Synopsis of The Three Faces of Phoebe

Written by Brandee Mode

The show starts with Cole in the underworld, shirtless and holding a sword. (To keep things from getting confused, let's call him good-Cole. You'll see why in a minute.) He is looking around the room and the expression on his face seems to say, "How did I get here?" Then he turns around and sees The Source, who has his back to good-Cole. The Source is holding his hands up in the air and is doing a chant in a language I don't recognize. Cole quietly walks up behind The Source and just as he raises the sword, The Source turns around and lowers the hood revealing evil-Cole in the black robe. He tells good-Cole, "You don't really want to kill me, do you?"

Good-Cole is confused. Evil-Cole back-hands him and good-Cole flies across the room. Good Cole reaches for the sword, but it flies into evil-Cole's outstretched hand. Evil-Cole walks over to him, still lying on the ground and points the tip of the sword only a couple inches away from good-Cole's chest.

EVIL-COLE: "We are one now. I am reborn... within you."

GOOD-COLE: "I'll fight it. I'll kill us both if I have to. I won't let you hurt Phoebe."

EVIL-COLE: "You won't have a choice."

That said, evil-Cole raises the sword and stabs good-Cole with it. Good-Cole screams in pain. Suddenly Cole sits up in bed with a gasp. Apparently it was a dream... he looks over at Phoebe who is sound asleep. Opening credits.

Piper empties a tray of croissants into a basket, grabs a pitcher of orange juice and takes them both to the table. She asks Leo where *everyone* is. He says he doesn't know and asks for a croissant. Piper says they were all supposed to have breakfast together, to celebrate. Leo asks for the butter. Piper calls out to Paige and Phoebe, but before she can turn around... we see orbing lights and suddenly Paige falls onto her. Piper starts to get upset until she realizes that Paige just orbed in from a different room. Paige admits she has been practicing. She didn't want to say anything 'til she knew if she could do it. Paige notices the food, comments how she is starving and starts eating as hungrily as Leo does. He says orbing burns a lot of calories.

LEO (with a smile): "Why do you think I married a chef?"

Piper is pleasantly surprised that Paige's powers are advancing already. They ignore her because they are too busy eating. Piper says "you're welcome" and Paige apologizes. She's eating quickly so she can be on time to work *for a change*. Piper says they could at least wait for Phoebe and Cole. Right then, Phoebe walks in and tells them not to worry about it because Cole is not there. She just needs a *caffeine IV* and pours herself a cup of coffee. Piper can't believe that no one is as excited as she is about The Source being dead. Paige hops up and thanks Piper for *the spread* on her way out the door. Leo gets a look of mild surprise on his face and says he's being summoned. He grabs a croissant and orbs out. Phoebe asks if he has to do that *so brightly*

PIPER: "Well, that will teach me to be in a good mood."

She sits in the chair Leo was in and asks Phoebe what's wrong. Phoebe says she went to bed happy but woke up with a horrible feeling about Cole -- feels like a premonition that won't come to the surface and is certain whatever it is, it's not a good thing. Piper says it sounds like she just has cold feet -- every bride-to-be gets that way, even she did. Phoebe is confused that she started feeling this way, literally overnight. Piper points out that vanquishing The Source has brought her one step closer to actually walking down the aisle.

The scene changes to Cole flaming into the underworld. The Seer is waiting for him. He is confused how he got there. She says it was The Source's magic that brought him. He grabs her by the throat...

COLE: "You never told me I would become The Source if I helped vanquish him!!"

She tells him not to be naive. She told him of her vision, that they will do great things together. He falls to his knees. She tells him he can't change his fate. He says he'll kill *it* but she tells him that if he wasn't clinging to his love for the witch so strongly, it would have taken him over already.

THE SEER: "Once The Source has fully assimilated you, his power will protect you, shield you from her premonitions. That we can wait for. Unfortunately with Kurzon, we can not."

Cole is confused. The Seer says the underworld is in chaos. The Source is presumed dead. Kurzon will try to fill the void. They need to stop him or Cole will never re-claim the throne. Cole says he doesn't want the throne. The Seer says he will, but for now he is not strong enough to vanquish Kurzon, but The Charmed Ones are strong enough. She plans to make Kurzon think the witches are after him so he will attack first. She wants Cole to make sure the witches are prepared to vanquish him. Cole tells her she can't make him do her bidding. She says "but The Source can." He suddenly flames out, (looking like someone pulled him from behind) and appears in the Halliwell bathroom. He looks in the mirror, taking a couple deep breaths before going to the door. He looks tired.

He comes out of the bathroom right as Phoebe is passing the door and he startles her. She didn't hear him come home. He says he just got back. She asks where he was. He has trouble coming up with an excuse...

COLE: "I, uh, just had to get out of the house, you know."

PHOEBE: "No, I don't know."

He acts like he's in pain and holds his head. I'm not sure if he's faking at this point. She touches his hand and asks what's wrong. He immediately shakes off her hand. She notices that he didn't want to be touched. He says it's nothing and passes it off as a migraine. He says he has to go. She tries to ask where he's going but he's already down the stairs. Piper comes around the corner and asks what that was about. Phoebe doesn't know.

Somewhere else... looks like an abandoned warehouse or something. Kurzon is telling other demons that the task he assigned them are very important. If they complete them today, they could be home tomorrow. All but one of the lower-demons shimmer out and The Seer walks in as though she had been waiting in the shadows. She tells Kurzon, he won't live to lead the underworld. He knows who she is and asks if she has seen his future.

THE SEER: "A lone witch will soon be on your trail."

The remaining lower-demon tells Kurzon not to trust her. Kurzon asks why she would help him. She says she has always aligned herself with *ultimate power* and if he kills this witch, nothing will prevent him becoming the next Source.

Paige has been summoned to her boss' office. When he tells her he's going to miss her, she immediately becomes apologetic for being late. He says he's going to miss her as an assistant because he's promoting her to social worker. She won't have to worry about being late because she will have a flexible schedule. She is very surprised; she had expected Scott to be promoted next because he had been there longer. The boss says it was her work with Carolyn that tipped the scale in her favor. Paige realizes that it was personal gain from the vanishing spell that got her the promotion. As she walks back to her desk, Scott tells her congratulations, which seems to make her feel worse.

Phoebe is in the attic staring at the Belthazor page of the Book-Of-Shadows. Piper comes in and asks what she's doing. She's thinking about Cole. Piper points out that Cole is human now and nods toward the BOS telling Phoebe she's not going to find the answers she looking for in that book. Phoebe says she's got to find them somewhere because she is getting scared. Piper again tells her it's just cold feet. Phoebe insists that it feels like it's more than that. Piper asks if she has tried talking to Cole. Phoebe tried, but he's avoiding her... like he did when he was Belthazor. Piper again says that Cole is *only a man* that Phoebe loves. Phoebe doesn't understand why she's so confused all of a sudden; it's killing her. Piper says maybe she needs the book after all.

PIPER: "What good is being a witch if you can't use a little magic when you're hurting?"

Phoebe is totally surprised that Piper would suggest that and asks about personal gain. (I was surprised too.) Piper tells her to word it carefully, be pure, ask your heart for the answer. Piper turns to leave and says over her should not to tell Paige, she doesn't want her thinking she can do it too.

As Piper is coming down the stairs, Paige comes in, taking off her coat. She tells Piper she hates it when Piper is right.

PIPER: "Really? I usually like it."

Paige admits that the spell she used last week had a side effect and says she got promoted. Before Piper can say anything, she says she has already *beat herself up* about it. Paige shoves Piper to the ground as she sees Kurzon shimmer in behind Piper. He throws an energy ball; Paige calls for it and throws it back at him. She hits the centerpiece on the table instead. He throws another at her and she orbs out. When she reappears she is in mid-air and gives a little yelp as she falls to the floor. Piper says that's enough and motions to blow him up. Kurzon explodes but immediately reforms, just like The Source used to. Kurzon is surprised that there are two witches and shimmers out. Piper helps Paige to her feet. Piper thinks that was odd and calls for Leo, who orbs in. She tells him they were just attacked by a powerful demon that was strangely Source-like.

PIPER: "Can't we get a frickin'' day off around here?"

Leo says that's why The Elders summoned him this morning. The Source's death has created a power struggle in the underworld. Killing a charmed one means direct ascension to the throne. Paige says that means The Source's death meant nothing. Leo corrects her, stating evil was set back decades, but that doesn't make them any less of a target. Piper says this demon didn't know who they were, which she finds insulting. Leo says that he knows now and they better figure out who he is before he attacks again. They all head to the attic. Phoebe is still in the attic. She has written on a piece of paper *Should I marry Cole?* then she rolls it up and lights it on fire with a candle. As it burns she says...

My love is strong, my spirit weak
It is an answer that I seek
The question burns within this fire
So I may hear my heart's desire.

The others come in as she says the last line. The paper goes *poof*. An old woman and a young girl appear. The old woman asks how she got there. Piper looks at Phoebe and says that's a good question. The old woman looks at Phoebe and says, "Oh my God, what HAVE you done?!" Phoebe asks who she is. The old woman says "Don't you recognize me? I'm you, Phoebe." The little girl steps forward and timidly says, "That's my name too." Commercial.

Little-Phoebe is backing away from the group, scared. Phoebe tries to tell her everything is OK. She turns to Piper asking for ideas. Piper tells Phoebe it was her spell. Phoebe points out that it was Piper's idea. Hearing that Paige says,

PAIGE: "Excuse me?!"

Old-Phoebe tells them to stop little-Phoebe from climbing out the window. Phoebe runs over and grabs little-Phoebe's legs pulling her back inside. Phoebe tries to make her believe that this is all a dream. Little-Phoebe says she is ten, not stupid, and yells "Graaaaaaams!" as she runs out of the room. Piper covers her ears and says she doesn't miss THAT. Little-Phoebe passes Cole on his way into the attic. He asks what's going on. Old-Phoebe is surprised to see him.


COLE: "Who are you?"

OLD-PHOEBE: "Maybe this will refresh your memory!" And with that, Old-Phoebe slaps Cole across the cheek. "Bastard!"

Everyone gasps. Phoebe asks old-Phoebe what that was about. Old-Phoebe tells her to ask Cole. Leo says someone should go after little-Phoebe "before she escapes into 2002." Piper thinks that's a good idea and tells Phoebe to talk to her future self and figure what's going on. Cole is confused. Before they leave Leo reminds Piper of the demon attack.

PIPER: " Paige..."
PAIGE: "I'm there." She begins looking through the Book Of Shadows.

Piper and Leo leave the attic to look for little-Phoebe. Cole, (looking uneasy) asks Phoebe how SHE got here (talking about old-Phoebe). There is a close-up of Cole as he asks this and he looks like he's starting to get dark circles under his eyes. Phoebe says she cast a spell to hear her heart's desire and she guesses her past self and future self showed up to help her listen.

COLE: "And what desire did you want to hear?"

PHOEBE: "That's between me and... me."

Phoebe takes her older self to her bedroom to talk. On the way out, old-Phoebe looks at Cole and says "Worried?" As Paige looks through the book, she asks Cole for suggestions, but as she is asking the question, he flames out.

He reappears in the underworld. The Seer welcomes him back. He says he didn't want to come back. She says The Source must be getting stronger in him. Cole says he's got The Source under control. She says it might be the other way around. There must be something he wants you to tell me. Cole suggests maybe he wants The Seer to know the plan will fail, since Phoebe "has conjured her own way to see into the future. Her future self, someone that will be able to tell her what I can't."

The Seer looks surprised but says she doesn't need to see the future to know about good witches. They are overly cautious by nature. The Seer is confident that old-Phoebe will not say anything that could make things worse her or her sisters. Cole asks why she is so sure.

THE SEER: "I've been a seer longer than you've been The Source."

Cole insists he is not The Source. The Seer says he will be, it's his destiny. He says his destiny is to be with Phoebe and he won't change that, neither will "this thing inside of me." She says his love won't be enough to save him in the end. Kurzon will be attacking again and this time he'll be prepared. She tells him to hurry back if he wants them to survive. Cole flames out and The Seer's eyes go white.

Smiling, old-Phoebe picks up a skimpy shirt from the bed and holds it up.

OLD-PHOEBE: "Ahh, the good old days." Phoebe smiles. Old-Phoebe's smile disappears as she continues, "Of course no one is going to take you seriously until you stop dressing like a tramp."

Phoebe defends herself, saying the shirt is *in* right now. Old-Phoebe tells her she'll learn. Phoebe asks "Learn what?" but old-Phoebe has found a photo album. She picks it up, smiling again, and starts looking through it. The album has pictures of Phoebe, starting at birth.

OLD-PHOEBE: "Look at us, we had such promise."

Phoebe asks if something bad happens to her and when old-Phoebe doesn't answer, she takes the album away from her. She says she doesn't have time for this and starts to say something about a demon, but old-Phoebe interrupts.

OLD-PHOEBE: "Don't talk to me about demons," she says.

PHOEBE: "Tell me about Cole then. I'm about to marry him and I have this... really bad feeling. Do you remember feeling like that?"

OLD-PHOEBE: "I remember." She looks down for a moment. When she looks up again she says, "But I won't change the past."

Phoebe points out that it's her *present*. Old-Phoebe states that it's her past and she intends to keep it that way. Phoebe points out she already saw her slap Cole across the face. "That's a pretty big coming attraction for my life." Old-Phoebe says it's between her and Cole. Phoebe sighs and asks for a hint. Do they get divorced? Does Cole cheat on her? Did they ever GET married? Old-Phoebe asks why she thinks they aren't married in the future. Phoebe points out that there is no wedding ring on old-Phoebe's finger. "Please tell me what happened," Phoebe asks. She says the spell would not have worked if she wasn't allowed to tell.

Old-Phoebe says she didn't need a spell to decide what to do. She tells Phoebe to make the decision without using magic, the way she did. Phoebe sarcastically points out how well that worked out. Old-Phoebe just orders her to have Leo send her back as soon as possible. Phoebe quietly asks why she doesn't ask Leo herself. Old-Phoebe says she is staying in the bedroom, out of the path of history. And there's no use trying to change her mind, they both know how stubborn they are. Phoebe gives up for now and leaves the room.

Downstairs, little-Phoebe is in the corner behind a big plant. She has her fingers in her ears and is singing "row, row, row your boat..." etc. while Piper is trying to talk to her. Piper is frustrated as Phoebe comes into the room, still holding the photo album. She asks if they are having trouble with little-Phoebe. Piper says they are having enough trouble to make her reconsider having children. Phoebe has an idea and walks to the corner. Before she can say anything though, little-Phoebe points at her and says to "Leave me alone, or I'll sick Prue on you!" Phoebe looks over at Piper, who says not to go there. Phoebe tells little-Phoebe she knows she's scared, but promises that she is safe in this house. She reminds little-Phoebe how Grams used to say anything is possible if you believe in magic. She says that's what happened, "magic brought you here."

Phoebe nods toward Piper and tells little-Phoebe that is Piper all grown up. Little-Phoebe's eyes get wider. Phoebe nods toward Leo and points him out as Piper's husband. She starts to say that she is... little-Phoebe finishes with "me?" Phoebe opens the albums and shows her how the pictures start with little-Phoebe and go all the way up to her. She gives little-Phoebe the album and tells she can go look through it. Little-Phoebe takes it and goes into the living room.

Leo compliments Phoebe that she handled that "nicely". Phoebe stands up and comments that at least she can get through to one of her selves.

PIPER: "Having problems with geriatric you?"

Phoebe knows the woman upstairs is her, but there is nothing familiar about her. She doesn't know how she gets so... mean. Leo asks if she knows how to reverse the spell. Phoebe says old-Phoebe doesn't remember casting the spell in the first place and asks Leo how that could happen. Leo says the future changes with every choice and she must be here for a reason. Piper says it's to help her listen to her heart. Until they do, they won't return to their times. Phoebe says they probably never will then because old-Phoebe refuses to let go of her grudge against Cole. That's right when Cole walks in, and asks if they are talking about him.

Little-Phoebe turns around and says "oh my gosh" when she sees Cole. She has a big smile on her face. Phoebe leans over to her and tells her "that our fiancé". Little-Phoebe gets excited.

LITTLE PHOEBE: "You mean HE'S our prince?! The one who sweeps us off our feet?"

Cole smiles. Piper give a half laugh-half snort at her use of the word *prince*. Phoebe says she's talking about Cinderella. It was her favorite story growing up. She's surprised she forgot about it. Leo says maybe that's why little-Phoebe is here, to help her remember. Brief pause with everyone smiling. Then Cole suggests they help Paige find out who their *visitor* was before he drops in again. Piper, Phoebe and Leo go upstairs, leaving Cole with little-Phoebe. He lets out a big sigh then looks at her and says Hi.

The Seer appears in Kurzon's hide-out. Kurzon is mad that she set him up against The Charmed Ones. The Seer lies, pretending she only knew about one witch and she didn't know who the witch was. Kurzon says he should kill her. She tells him he needs her visions, she can bring him power. He tells her to explain. She says she knows how to destroy the power of three. The same demon who doubted her before, steps forward and says it's a trick. The Seer explains to Kurzon about little-Phoebe and if he kills her, the current witch will not exist.

Meanwhile... Paige has found the page about Kurzon in the Book Of Shadows. It says that Kurzon is an enemy of The Source who was banished from the underworld for failed attempt to take over. Phoebe doesn't understand why The Source didn't kill Kurzon. Leo says he's probably too strong. Paige wonders if he the enemy of The Source doesn't that make Kurzon their ally (friend)? Piper says no, he's still evil, just a different kind of evil. Suddenly, they all hear screaming from downstairs.

Little-Phoebe is screaming because Kurzon is there. Kurzon throws an energy ball at her, but Cole turns around, stepping in front of her. As this happens, little-Phoebe faints onto the couch. The energy ball does not affect Cole. Kurzon is surprised; he thought Belthazor was dead. Cole says HE is. Cole puts a hand behind his back and a knife appears. He throws the knife at Kurzon hitting him in the stomach. Kurzon pulls out the knife, saying it will take more than that to stop him. Cole says "very well" and throws fireball at him. Kurzon is thrown backward, landing on (and smashing) a coffee table. Kurzon gets up with look of surprise on his face and mutters "The Source..." Cole looks like he's trying not to smile. Phoebe, Piper, Paige and Leo are coming down the stairs and Kurzon shimmers out.

Phoebe hurries over to little-Phoebe. Cole tells her she only fainted. Little-Phoebe wakes up and says Cole saved her. Cole looks uncomfortable. Little-Phoebe says it was scaring, he came out of nowhere. Paige hands her a glass of water. Little-Phoebe asks who she is. Paige says her name, but before she can say anything else, Phoebe interrupts and says Paige is their cousin, from Mom's side. Piper says they think of her as a sister and Phoebe says they'll explain when she's older. Little-Phoebe asks about the scary man again and as Phoebe tells her she won't have to worry about him but Leo interrupts

LEO: "Doesn't she? We can't risk her running into Kurzon again. She's Phoebe's past."

Phoebe says that Cole saving little-Phoebe means he saved her too.

LITTLE-PHOEBE: "Heelloo! He LOVES us, remember?"

Leo thinks he should take little-Phoebe somewhere safe. Paige asks if he really thinks Kurzon will attack again. Cole immediately says yes. When Paige gives him a strange look, Cole says Kurzon didn't fulfill his objective, why wouldn't he attack again? Phoebe says Cole is right and tells little-Phoebe to go with Leo. He will take her someplace safe. She doesn't want to go, but Phoebe says it will only be for a little while. Leo tells her to hold on tight. She asks if they are going on a place. Leo tells her no, but she might see some clouds. They orb out.

Paige takes the glass of water and heads toward the kitchen. She stops when she sees the knife on the floor. She picks it up and asks where it came from. Cole says its Kurzon's, that he tried to stab Cole with it, but he got it away from Kurzon. Paige is surprised that he got it away from a demon, that's impressive. Piper asks why Kurzon didn't use his power on Cole. He pretends not to know and quickly changes the subject, pointing out that since he did stab Kurzon; they have some of his blood to scry with. Paige leaves to get a crystal and a map.

Piper wonders if Kurzon was really after little-Phoebe this time. Phoebe asks why. Piper says it's like Leo said, little-Phoebe is her past, if she died there would be no Charmed Ones. Phoebe doesn't understand how Kurzon knew she had conjured her. Piper says he must be physic. This makes Cole realize it must have been The Seer who told him. Phoebe says they will need a vanquishing spell. She tells Cole to go with Piper and tell her everything she knows about Kurzon. Piper asks Phoebe where she's going. Phoebe answers that she is going to try to knock some sense into... herself.

Old-Phoebe is looking at a picture of Cole with present-Phoebe, obviously reliving the past. Phoebe comes in and says she needs to send her back, fast. Old-Phoebe asks why. Phoebe explains about the attack on little-Phoebe and points out that means they almost died too. Phoebe again tells her to answer the question she asked when she cast the spell. Old-Phoebe says she can't answer because it could put other lives at risk, not just theirs. Phoebe says maybe she's meant to change the future. She points out they both believe magic happens for a reason and this is her 2nd chance. Old-Phoebe asks "to do what?"

PHOEBE: "To keep me from turning to a bitter old lady, like you!" Old-Phoebe has no response to that. "I have lost so much already. Don't make me lose myself too."

Old-Phoebe struggles for the right words, you can see she wants to tell, but instead just says she's sorry, she can't. Phoebe says she's doomed them both and leaves the room.

Downstairs Paige is scrying while Piper is writing a spell. Cole is getting nervous. Piper asks him to stop pacing, it's distracting. Phoebe comes in and says she still can't get old-Phoebe to talk. Cole looks relieved. Phoebe says old-Phoebe doesn't want to change the future. Paige says old-Phoebe IS her future, you can't change that. Piper says they can, Phoebe is not burning at the stake any time soon.

Paige says maybe they'll let her cast the spell and get a sneak preview. She can find out what happens if she takes the promotion. This is the first time Phoebe hears about the promotion, so Piper explains that Paige cast a spell "and her friend Scott got stuck with the consequence." Phoebe says "uh-oh, personal gain" and Cole blurts out...

COLE: "If you don't kill Kurzon soon, he'll become the next Source and personal gain won't matter because you'll all be dead!"

The crystal suddenly points out a place on the map. Piper tells Paige to bring the crystal; they'll track him on the way. Piper and Phoebe get up to go. Phoebe kisses Cole and tells him to stay out of the bedroom unless he wants slapped again. Cole stays behind as Paige picks up the map and crystal. She asks Cole if he's coming. He says there's nothing he can do, he's not a demon anymore. After she leaves the room, he flames out and reappears in the underworld.

He is very angry with The Seer for betraying him. She says she did it for his own good. Their love was the only thing keeping him from accepting the full power of The Source. He conjures a fireball. She gets a look of panic on her face. She points out that with Phoebe gone they wouldn't need The Charmed Ones to kill Kurzon, because he would be strong enough to do it himself.

COLE: "Phoebe can't die, otherwise this soul dies too. His love for her is too strong. And I'll need that strength if I am to recapture what I lost."

The Seer points out what he just said. HIS love. The Source is finally starting to show through. She points out he will have to kill her eventually; their plan depends on it. He says not HIS plan. He wants her alive and the next time she betrays him... (He throws the fireball against the wall)... he says he won't miss. Cole flames out and reappears back at the house, right in front of old-Phoebe, who is not surprised.

She tells him she has been expecting him. He asks what she wants. She wants her life back. He says she looks alive to him. She answers "on the outside". He calmly says he can fix that. Old-Phoebe gives a little smile, she says he can't kill her, he never could. Even after The Source took him over, a piece of him always loved her. He says love is not always enough. She quietly says it can be. Then she speaks up, and tells him what happened in the future...

OLD-PHOEBE: "I never married you Cole. I called it off. Once I found out you were The Source, my sisters and I had to vanquish you."

Cole asks why she is telling him this. She says she has spent most of her life wondering what would have happened if they HAD married. It would have been different for both of them. He says it's too late for that now. She says maybe not, that's why she came to him first. Before she risks everything, she has to know if there's a CHANCE to save him. Cole says he's not sure there is. Old-Phoebe gets upset that he won't even try. Cole is looking tired again. He admits he wants to try but HE won't let me. He's too strong. She says she'll tell Phoebe the truth and convince her to save him, to save *us*

Cole says if she changes the future, Phoebe could die sooner, or her sisters. She states that she still believes magic happens for a reason; that's one of the few things she still has faith in. Phoebe reminded her they had hope. She gently touches his cheeks. That's why she's doing this, to keep Phoebe from living a life of regret like she did. Kurzon shimmers in...

PIPER: "I can't believe we lost him!"

Piper, Phoebe and Paige get out of the car and put the map on the hood to scry again. The crystal touches down on the map and with almost disbelief, Paige says Kurzon is at the house. Phoebe says they'll never get there in time. Piper looks at Paige, but before she can say anything, Paige says, "don't look at me". Piper asks why not, she did it this morning. Paige says she went downstairs. Alone. Not across town with two passengers. Phoebe says he'll kill Cole, they have to try. Paige puts the knife in her jacket and takes their hands. Paige turns into orb lights, then Phoebe. As the lights rise, Piper yells out "Hey!" and the lights come down and envelop her too.

Kurzon throws an energy ball at Cole, knocking him down. Cole throws back a fireball, but Kurzon steps to the side and shimmers out at the same time. As old-Phoebe helps Cole to his feet, he says he's OK. Kurzon reappears on the other side of the room, which puts him behind Cole. They only show this for a second, but it looks like he's holding a sword. I quickly learn it IS a sword because old-Phoebe sees Kurzon as he lunges forward with it. She steps in front of Cole, resulting in her getting stabbed in the back. She drops to the floor but Cole can't help her because Kurzon is already attacking again. Cole and Kurzon are both fighting for the knife, crashing into things, when the three sisters orb in. Piper pulls the spell from her pocket and they say it, vanquishing Kurzon.

Hell threw you from its inner core
But earth won't hold you anymore
Since heaven can not be your place
Your flesh and blood we now erase.

Phoebe notices old-Phoebe on the floor and goes to her, calling for Leo. Cole says she saved him. Old-Phoebe says, "There's your answer." Leo orbs in with little-Phoebe. Leo tries to heal old-Phoebe but she is already dead. Old-Phoebe and little-Phoebe both disappear. Paige asks what happened. Piper says the spell played out, Phoebe heard what she needed to hear. They briefly show Cole. (I think he looks disappointed.)

Awhile later, Paige and Leo are sitting at the table, while Piper is in the kitchen.

PAIGE: "...speaking of orbing *up there* when do I get to do that?"

Leo tells her not to be in a rush, to be proud of what she accomplished. She saved the day. Paige mutters that she couldn't save everyone. Leo says that's the great thing about the future, there's always time to change it.

PAIGE: "So Phoebe won't die that way?"

Piper comes to the table with a carton of ice cream and sets it in front of Paige. Piper says she knows Phoebe, she won't let her future turn out that way. Paige asks about little-Phoebe going back with knowledge of the future, won't that cause complications? Piper figures once Phoebe starts talking about the future, Grams will do some kind of hocus-pocus to erase that knowledge. Paige gets up to leave, saying she has a future of her own to change tomorrow. Piper asks if she decided what to do about the promotion. Paige says she is going to turn it down. Piper asks why.

PAIGE: "The three Phoebes. She cast a spell to change her future. I cast a spell and changed Scott's and that's... not so fair. I did the rhyme, I'll do the time."

Phoebe sits in her bedroom looking lost in thought. Cole walks in and tosses keys onto the dresser. He starts to explain...

COLE: "I, just umm..."

PHOEBE: "had to get out of the house..."

COLE: "Something like that."

PHOEBE: "At least you came back."

COLE: "You didn't think I would?"

Phoebe admits that lately she's been having some "crazy thoughts about us" and thought maybe he was having them too. She admits the reason she cast the spell in the first place was to find out if she should marry him. She asks if he still wants to.

COLE: "It's still part of my plans, that's for sure."

Phoebe says her too. She tells him she's going to ask him a question and she wants a straight answer. Can he do that? He says OK.

PHOEBE: "Is there something you're not telling me? About you. Something that I don't know?"

He walks over and sits next to her on the bed. He answers no. They hug. (In my opinion, she still looks a little concerned. He looks sad that he can't tell her the truth.)

The Seer has seen this conversation. She smiles.


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