Synopsis of Charmed Again

Written by Brandee Mode

It starts with Piper in the attic saying different spells trying to bring Prue back. Phoebe comes in and gently tells her they've already tried everything and there is no way to bring Prue back. As they leave the attic the Book of Shadows opens to one of the spells Piper said... (to call a lost witch). Then we see Paige at work, who suddenly decides to go to Prue's funeral after reading her obituary.

Darryl comes to the manor to tell them another inspector (Cortez) has been assigned to investigate the deaths of Prue and the doctor. Piper doesn't want to go to the funeral because it means accepting that Prue is not coming back. She breaks down crying.

The Source learns there is someone that can restore the power of three. Funeral. Lots of crying. Phoebe has a premonition of Shax attacking Paige.

It's now after the funeral, back at the house. Leo, Cole and Phoebe are talking about going to save Paige, trying to find her, etc. Piper comes over and says she doesn't want to do this anymore: "We buried their precious Charmed Ones when we buried our sister." Piper leaves them standing there. She goes to the attic and again tries to summon Prue. This time she gets Grams. Grams says they can't see Prue right now because it would prevent her from moving on. She tells Piper, "Your destiny still awaits."

Paige talks to her boyfriend Shane, tells him she was adopted, left at a church, had thought she was related to the Halliwell sisters but when she found out their mom died, she gave up. Paige takes him to the roof of a building where Phoebe & Cole are watching from a nearby building. Shax attacks Paige and Shane. Paige orbs out to avoid one of Shax's electric ball thingies. When she orbs back in, she has a look of total shock on her face. Cole & Phoebe save the day, sort of. Phoebe says the spell that makes Shax *go away* but doesn't kill him.

Back at the house, they're trying to figure it all out. Is she a whitelighter? Can she be a whitelighter and not know it?... Leo and Cole go off separately to search for info. Cole comes back and says The Source sent Shax after Paige because he thinks Paige can restore the charmed ones. Piper has a light bulb moment and heads for the attic. She summons Grams to explain the comment she said about their destiny awaits.... Patty shows up, tells them how she got pregnant when she was with her whitelighter Sam. They put the baby up for adoption, left her at a church. Near the end of the story, the new inspector bursts through the attic door with Darryl in hot pursuit. Cortez thinks they are the murderers. Darryl knocks out Cortez. They get rid of Cortez magically. Grams tells them to *just start rhyming* and they need something to rhyme with undo, so Phoebe finishes by sending him to Timbuktu. They are coming down the stairs discussing how to find Paige, when they see her standing there.

Shax comes in and attacks; they go running up the stairs. Piper & Phoebe tell Paige to say the words with them. They vanquish Shax; Paige freaks and runs out. The Oracle reminds The Source that there is a 48-hour window to turn her evil. The Source takes over Shane's body.

I guess Paige works in some sort of social services office. The Source tries to get her to use her power for evil so she will turn evil. He takes over the body of a guy that Paige thinks is abusing his son. As the father, The Source says I can do whatever I want and there's nothing you can do to stop me. The Source goes back to Shane's body. Phoebe has a break-down over the loss of Prue.

Paige goes to the church to talk to the nun that she was given to as a baby. Phoebe & Piper come in to talk to her, trying to convince her she's in danger. Paige doesn't believe them. They tell her she has a power; they try to tell her how to use it the way Prue did, to move a candle. It doesn't work. When Paige says "that candle" it orbs out then orbs into Paige's hand. The Source comes to the church (as Shane). Paige leaves with him and he knocks Piper & Phoebe down as they go. (Paige doesn't see it.)

Cole & Leo went to get Inspector Cortez. He's being a butthead and orders constant surveillance on Halliwell Manor. Back at the house, they realized that The Source is not trying to kill Paige anymore; that he's trying to turn her evil. They cast an enchantment spell on some sunglasses. So when they put them on, they can see the evil within. While wearing them, Phoebe looks at Cole and sees Belthazor.

The Source messes with Paige's mind, trying to get her to take revenge on the abusive father. She does, starts giving him what looks like a heart attack. The cavalry arrives: Phoebe wearing the glasses, sees a black aura around Paige. Leo takes Paige and orbs out. The "abusive" father stands up & tells his wife he's not covering for her anymore and to keep her hands off their son. Cole tells Piper & Phoebe to go home, he's staying behind. The Source catches Cole by surprise and stabs him.

Back at the house, Paige is orbing things around the room and throwing them. Leo says he's having a hard time convincing Paige she is not evil. Piper tackles Paige to the floor. The Source (still looking like Shane) comes in and attacks. Phoebe puts on the glasses and sees that it's The Source. Paige ends up in the middle with The Source on one side and Piper, Leo & Phoebe on the other. Playing a verbal tug-of-war. Paige starts to walk toward him, Phoebe runs forward yelling "No!" The Source attacks her with electricity. Paige knocks The Source (who is now in the form of a child) out of the way. Piper says, "I guess blood is thicker than evil."

The Source says it wasn't a complete loss thanks to Belthazor. They say, "What do you mean?" but then Cortez suddenly shows up with a video camera. The Source flips Cortez across the room and he gets stabbed in the back, Leo heals Cortez. The group leaves to search for Cole. Piper freezes Cole and tells Leo to heal him. Leo says he can only heal his human half. Rose suggests her and Leo healing him together since she's half whitelighter. It works.

Back at the police station, Cortez gives the video tape to Darryl. Everyone is back at P3, sitting & talking. Piper says they barely got through the funeral when things got crazy and they didn't get the chance to mourn. Phoebe says they have their whole lives to mourn. Piper says she's still not sure about continuing on with this "destiny thing" and needs some time to think about it. She hopes Phoebe & Leo are OK with it.

Paige comes over; Leo and Cole stand up, Cole says, "Maybe Leo and I should go pretend like we have something better to do." Paige says she came over to say thank you for saving her life. Paige thinks Shane probably doesn't want to see her anymore. Phoebe asks why Paige came to Prue's funeral. Paige says she feels like she lost part of Prue also. "I guess it was just part of me trying to find out who I was." Phoebe and Piper give each other a knowing look. The three of them are in the attic; they summon Patty so she and Paige can meet each other. Patty steps out of the circle to hug Paige and changes from transparent to "solid." Patty says to Paige, "Welcome home."

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