Quotes from Enter the Demon

Phoebe to Cole: If you wanted to be on top all you had to do was ask.

Piper to Paige: Be patient and study hard and one day you will get a big sweaty demon of your own.

Piper: Paige, don't make me the wicked witch of the northwest.

Phoebe: Wipe that look off my face.

Paige: God, this top is tight.
Phoebe: Yeah, but it sure looks great.

Phoebe: If we don't fix this soon, I am going to perm your hair.

Anling: A place where souls pass on their way to reincarnation. It's the mystical region between life and death.
Leo: Limbo.

Phoebe to Paige: Oh my God, you are so bad for my image.

Yenlo: Oh, it's you, black-belt Barbie.
Phoebe: You're gonna be sorry you said that.

Leo: Here comes your personal trainer from hell.
Piper: Literally.

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