Summary of Sleuthing with the Enemy

Written by Trish

Piper and Prue are in the kitchen concocting a vanquishing potion for Belthazor. They finish the potion and Prue calls for Phoebe. "Something tells me that she isn't much in the vanquishing mood", comments Piper. Prue inquires why, and Piper replies, "Phoebe is worried about Cole, she hasn't heard from him in a week." Prue retorts, "And that is a bad thing?" Piper starts "Prue", but she is cut off, "You know what, I don't like him and I don't trust him which has nothing to do with the fact that he is a greasy lawyer either." Phoebe walks in to hear "greasy", and they refer to the potion. Piper wants to get on with the incantation. Phoebe remarks, "Anything to get rid of Belthazor before Cole gets back. And, he is coming back." They say the incantation, yet nothing happens.

Prue remembers that Piper forgot to add the piece of Belthazor flesh. When Piper goes to add the flesh, there is an explosion that knocks her off her feet.

Prue and Phoebe check to make sure she is okay. "Next time remind me to step back" Piper comments.

Meanwhile, at a cemetery there is a funeral occurring. Behind a nearby tombstone Belthazor appears. He is weak and bleeding. You see him run into a nearby mausoleum. Another demon appears sniffing Belthazor's blood left on a the tombstone. He follows Belthazor into the mausoleum and comments that Belthazor cannot shimmer anymore so he cannot hide. And that the source put the generous bounty out on Belthazor. Belthazor tries running out the back and barely misses a streak of lightening that the hunter throws his way. Back outside, he changes into Cole and walks into the funeral crowd. He manages a ride with one of the ladies from the funeral.

Back at the Haliwell house, Prue and Phoebe discuss the vanquishing and Cole. Phoebe is leaving to go to school and Cole's. Prue brings up going to Cole's before. Phoebe asks about how she knows that. Prue mentions the ticket she got the day before. They start to talk about the situation with Prue not liking Cole. And Phoebe just asks that they support her. Piper walks up and asks "Are we going to do this or what?" Prue tells her that they will but Phoebe will not. Phoebe asks them not to talk behind her about Cole anymore, and walks out.

Meanwhile, down a dark alley, you see Cole walking. He sheds his coat, and takes off his shirt. He is trying to rip the shirt, but cannot until he transforms into Belthazor. He hears someone approaching and runs off. A homeless person enters the alley and looks around, discovering the coat. He walks off with it.

Back at the house, Prue and Piper are preparing to vanquish Belthazor. They turn over the dinning room table to hide behind. As they say the summons a tornado starts and then delivers a demon, they throw the potion but nothing happens because it is the wrong demon. He tries to throw lightening at them, but end up putting a hole in their table. Prue, angry, throws him towards a wall with a grandfather clock on it. Piper then freezes him, commenting that it is starting to cost too much to fix the clock. Prue asks if she can just unfreeze his head. So Piper does. The demon is very upset, and starts telling them to unfreeze him or they will be killed. So Piper does, and he ends up crashing into the clock anyway. She says it was worth it. Prue goes over to him, and while standing one foot on his chest, demands that he starts to talk. The demon identifies himself as Krell, a demon bounty hunter. He states that he is after Belthazor as well.

Phoebe is entering Cole's office, and sees someone sitting in Cole's chair. Thinking it is him, she calls out his name. The chair swings around and it is a different man. She comments that she was looking for Cole Turner. The man introduces himself as Reece Davidson of the FBI, and states that he is looking for him as well. Phoebe asks if something has happened to him. He tells her that he was going to ask her the same thing. She comments about a big case that he was working on. Mr. Davidson states that Cole had no big case, and that all he had been doing was filing for extensions for the past two months. He gave her his card and asked that she call if she heard from Cole.

Krell is talking to Prue and Piper trying to get them to work with him. He tells him that the source put the bounty on Belthazor for what he had done. They have no idea what he is talking about. He tells them that Belthazor has killed the Triad that has been hunting them for the past 2 years. He disappears to await their decision about working together. They immediately call for Leo to appear.

Phoebe has gone to Cole's apartment, and is knocking on his door with no luck. She ends up bringing out his neighbor. Apologizing, she is about to leave when she discovers blood drops on the carpet in the hall. They are leading to Cole's apartment. She tries the door to find that it is unlocked. She goes in and is calling for Cole. Belthazor is hiding behind the door to the bedroom. Phoebe is still calling for Cole and walking towards the bedroom, following the blood drops. Finally Cole appears. She sees that he is hurt, and gets him to lie down.

He tells her she shouldn't be here. She wants him to go to the hospital or a doctor. He tells her that they will find her if he does. She mentions the person in his office that was looking for him. He asks her if she told him anything. She comments that she knows nothing to tell. Then she tells him that she is going home to get Leo a doctor.

Prue and Piper are still at the house grilling Leo about the Triad and why he didn't tell them. He is insisting that he didn't know. They do the summons to bring Krell back. Phoebe enters just as he is appearing. She runs and knocks him over before anyone can stop her. Prue and Piper tell her what is going on and why he is here. Krell mentions that he can smell Belthazor's scent again.

They all decide to split up, one set to go to the cemetery, and the other to go follow the scent. Prue and Piper go with Krell to follow the scent, and Phoebe takes Leo to go to the cemetery. Phoebe ends up taking Leo to Cole's apartment begging him to heal Cole. Finally Leo caves in. They enter the apartment to find Cole in the doorway to the bedroom. They lay him down flat, and Leo attempts to heal Cole, but something doesn't go right. Leo ends up flying across the room, and Cole isn't completely healed, only partially. Leo tells Phoebe that he can heal mortals completely and that the only explanation is that Cole is a demon. He points out that Cole is cut in the same place that Piper sliced him.

Phoebe refuses to listen, and tells him to go on, that she will be fine. He disappears. She goes back to Cole and tells him that Leo had to go.

Meanwhile Krell, Prue, and Piper come upon a homeless man that has Belthazor's coat. Krell asks where he got it and the guy answers that he found it. Krell doesn't like his answer, and he picks up the coat, sniffs the blood and attempts to hurt the homeless man to get more information. Prue stops him and then recognizes the design of the coat. They figure out that it looks just like Cole's coat, and finally realize that Cole is Belthazor's human form.

Phoebe is looking through Cole's drawers at his apartment while he is cleaning up from his injury. She is looking for information about Cole or some sort of clue. She is trying to ease her mind of what Leo said.

Prue, Piper, and Krell show up in the lobby of the building. Leo appears telling them that he thinks Cole is the demon Belthazor. They say that they know and that is why they are there. Krell asks, "you didn't heal him did you?"

Leo says he did but that Phoebe convinced him to. He tells them that they are in apartment 7. Piper comments, "Stay here we'll fix it."

Phoebe gets caught by Cole looking through his drawers and makes up an excuse. He tells her that there is something she isn't telling him. She tells him that he has it backwards. She tells him that he never told her where he was from. He says she never asked, so she asks. He tells her to ask what she really wants to know. She asks, "who are you really?" Just then Krell, Piper, and Prue kick in the door. Cole says "Krell", then turns into Belthazor and takes hold of Phoebe. Krell shoots a streak of lightening at him, and Prue knocks him to cause it to miss. Belthazor and Phoebe shimmer away. Krell is angry that Prue helped them escape. Prue says that he almost killed their sister. Krell says that she is dead anyway. Krell admits to the fact that Belthazor is half-human, hence the reason why he can turn into Cole his human form.

Phoebe and Cole shimmer into the cemetery. Here he tells her that he wanted her to see who he really was. He tells her about being half mortal. He admits to going back in time to kill of their birth line, and that he couldn't finish the job. Krell shows up and chases them into the mausoleum. When he attempts to vanquish Cole, Phoebe attacks him. He attempts to kill her, and Cole interferes, killing Krell. Cole then says that he must be going. Phoebe says that they will continue to hunt him, and Cole asks, "your sisters?" Phoebe replies, "them too." Just then she hears her sisters calling her name. She asks for his shirt. You see her throw the potion at the shirt and it explodes burning the shirt. She and Cole kiss, and she hears her sisters enter the mausoleum calling her name. She convinces Cole to leave, and he shimmers away. Just then Prue and Piper come down the steps, and see that she had vanquished Belthazor (or so they thought). They all hug.

Phoebe lying on the couch staring at Belthazor's dagger tells her sisters how sorry and ashamed she feels. They tell her that there is no need, she did what she had to do. They tell her to let them know if she needs anything.

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