Summary of Coyote Piper

Written by Trish

We open with two pictures, one of Piper now, and one of her from Baker High School ten years ago. The one from 10 years ago has piper in a headband and a pink fuzzy sweater. She is sporting braces, acne, and large round tortoiseshell glasses. The scene changes to Prue and Leo looking at the two pictures that are of a larger grouping of before and after photos for the Baker High Class of 1990. Prue is explaining to Leo that Piper might be a little over neurotic about her high-school reunion, and asks him to take it easy on her. Prue states that high school was "hard" for Piper. She emphasizes this and then turns to him and tries to mention the "Brady Bunch" character Jan Brady, but he has no clue.

Piper calls from upstairs, "Ready or not, here I come!" Prue gets Leo over to the staircase, reminding him to be supportive. Piper comes down the staircase. She looks terrible, but Prue and Leo adamantly state that she looks great. Piper doesn't believe them and comments about winning some prize for being so terribly dressed. Piper goes over to the hall mirror, meanwhile Leo is trying to tell her how much fun these things are supposed to be, but that just gets her started about how horrible high school was for her. Prue tries to contradict her on a few things, but Piper just turns on her about being class president. They try to tell her that she doesn't look like herself in the current ensemble. Piper then comments that she cannot go as herself, which is why she is having this problem. Leo picks this horrible moment to try and crack a joke, by asking if it is a costume party. Prue responds to this by shoving him from behind. Piper says, "I'm this super powerful witch who's engaged to a whitelighter saving the world from evil on a daily freaking basis and all these people are gonna see is the same pitiful loser who still lives at home with her sisters and her unemployed boyfriend." Prue changes the subject at this time by promising Piper a makeover of epic proportions in time for the party. "Who do you think helped Phoebe go blonde?" she asks. Leo suggests they invite Phoebe to go along. We see scenes of what has been going on with Cole and Phoebe in past episodes.

As we change scenes, we see a man's hand crush a vial on a table, then we see the man talking to a woman he calls Terra. He is commenting that he created her out of a bottle that he keeps under glass. She calls him Kierkan, "the Dark and Powerful alchemist". He is talking to her about their arrangement where he keeps her under lock and key in a dungeon. She doesn't like the arrangement anymore and wants out. He is telling her that he can just start fresh and recreate her and then find a new host for her to possess. She snatches a dagger and stabs herself in the chest with it as he screams. She falls to the floor and her essence rises out of her body through her mouth and slips out through a crack in the door. Meanwhile, he is trying to get the bottle to grab the essence before it gets away. We change to a guy walking down the street, and talking into a cell phone. He is telling someone on the other end of the phone something about "being done before the stock IPOs", and he pauses to check his reflection in the window of a building. We see the essence of Terra come out of a sewer drain, and slide up to the man's mouth and enter his mouth. He then hangs up on the person he was just talking to, and Terra's essence checks out it's new host. She says, "I've never been a man before. Walking should be interesting." And as she says this she grabs herself. Then we see the man's soul in the window wearing what appears to be a white smock. Terra demands that he take her to the "Charmed ones". He of course has no idea who she is talking about, and tries to get help from a pedestrian with no luck. She tells him that he is just a trapped soul and stalks away.

Back at the manor, Prue and Piper are in Piper's bedroom. We see a selection of clothes scattered across Piper's bed. Prue and Piper are standing in front of the mirror. Prue has re-dressed Piper in a black business outfit with pearls, and Piper is now evaluating herself in the mirror. She comments about going back another look, and Prue makes a remark about sending her as a Hare Krishna. Prue wonders why she cares so much, and Piper comments, "Only a former high school cheerleader would ask that question." They banter back and forth about Piper having fun, and then Piper comments about Prue's date. She implies that it didn't go well, to which Piper comments about looking out for football players. Prue then tells her that younger men aren't on her agenda. Phoebe wanders in at this moment looking very forlorn, and asks about them seeing her glasses. They tell her they haven't and she starts to walk out the door, and they follow asking if she would like to join them at the reunion that night. She declines stating that she has some schoolwork to do and will spend the evening at the library. They offer her some help in getting through all the stuff she has been through, but she says that she must do this alone. She compliments Piper on her appearance, and then she leaves. They just look after her as we change scenes to the street outside the manor. Prue, Piper, and Leo are loading up food trays into the back of the SUV. A convertible drives up, and the man driving it calls out to Piper. They chat for a few minutes, and Leo starts to wonder about this being an ex-boyfriend of Piper's. Prue sets his mind at ease by telling him that they were just friends and that he had a crush on her in high school. She also states that his name is Justin, and then walks over carrying a couple of the trays commenting that he his "all grown up", and he calls her Phoebe. As Piper comes back over to Leo, he comments that the "elders" are calling him, and she makes him promise to be back in time to take her to the reunion. Then, the camera pans over, and there's a Mercedes parked down a bit. Inside the Mercedes is the man housing terra's essence, and she is watching Piper gets into the SUV. The man in the rear view mirror begs for her to leave his body, and she informs him that his soul is dying when he complains of not being able to breath. She then drives off to follow the SUV and the convertible.

Meanwhile, Phoebe returns to the mausoleum that she vanquished Cole in. She squats down over the hole where his shirt had been. She talks to him, telling him that she can no longer lie to her sisters. She says that she needs to tell them the truth of what happened, and that he won't harm them. Yet, she doesn't know how to do it. She leans back against a stone coffin of some kind, and is flung into a vision. In the vision, a woman snatches a wailing child from a man and then shoots what appears to be some kind of a blue flame ball at the man. The vision appears to have happened long ago. After it is over, she turns and scrapes away dust from the engraved nameplate and reveals "Benjamin Coleridge Turner, 1859-1888." She eyes the mausoleum around her.

At P3, alumni hang a sign as a blonde is complaining about some wrinkles. Prue and Piper enter talking, and Piper stops recognizing the homecoming queen who is giving orders for the sign. She says the girls name is Missy, and goes over to introduce herself. She says that she had classes together with Missy as she introduces herself. They comment about Piper, and then Piper asks if she can help, in which Missy tells her to take out the trash. Prue is watching all of this from the bar and is about to confront Missy, but Justin stops her, reminding her that Piper has to do this herself. He reminisces about Piper running for class secretary, and Prue finishing her speech for her. Then they talked about his Phoebe comment earlier, and he comments, "a guy's got to turn the tables every ten years or so." We see the man with terra's essence come down the stairs, and check out the place. Justin and Prue talk a bit more about dates and character lists, and before Prue replies she spies Piper with the trash. She goes over and asks Piper what she is doing, and that Piper should tell someone else to take it out. Piper remarks about her weaknesses around the classmates, and states that she will take it out and regain composure. Prue returns to the bar, and Terra realizes this is her chance to get one of the sisters alone. She grabs a knife off the bar on her way out to the alley. Outback, Piper is wrestling the garbage into to a relatively empty dumpster. The man comes up behind her and stabs himself and then falls back against the wall. Piper leans in and Terra's essence moves from his mouth to hers. She straightens up and covers him up with a sheet. She moves to a broken mirror and comments that Piper best be "as powerful as they say you are" to Piper's soul in the glass.

As Piper now returns to the club, she pauses to ask what her sister's name is, and the real piper comments, "If you get out of my body right now, I might not have to vanquish your sorry ass." Terra comments that Piper isn't as weak as she thought. Back to the bar where Justin and Prue are flirting rating each other on their 10-point dating list. Piper walks up behind them and pours a shot, and downs it. Prue comes over and tells her that this is no way to deal with her jitters. Missy approaches and demands that Piper move the hors d'oeuvres from one table to another, and Piper agrees. Prue tells her to stand up for herself, and then Terra as Piper tells Missy "Hey, bitch! Move the damn trays yourself!" Prue tells her she didn't thing that the "bitch" was needed, and Piper momentarily takes control-begging Prue for help. Then Terra regains control, and excuses herself and leaves.

Out back, Kierkan wanders into the alley holding his right hand out. He goes over to the corps of the man, and he says something like vitas animas...and this is followed by a bolt of what looks like lightening which brings the man back to life. Kierkan asks where Terra is now, and the man tells him about the brown haired woman from the "big house on Prescott Street." Kierkan makes him dead again, covers him, and then walks off.

We change over to Phoebe, who is at the historical society getting help on information regarding Benjamin Turner. We learn that he died in 1888, but there was no record of his wife's death. Phoebe asks about the son, and the lady tells her that he did have a son that was born in 1885, but there is also no record of his death. She makes a comment about doubting he'd be alive since he would be 115 now.

Back at the manor, Piper (terra's essence) stomps in the front door and worries that Kierkan will find her and kill her, but the real Piper refuses to tell her what her powers are. Terra walks around the manor, and she carries on a conversation in various mirrored surfaces with Piper. They discuss her getting out of Pipers body, and her not being able to survive with out a host. She comments that she would rather Piper dies than herself. Terra comes up with a way to get Prue and Phoebe back to the manor. She calls the club and advises Piper that she creating a demon for them to come back to the house.

Back at P3, Prue is working in the bar getting ready for the night when Missy approaches telling Prue she needs her to help the DJ get ready. Prue smiles and rubs her nose, and this unties a bunch of blue and white balloons causing them to spill on the floor. Missy complains that it has happened 3 times already. Prue retorts, "Oh, that's too bad." As Missy runs over and tries the setup again, Justin comes over and comments about a "poltergeist situation." Prue is startled, and asks if he really believes in that stuff. He says he does, and she comments that she should put supernatural on her date list. The phone rings, and it is Piper (terra) who fakes her way through a story of finding a demon in the manor. Prue comments on freezing the demon, and terra gloats about the information. After Terra's description, Prue tells her to get the Power of Three spell out of the Book of Shadows while she gets Phoebe. Terra asks her to hurry. Terra tries to get Piper to tell her where the Book of Shadows is, and Piper starts to refuse. Terra then threatens to kill all the sisters until one of them will help her kill Kierkan, and at this Piper tells her to go to the attic.

At the Historical Society, Phoebe's cell phone rings. Prue fills her in, and tells Phoebe that she will pick her up outside the library. Phoebe corrects her and tells her that she didn't go to the library; instead she went to the Historical Society. Prue comments that she will per her up there, and as the scenes change we see Phoebe with a conflicted look.

Outside the manor, we see Kierkan looking at the manor. Inside, Terra comes down the stairs, wondering why she cannot perform the spell herself. Piper tells her that it is a "power of three" and they have no choice but to wait for Prue and Phoebe. Terra asks, "What kind of witch can't kill a demon without her sisters?" Piper replies, "What kind of demon has a panic attack when her boyfriend comes to visit?" Kierkan flings the door open at this moment and throws Piper to the floor. He stands over her about to stab her with a knife, and Piper freezes him just before he does. Prue and Phoebe enter just then and Piper dashes by their side to vanquish the demon, and they recite:
Let flesh be flesh, and bone be bone:
The alchemist shall transform none.
Cruel scientist of evil born,
With these words, face the fire's scorn.

He starts to burn with flame, and ask he is burning he points to Piper and says that he would have helped them vanquish her. Then he is gone, and they are standing with Prue looking confused. They enter the attic, and Prue asks Piper to repeat the name to look in the Book of Shadows. Piper tries unsuccessfully to try and get them to drop the issue. Prue and Phoebe are too determined to listen to Piper. Piper tries to get them to believe that he was lying saying that demons are known to lie. This causes Phoebe to defend that by saying that they don't always. Prue glances in Phoebe's direction at this comment. Piper gives up and decides to go get ready for the reunion, but once at the door the real Piper gains control and tells Prue that she is "dying". Terra manages to regain control and covers with "dying to get to that reunion." Phoebe wonders what is wrong with Piper, and Prue says that she wonders what is wrong with her. They get into a discussion about Phoebe lying and going to the historical society. She admits to being there doing research on Cole's background. They discuss this information, and then Prue drops it.

In Piper's bedroom, Piper tries to convince Terra to return control of her body, explaining that her boyfriend will be able to see that she really isn't her even though Prue and Phoebe couldn't tell. Terra has changed her outfit to a more revealing outfit, and says that she can trick him anyway. Leo orbs in and Piper identifies him as "Tom". Terra greets him as he comments on her outfit. After she realizes that Tom isn't his real name, she moves in for a kiss, and Leo comments that her kisses seem different. He insists she call him by his name, and she instead jolts him with some lightening of her own. Just as she is leave she tells Piper that he is "too cute to kill".

In the attic still, Prue and Phoebe have found the entry for Kierkan, and Prue is explaining what alchemists do. Phoebe notices Piper leaving below without Leo and without saying goodbye to them, which they think is odd. They read about Kierkan and the alchemists creating life essences that are comparable to human souls, and prove fatal for the host's original soul. Prue finally figures out what is wrong with Piper, and they work on figuring out how to dispossess her.

We change over to P3, where we hear music blaring, and then see Piper dancing seductively on top of the bar. (If you have ever seen Coyote Ugly, then think of the opening dance scene where they light fire to the bar, this is similar without the fire and only one girl.) All the guys of the class of 1990 are gathered around the bar hooting and hollering, and all the women are gawking in the background. Prue and Phoebe rush down the entrance steps to grab Piper, and Phoebe is hoping Prue is wrong about Piper. They stop when they spot Piper on the bar dancing, and Phoebe says, "Hopes dashed." They try to come up with a way to get her out of there while she still dances on the bar. Some blonde approaches about Pipers "problem" and confides that she has been sober for 5 years, and advises them to get Piper to help herself. They find Piper dancing with Missy's husband, and watch her freeze Missy when she tries to drag her husband away. Phoebe and Prue barge in to drag Piper out, and end up unfreezing Missy. They drag her to the alley. Prue shoves Piper against a wall, and they say the following spell:
Host soul; reject the poison essence
Let love's light end this cruel possession
Piper is knocked back, but she recovers. They realize that Terra is too strong, and that the Power of Three is going to be needed to win this one. They try to convince her to leave Pipers body, but she informs them that she can only do so by killing the host. They tell her not to, and she returns to the club. Prue and Phoebe go back inside and are trying to figure out a way to get Piper back to the manor. Prue grabs Piper by the arm, but Piper fights back. The fight ends with Prue knocking out Piper, and a comment from Missy about them not being "that close". Justin offers his aid, and he carries Piper and they all leave the club.

In the living room at the manor, Prue and Phoebe lay Piper on the couch. Prue sends Phoebe to get Leo, and Prue places the knife on the mantel. She places the green bottle from Kierkan nearby ready to use, and promises Piper that what ever happens; she will find a way to bring her back. Then she asks forgiveness for something she is about to do, and then throws the knife into Piper's chest. Piper screams, and Phoebe with Leo rush in. Prue and Phoebe crouch behind the couch while Leo goes to Piper. He says he can't heal her she is dead, and Terra's essence flows from Piper's mouth to his. Prue and Phoebe strike a deal with Terra (in Leo's body) that they will hand over the bottle if she brings Piper back to life, and they will let her live in Leo. He agrees after thinking a moment, and then he repeats the same phrase Kierkan said earlier, to bring back Piper. When Piper awakens, She tosses the green bottle to him, and he smashes it. Then, they huddled on the couch and read the spell from earlier for dispossession. Terra's essence pours from Leo, and then explodes. Prue tells Leo that Piper is still bleeding, and he rushes to heal her. Leo and Piper embrace.

In P3, they all enter seeing that the reunion is over. They express their regret that Piper missed her reunion, and Prue gets out beers for everyone. Piper thanks Leo for recognizing the difference between hers and Terra's kisses. Then, she thanks Prue for saving her, even if it meant killing her to do it. Phoebe leaves to go call Darryl about the body behind P3. Justin walks up wondering what happened earlier to cause the fight. Prue flirts with him, telling him that he will get the answer when he calls her. Piper teases her about her earlier comment about younger guys after he walks away.

In the hall where the phone is, Leo tries to console Phoebe about Cole, and Phoebe nearly confesses to him about letting Cole go. She changes her mind and says something about him being alive to her. We fade out as Leo watches Phoebe walk away.

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