Synopsis of Charmed and Dangerous

Written by Brandee Mode

The manor's attic door crashes open. Phoebe and Paige burst in carrying Piper. They put her on the floor and kneel next to her. Phoebe tries desperately to wake up Piper. Paige wants to call Leo, but Phoebe says they can still make the plan work. Suddenly The Source flames in and says it seems almost anti-climactic after all this time. Piper opens her eyes as The Source tells them "to say hello to Prue for me" then he throws a fireball at Paige, who orbs out. The fireball crashes into some furniture behind where she was. Paige orbs back in. Phoebe tells Piper *now* and with great effort, Piper explodes The Source, but he quickly reforms. Paige calls out "crystals, circle" pointing from where they are, to where she wants them to be. The crystals form a circle around The Source creating a force-field. He throws a fireball but it just bounces off the force-field, back at him, causing him to explode in flames.

Then we see a pair of white eyes. It turns out to be The Seer. As her eyes return to normal, The Source asks her what she saw. She tells him she saw his demise. He is shocked. She says they're powers must simply be greater than his. He said he needs *the ultimate power* but she tells him it's forbidden, if he unleashes The Hollow, they could ALL die. He doesn't care.

Leo and Piper are sitting at the dining room table. She is trying to get him to sign some papers that we quickly learning is her will. He doesn't want to think about it. She tells him that The Source *has already killed one of us* and she wants to be prepared if it happens again. She points out that they are leaving him *everything* and he wants to know why she's so sure that he will outlive her. Cole and Phoebe enter and wait for a pause in the conversation.

PIPER: "Leo, you're an angel. Literally. Which means, short of a Darklighter, you win most-likely-to survive."

Phoebe waves the paper in her hand trying to get their attention and tries to break into the conversation. They ignore her and Piper tells Leo *just to sign the frickin' thing*. Cole puts his fingers to his mouth and whistles loudly. Piper and Leo both turn to them and yells out "What!?" Cole tells them that Phoebe has something that she would like to share and that it could affect what they were discussing. Phoebe tells them they nailed The-Source-vanquishing spell. She tells them all they were missing was their ancestors. If they can draw from the power of the entire Halliwell line... (Piper finishes) We might have enough power to vanquish The Source. This might work."

Leo immediately orbs out to tell the Elders the plan. Piper calls after him that he forgot to sign! Phoebe can't believe she's still stuck on the last will and that it's really morbid. Piper tells her that it's responsible and it's a good thing Prue did it, otherwise they would still be dealing with lawyers. (She looks to Cole and says *no offense*) Phoebe walks around to Cole and puts her hand on his shoulders and is hit with a premonition.

An ugly demon throws a fireball at Phoebe, but Cole runs in front of her, taking the hit. Phoebe fakes the hiccups and tells Piper she needs to talk to her in the kitchen. Piper starts to defend herself and the will. Phoebe cuts her off and tells her the truth about her premonition, then adds that she doesn't want Cole to know about it. She describes the demon to Piper as having *half a face* (really the demon has a whole face of course, half of it is disfigured with scar tissue) Piper thinks they should tell Cole, so he can help figure out which demon it is. Phoebe says it's her job to protect him now that he's human... and it happened in the attic so she just needs to keep him out of the house til they can ID the demon.

PIPER: "Alright, your relationship, your call. I'll let Paige know what's up. As long as you're sure."

Paige is sitting at a conference table next to Darryl and Carolyn. We learn that Carolyn has lost the custody of her child due to past history with physical abuse and some kind of addiction. Paige and Morris are there to help her through the court hearing to get her son back. Paige is interrupted by a phone call, which she takes it into the next cubicle for privacy. It's Piper calling to tell Paige about the *half-faced* demon. Paige asks Piper why she is whispering.

Phoebe is telling Cole about this weird sound that Piper's car is making and how she wants him to take it to a mechanic to check it out. Cole is standing there listening with a look of confusion on his face. Piper asks from the other end of the hall if it was a *day thing or a night thing* Phoebe answers night. Cole gets the hint.

COLE: "There's nothing wrong with Piper's car, is there?"
COLE: "But you want me to leave, don't you?
PHOEBE: "Yes."
COLE: "And you don't want to tell me why?"
PHOEBE: "If you could just give us a couple hours... and don't ask any questions, please, please."
COLE: "You'll tell me later?"
PHOEBE: "I promise."

After Cole goes out the door, Phoebe smiles and says "I love that man." Piper is still on the phone with Paige, trying to get her to come home. Paige says that since the premonition happened at night, she still has some time. She can't leave yet because she promised to be at the hearing with Carolyn.

In front of a crypt, an Angel (complete with halo) is floating in the lotus position, next to a floating chessboard, trying to decide on her next move. A Demon guard paces nearby anxiously waiting his turn. They have been playing this game for 3,500 years. The angel-guard orbs her piece, the demon-guard orbs his, causing her piece to explode. Suddenly The Source appears. The angel-guard tells him to leave. This is an ancient burial ground. The demon-guard appears to recognize The Source at least recognizes that he is evil, but he does agree with the angel-guard...

DEMON-GUARD: "With all due respect, you are not allowed to be here."

The demon-guard appears nervous. The Source asks him which side he is on.

ANGEL-GUARD: "There are no sides. They protect ALL magic, that was the agreement."

The Source kills the angel-guard, then says the agreement has been revoked. The demon-guard throws an lightening bolt at The Source, knocking him to the ground. When The Source magically rises, the demon-guard gets a look of horror on his face. Again he appears to recognize The Source, who we can now with without his hood. He is the same half-face demon from Phoebe's premonition.

The demon-guard begs The Source to stop, saying The Hollow's power is too great. The Source says that's exactly the kind of power he needs and sends a blast of energy at the demon- guard sending him flying away from the crypt. With great effort, The Source opens the crypt doors and removes a box that's just floating there. The Source walks with it toward the demon-guard. As The Source reaches to open the lid, the demon-guard again begs him to stop because *The Hollow consumes powers* but The Source opens the lid anyway. This stuff comes out that for now I will call a dark cloud comes out and it looks like it's being sucked into the demon-guard through his eyes and mouth. The demon-guard appears to be in great pain during this process.

THE SOURCE: "Now you will be able to consume powers... and give them to me."

In the attic, Phoebe is standing, looking through the Book Of Shadows with Piper pacing nearby. Phoebe is looking for the demon with half a face. Piper subtly reminds her they have a demon-ologist living in the house, then says she going to get coffee. Right after Piper goes out the door the demon-guard appears. Phoebe calls Piper. The demon throws what looks like a lightening bolt at Phoebe making her fly across the room, crashing into a mirror. Piper runs into the room and Phoebe (who is know on her hands and knees) yells for her to blow him up. Piper motions to blow him up, he fades out for a second then reappears. He says thank you. Piper sees a dagger on a dresser and runs to get it. He tries to blow her up and hits the sewing machine instead. Piper grabs the knife and throws it, hitting him in the neck. The knife glows red as the demon explodes. When the demon disappears, the dark cloud is still there then it floats away.

I should clarify, it's not so much a cloud and many, many little dark... I don't know what to call it really. It looks like a swarm of bees or something. Since it's The Hollow, I guess that's what I should call it. =) Anyway...

Piper has a look of minor confusion on her face and asks Phoebe if she saw that. When Phoebe doesn't answer the camera show Phoebe still on her knees, eyes half open, then she slumps to the floor. The reason: several large pieces of mirror sticking out of her back. Commercial.

Leo is pulling out the last (and largest) piece of mirror, going by the blood on it, it went into her back about 3 inches. After two seconds Piper asks what's taking so long and Leo tells her it's because Phoebe almost died. We see the yellow glow and Phoebe leans up on her elbows and asks what happened.

Piper says there was a demon. Phoebe asks if she got him. Piper says she got the demon but *something else* got away and that's not all... she picks up a vase and tells Leo to toss it in the air. She tries to freeze it but it doesn't work and the vase smashes on the floor.

PHOEBE: "It stole your powers?"

PIPER: "Stole, ate, absorbed. I don't know. The only thing I do know is that I gotta get 'em back." She turns and walks to the BOS.

Phoebe and Leo are confused. Piper opens the page that contains The Guardians of The Hollow and says that's him. Leo walks over and says that's not possible.

LEO: "The Hollow is something that consumes all magic, good or evil. Both sides agreed to guard it. That thing must have been The Hollow. It must have taken over the demon."

Phoebe asks how they get it to regurgitate. Piper says there is no vanquishing spell in the BOS.

LEO: "You can't vanquish it. The last time it was unleashed it nearly decimated all magic. All things. Eons ago, good and evil had to join forces and use their strongest magic and even then they could only contain it."

Phoebe wonders how it got out if good and evil are seeing *eye to eye* on this.

PIPER: "The Source."
LEO: "If he were desperate enough."

Piper points out that means he's probably going to come after Phoebe and Paige's powers also. Phoebe tells Piper to look in the book for the half-face demon. Leo points out that they can't use their powers against The Hollow because it would just steal them. Piper says she'll make a potion to replicate her exploding power. Leo tells them to get Paige, they'll need the power-of-three. Then he orbs out to check with The Elders.

Paige and Darryl are waiting for Carolyn, who is late for the court hearing. Paige's cell phone rings and it's Phoebe calling to tell her what happened. This time Paige doesn't argue and says she'll be right there. Paige tells Darryl she has to leave due to a big demonic emergency and it's up to him. She tells him to try and post-pone the hearing for a couple hours. If they don't help her, no one will.

Piper and Phoebe are making a potion. Piper wonders if she jinxed them with the will but Phoebe is beginning to think it was a good idea. Cole comes in and asks if he came back too early. Piper says there's no time to be evasive. Phoebe admits she had a premonition of him jumping in front of a fireball to save her. Cole ask what the demon looked like. Phoebe describes him as a creepy half face and his good side had tribal markings kind of like... Cole finishes with "Belthazor." Phoebe asks Cole if he knows who the demon is, does he work for The Source?

COLE: "He doesn't work for The Source, he IS The Source. His face was disfigured in the battle that brought him to power. Only upper level demons have seen it."

Piper mutters that he must have been the one that released The Hollow. Cole gets a look of extreme concern and says "What do you mean released?" Phoebe explains that it already attacked and took Piper's powers. He says they need to fight it without their powers. Piper plops something into the pot, it goes poof and she says they are already on it.

The Source explodes a piece of pottery and almost simultaneously freezes the pieces the mid-air. He says the witch's powers are impressive. The Seer wonders if it was wise to have extracted them from The Hollow. The Source doesn't care about repercussions, he won't stop until he has all three of their powers coursing through his veins. He releases the pottery pieces. He can't risk going against them himself until he does. The Seer again warns against using The Hollow. The Source says he controls it.

THE SEER: "For now. But the more magic it absorbs, the more stronger it becomes. The more you extract from it, the more it corrupts you until it consumes all things, including you."

The Source tells her unless she wants to die, she will stop questioning him. The Source summons a darklighter, who kneels and ask how he can be of service. The Source says he wants The Charmed Ones. The darklighter is confused and points out that his arrows don't kill witches. The Source picks up the box that The Hollow is stored in and begins to walk slowly toward the darklighter. The Source says he wants the darklighter to kill The Charmed Ones' whitelighter so he can't heal them anymore. The Source opens the box right in front of the darklighter's face and The Hollow goes into him, causing great pain.

(I thought if Leo died they would be assigned a new whitelighter... ?)

In the kitchen the sisters are double-checking that they have all the ingredients for their plan. Cole warns not to be cocky. Phoebe says it's confidence. Piper says they are dealing with The Source, so maybe optimism is best. Leo orbs in and says The Source unleashed The Hollow. Piper tells him they are *already on that train* and asks if he has any new information. He said good and evil need to read the inscription on the box where The Hollow is kept. That will return it to the crypt and return their powers.

Paige gets a call on her cell phone. She says "oh no" and walks into the other room. Carolyn got beaten up by the ex-husband. She has cuts and bruises on her face. Darryl says he was only able to get the hearing post-poned for one hour. He doesn't think they'll find the ex-husband in time. Right after she hangs up, Leo taps her on the shoulder and says they need her in the kitchen. Paige looks a little sad and takes a few steps toward the kitchen, then turns and says...

PAIGE: "You know Leo, I have my charges too."

Right after she says that, the darklighter appears. Paige tries to warn Leo but there's no time. The darklighter immediately shoots Leo with an arrow. Leo falls to the floor. Paige calls for the crossbow right as Cole comes in and yells for her not to use her powers, but it's too late. Paige looks down at her empty hand, confused. The darklighter fades for a moment, indicating to us that The Hollow just absorbed her powers. Piper and Phoebe run in after Cole. Phoebe warns Paige to *watch out* and Paige ducks behind the corner. Phoebe throws a mini-bottle of potion at the darklighter, causing him to explode and that leaves The Hollow to float away. The others look down as Piper cradles Leo on floor.

Back from commercial: Leo's skin is red, he's looking sweaty. IMO, he looks much worse than the first time he was hit by a darklighter arrow. Piper tells Paige to hold Leo's hand. Piper pulls out the arrow, causing Leo to scream in pain. Piper turns to lay down the arrow and Paige reaches for it. Piper tells her not to touch it, she's a whitelighter too. Paige doesn't understand why Leo can't heal himself. Piper says they'll just have Phoebe trade powers with him, like last time. Leo insists they don't do that. If Phoebe doesn't have her powers, they wouldn't stand a chance in the event of another attack. Piper tells Paige to go tell Phoebe to find something else, a spell, an amulet, something...

Paige walks into the other room and Phoebe who apparently heard everything, says "it won't work." Paige worries that they're all gonna die.

Down in the underworld, The Source notices The Seer in a trance. He asks her what she sees. She says "nothing." He thinks she is unable to have a vision.

THE SEER: "You misunderstand, I SEE nothing. No magic. No life. No world. The Hollow will consume everything, just as I warned."

She begs him to put The Hollow back where it belongs. Again, he refuses, not until he's killed them all. She says she will serve him until the end. He tells her to guard The Hollow, then flames out. The Seer goes into another vision.

Piper walks into the living room with a glass of water and stops in the doorway. Leo is too still. She says his name and he opens his eyes. He says it looks like she picked the wrong beneficiary after all. He warns her that they need to leave before The Source attacks again. She refuses to leave him. She says she won't be scared away and insists that Leo is not going to die.

Cole opens the bedroom closet and takes something out of a coat pocket. Phoebe comes in and opens a dresser drawer, saying something about a potion. She notices the little box he's holding and asks what it is.

COLE: "It's just a little something I've been waiting for the right moment to give you." He opens the box showing us a ring. "I know it's not your Grams' but hopefully it's not cursed."

Phoebe thinks it's not the time. He thinks it's the perfect time because no matter what happens, she will know he loves her. She tells him it's beautiful but he has to leave. He says he's staying with her. Phoebe doesn't want to watch him die "too", referring to Leo/Piper. Phoebe says she's supposed to save him, that's why she got the premonition. He points out that they both know she is not meant to stop EVERY premonition, "some are just meant to prepare you."

The door bell rings and Paige goes to answer it. Piper stops her and says it's no time for guests. Paige says she called Darryl. Piper says she's supposed to be helping Phoebe. Paige says Phoebe doesn't need her help, but there is someone who does. Paige pushes past Piper to open the door. Paige tells Darryl to take Carolyn into the sun room. Once they leave the room, Piper again says they don't have time for other people's problems. Paige she it's something he has to do, esp. if it's the last thing she does, then she goes to the sun room.

Paige tells Carolyn to turn away from her. Paige starts flipping through the BOS. Darryl is surprised that she's going to use magic. Paige uses the vanishing spell again.
Let the object of objection
Become but a dream
As I cause the seen
To be unseen
She tells Carolyn to turn around and when she does the cuts and bruises are gone. Darryl knows they don't do that kind of thing unless something is seriously wrong. Paige just tells him to make sure the judge sees what kind of woman Carolyn really is.

Phoebe and Cole have come downstairs with a plan. If they use the spell to call a witch's powers, it might be strong enough to get their powers back from The Hollow, then Paige could heal Leo. Piper asks Cole to watch Leo as the sisters head upstairs.

Cole sits in front of Leo then suddenly disappears. He reappears in the underworld. The Seer walks in and Cole asks where they are. She answers "in your once and future life" and calls him Belthazor.

THE SEER: "Even now I can see the void where your demon half used to exist. It craves to be complete again." (remember this for later...)

He asks how she knew he was alive. She had a vision of them doing *great things together* He says he doesn't work with evil anymore. She says he will if he wants to save his witch.

THE SEER: "If you take in The Hollow, you can absorb The Source's power when he attacks. Then they can vanquish him." Cole asks what happens to him after. "The witches and I will banish The Hollow back to the crypt and you will return to normal."

Cole thinks it's a trick. The Seer says The Source has been corrupted and will destroy them all. He must be stopped. Cole walks over to her and she opens the box. The Hollow goes flowing into Cole, he gasps in pain.

All three sisters say the spell together, quickly:
Powers of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here
Flower pots shake on their shelves. The sisters are unaware that their powers are no longer in The Hollow... so they are shocked when their spell results in The Source appearing. They run and as they climb over the couch, the wall behind them explodes, the force pushing them to land near the bottom of the stairs. As The Source prepares another fireball, Paige and Piper reach for each other. Piper gets hit with it, sending her into a wall. Commercial.

(I guess they have more than one couch because Leo was not on the one they jumped over.)

Phoebe and Paige burst into the attic carrying Piper. They put her on the floor and kneel next to her. Phoebe tries to wake Piper telling her it time.

PAIGE: "Time for what? We have no powers."

Phoebe says the can still make the plan work and tells Paige to get the crystals. When Paige gets halfway across the room, The Source flames in right in front of her. He says it seems almost anti-climactic after all this time. He flips Paige across the room and she lands against a mattress. He wiggles his fingers and tells them to "say hello to Prue for me"

Phoebe gets up and does a flying kick that knocks him over. During this Paige has grabbed the crystals and tosses a couple to Phoebe. The Source rises and looks down at Phoebe, telling her that her powers are weak and barely worth taking, but her life is. Paige puts the last crystal in place, causing the force-field to go into effect. Smirking, The Source holds out his hand and says *crystal* -- one of the crystals orbs into his hand, causing the force-field to deactivate. Piper is sitting up now, several cuts on her face and arms. The Source prepares a fireball and as he throws it, Cole shimmers in and runs in front of Phoebe. Cole gets hit with the fireball and flickers. Cole and Phoebe look each other in the face. The Source is shocked, apparently he thought Cole was dead.

THE SOURCE: "Belthazor!!"
PHOEBE: "No, The Hollow."

Cole tells them to say the spell and begins throwing fireballs at The Source.

Together the sisters recite:
Prudence, Patricia, Penelope
Astrid, Laura and Grace
Halliwell witches stand strong beside us
Vanquish this evil from time and space
(I'm not too sure I've got this spell right, Cole is kind of yelling as he continues throwing fireballs and the sisters are not talking very loud.)

As they say the spell, The Source is covered with flames. After they finish, he explodes. The Seer appears and Phoebe asks who she is. She says she is someone who just saved their lives. The Seer opens the box and The Hollow flows from Cole into the box. The Seer closes the lid and looks at Phoebe, telling her to take my hand." Cole tells Phoebe to trust her. The Seer and Phoebe say something that sounds like Latin and the box disappears. It reappears in the crypt.

Paige and Phoebe run into the room where Leo is. Paige tries to heal him but it doesn't work. Phoebe tells her to take his hand and let his power to heal flow through her. We see the yellow light and Leo opens his eyes. He sits up a little. Cole and Piper come in. Piper sits on the couch with Leo smiling. Paige and Phoebe walk back toward Cole. The Seer walks in and says it's time for her to return to her side.

THE SEER: "It's too bad Belthazor is gone. He would have made a great new-Source."

Phoebe thanks The Seer for her help. The Seer says she didn't do it for their future, she did it for hers.

Paige wonders out loud where The Source's powers went. The Seer says they went "into the void" (remember what I said before about the void...) The Seer disappears and Piper asks who that was. Cole says she is a very evil person.

Next thing we see is the three sisters and Leo at the club celebrating. They still can't believe they beat The Source. Paige wants to know if that means their destiny is fulfilled now. Piper says she doesn't know, but at least that part of the nightmare is over. They give a toast... "To Prue." Leo leans in toward Piper and says...

LEO: "What do you say we go home and get started on our future?"
PIPER: "What do you say we go home and sleep and start on the future tomorrow night?"

Paige and Phoebe laugh. Piper and Leo leave as Cole arrives. Paige leaves to go talk to a cute guy. Phoebe tells Cole he was gone a long time and asks if he's OK. He says he's just tired. She calls him her hero and he says he's nobody's hero. They hug and we see Cole's eyes turn all white, then into flames, then all black.

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