. He encourages Troxa to go after the Charmed Ones. Troxa does not trust Cole but goes to the Charmed Ones anyway. Cole tells Troxa that the key to the Charmed Ones is the Book of Shadows, which is in the attic.

Phoebe and Piper are closing windows. Phoebe expresses her anger about Prue's trap. Leo enters the room holding a large Hershey's Kiss. Piper is appreciative but tells him that tonight is not a good night.

Troxa invisibly enters the manor.

Prue closes the windows in the attic. She senses something in the attic. She steps on pieces of a broken mirror then notices an image in the mirror. She uses her telekinetic power to throw Troxa across the room. Troxa attacks and Prue throws him into the crystal trap. Piper and Phoebe notice a power shortage and run upstairs. Prue removes a crystal from the trap and stops the electrical (or mystical) shock. She demands to know the Triad's plans. Phoebe, Piper, and Leo enter the attic. Troxa refuses to give Prue the information. Prue places the crystal back in place and the mystical shock begins again. She removes the crystal. Troxa tells her his name and warns her that he is not the only demon sent to assassinate them. As he says Belthazor's name, he is consumed in flames and disappears. Leo tells them that the Triad took him. Piper and Phoebe apologize for doubting Prue.

Prue says that it is all right and wants to look up Troxa in the Book of Shadows. After Piper reads about his weakness to cold temperatures, Prue realizes that if all of the windows were not open she would not have seen him. Phoebe asks if someone else is helping to protect the Charmed Ones. Leo hopes so then warns the sisters about Belthazor.

The sisters find Belthazor in the Book of Shadows and Phoebe realizes that it is the same demon that tried to steal the Book of Shadows a few weeks ago (Once upon a Time, Episode 3.03). Piper decides to go to bed and Leo says that he will find out more information about Belthazor. Piper leaves. Leo orbs out.

Phoebe asks Prue if she was going to sleep. Prue said that she is going to work on a photo assignment. Phoebe finds Prue's notepad and notices that Prue put Cole's name next to the Evil Agent in her diagram. Prue claims that she just put a name there. Phoebe asks if Prue can call and apologize to Cole tomorrow. Prue says she will.

Prue is in the basement developing pictures. She realizes that she is developing photographs taken of her. Someone attacks her from behind and slams her face into the development tray.

The next morning Phoebe and Piper are chatting in the kitchen. Phoebe is still wondering about the other events (broken mirrors, the air conditioning, the open windows, the dead flowers, the missing items). She does not believe that they are demonic acts. Piper tells her to stop obsessing. Phoebe wants to review the grudge list, which is at P3. Piper wants to know if Prue is awake. Phoebe tells her that her bed is made and her car is not there. Piper assumes that she took her pictures to 415 Magazine. Phoebe decides to call her. Abbey answers the cell phone acting as if she is Prue. Phoebe is convinced that she is ok. Phoebe and Piper leave the manor.

Abbey wakes Prue up. Prue is in a chair with her hands tied behind her back. Her eyes are blurry and red because of the developing chemicals. Prue wants to know what she wants. Abbey tells Prue that she wants to be her. Abbey has on the necklace and Prue's blouse. Abbey also puts on a wig to look more like Prue. Prue realizes that it is Abbey, but Abbey gets upset. Abbey tells Prue that she is going to become Prue as soon as she gets rid of the real Prue. She tells Prue that she sent the dead roses and broke into the house. Abbey tells Prue that she enjoys wearing Prue's clothes. She wants to be beautiful and loved by men like Prue. Prue states that she has trouble dating like everyone else. Abbey wants to know if she's talking about Sean and says that he wasn't good enough for "us." Abbey says that she will do better as soon as she eliminates Prue. Abbey pulls out a gun and then asks Prue how se threw her across the room the night she broke into the house. Prue has telekinetically untied the rope that was binding her. Prue telekinetically throws Abbey away from her and then makes some items fall on her in the basement. Prue climbs up the basement stairs and makes other items fall on Abbey.

Phoebe and Piper run down the stairs of P3 to answer the telephone. It is Darryl. He says that he cannot get a hold of Prue. He tells Piper that the fingerprints match Abbey's the bartender at P3. Piper wants to know why Abbey would want to hurt Prue. She and Phoebe go check out Abbey's locker. They find perfumes and cosmetics that Prue wears. They also find photographs of Prue and a journal. In the journal it becomes clear that Abbey has been following Prue. Piper gives a picture to Phoebe who gets a premonition. She sees Prue being shot in the manor by Abbey.

Prue is hiding in a closet. Abbey is looking for her. Prue can see movement through the crack in the closet door. Abbey notices the closet. She begins to walk towards it and is prepared to shoot. Prue realizes that Abbey is coming her way. Prue astral projects behind Abbey and gets her attention. Abbey shoots while Prue fades away. Prue astral projects to another part of the room and gets Abbey's attention. Abbey shoots at her again. Abbey begins to yell in frustration. Prue notices that Abbey is not walking toward the closet anymore. Prue runs out of the closet and tackles Abbey to the floor. Prue gets up and stumbles away. Abbey tackles Prue by the front door. Prue lands on top of her, and then punches her. Prue walks away. Abbey scrambles on the floor to get her gun. Prue enters the kitchen. Abbey reloads her gun then runs to the kitchen. She takes aim and fires at Prue. The bullet is frozen by Piper. Prue is terrified. Phoebe and Piper enter the kitchen. Piper grabs the bullet from midair. Prue telekinetically throws Abbey into the China cabinet. Piper and Phoebe comfort Prue.

At P3 Marvelous 3 is performing. Prue begins chatting with the bartender named Rachel. She asks if she is happy. Rachel seems well-adjusted. Prue leaves her a tip. Phoebe says that Leo is installing an alarm system and Prue complains about how they are going to have to do responsible things like lock the doors. Phoebe and Prue also discuss that they will have to look out for Belthazor. Prue notices that Cole has entered P3 and tells Phoebe to watch out for him. Phoebe sees Cole and is concerned that Prue does not like him. Prue diplomatically responds that she does not know him very well. Phoebe says that she wants to get to know him and Prue encourages her to be careful. Phoebe walks over to Cole.

Prue sees Sean on a couch and asks him to dance.

Phoebe and Cole make small talk then kiss.

Piper and Leo have just finished making love. They comment about how Piper is more relaxed when she's not worried about the Elders. Piper yells upwards "I hope you enjoyed the show."

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