Synopsis of Witch Way Now

Written by Brandee Mode

The episode starts with Phoebe is in her office at work, sitting at the computer. There is a TV in the background with a psychic talking to callers. An assistant comes in with a box of "Dear Phoebe" letters and she compliments Phoebe at how well she's doing. Phoebe says she's coming out from under a really bad time in her life; that no one and nothing can take her back to that. Suddenly the psychic on TV looks straight at the camera and says, "Help me, Phoebe."

Back at the manor, there is lots of construction going on outside the house. Leo is hanging a picture while Paige and Piper tell him it needs to go higher. Phoebe comes in and tells them about Cole channeling through the psychic. He sounded desperate. Piper doesn't understand how he can still be holding on. Suddenly Phoebe notices that Leo is frozen. Paige goes to the window and discovers that everyone and everything outside are frozen too. Behind them appears a man in a gray robe. They ask who he is and he answers...
AOD: "I'm the Angel Of Destiny and I've come to change yours."

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The sisters are backing away from him as Piper tries unsuccessfully to freeze him. He tells her she's wasting her time. He is beyond her powers and besides, he poses no threat to them. Piper says the last time they met someone who could freeze time, it was a demon. He says he's come because of a demon, which is rare. The Angels Of Destiny usually do not intervene. He says by killing The Source, they have fulfilled their shared-destiny much earlier than anticipated. And because of that, they are offering the sisters a reward, to chart a new destiny, of their own choosing. They can remain Charmed, with all their witch powers and demonic burdens. Or they can choose to relinquish their powers and live normal lives again. They would wipe the slate clean and no one would come after them again. Piper tells him they need to think about it. Paige says no time needed, the answer is no. Phoebe says that since he's offering it wouldn't hurt to talk about it. They go off to the side and Paige is surprised that Phoebe is considering it, she's always loved being a witch and asks her what changed.

PHOEBE: "I became queen of the underworld and nearly died carrying Baby Lucifer. That's what changed Paige."

Piper points out that she can't get pregnant because of "what we do" and Phoebe says it's not fun anymore. The Angel Of Destiny interrupts to say he will give them some time to think about it, but not too much time.

AOD: "After all, other people's destinies are tied to yours. And since it's your Charmed destiny that's at stake here, majority will rule. Two sisters will decide the fate of all three. So consider you choice wisely."

The Angel leaves as Piper's cell phone starts ringing. Leo comes in, asking Piper if she froze him. She says no; it was the Angel Of Destiny. She tells him to check with the Elders and make sure the Angel is "for real". On the phone, it's Darryl calling to warn them that they are about to be put under surveillance. There's an FBI agent looking into them because the have show up on too many witness lists. Darryl warns them to "lay low and whatever you do, don't use any magic."

Phoebe leads the others up the stairs as a van pulls up outside the house. A man gets out of the front and climbs in the back, where we see a lot of surveillance equipment. He puts on a headset and he hears Paige says she doesn't "understand how coming up here is going to help" and Phoebe responds by saying, "It's pretty simple." Then loud music blasts into the headset and the man yanks it off quickly.

Phoebe has put a portable stereo near the window and turned up the volume. Then she walks to the other side of the attic and points out that since Paige and Piper have been home all day they couldn't have bugged the inside of the house, they must be listening from the outside. Phoebe starts looking through the book for a way to contact Cole before he contacts her when there are witnesses around. Piper and Paige go downstairs to make a distraction in case Phoebe's spell causes fireworks. Piper looks outside and says the phone company van looks suspicious. Paige wants to know why Piper doesn't freeze the street. Piper says someone could come around the corner in the middle of it. Piper reached over and unbuttons the top button of Paige's dress, telling her...

PIPER: "You just need to use some of your God-given magic."

Paige picks up a tray with cups and a pitcher of lemonade, then goes out the front door. We see Paige coming down the steps in slow motion, while the construction workers whistle and start walking toward her. Piper sneaks out of the house and goes the van. She opens the door and freezes the FBI agent. She turns and looks to the attic window and signals to Phoebe it's all clear. Phoebe turns off the music and goes to sit in a circle of candles. She reads the following from the book:
Whither my love, where ever you be
Through time and space
Take my heart nearer to thee
Phoebe slumps over and falls on the floor. She astral projects to somewhere else. The background is red and there are rocks & bones around. She hears something that makes her turn to run, but she runs right into Cole. His hair is messed up; he has the beginning of a beard. He looks tired. He grabs her and says, "nobody's allowed to be here." Phoebe asks "Where is here?" He doesn't have time to answer because what Phoebe heard before is getting closer. They climb some rocks and this giant tongue or worm type thing (The Beast) shoots out from the sand toward Phoebe's ankles but it misses. Cole says they'll be safe on top of the rocks for a few minutes. Phoebe hugs Cole. He tells her she did the right thing; The Source is gone, devoured.

COLE: "This is The Wasteland. Where all vanquished demons end up. The beast feeds on their essence, their powers."

She asks why he's there. He said it's because he was a demon with a soul. She tells him it's time to move on. He points out that he doesn't get to go to "the good place" like she does. A demon falls from the sky and burns up before it hits the sand. But a bunch of little glowing balls of light hit the sand. The Beast comes up from under the sand and sucks up the lights like an ant-eater eating ants. Phoebe tells Cole he can't run from it forever. He says that's why he's been calling her. He wants her to get the Grimoir (evil book of shadows) and use the resurrection spell to resurrect him. Phoebe says no; she won't use dark magic again.

(Not to mention, if they use that spell to bring back Cole, they would have no way to explain not using it to bring back Prue. Right?)

The Beast suddenly grabs Phoebe by the ankle and starts to pull her down. Cole grabs her hands. She tells him to use his powers; he says he doesn't have any powers. A second *tongue* shoots through the sand and wraps around Phoebe's waist. The real Phoebe left in the attic starts screaming in her sleep. Paige and Piper run into the attic. The screaming over the headset jerks the FBI agent out of his frozen state. Piper flips through the book for the reversal spell. Together Paige and Piper chant:

Return thy love, where ever she be
Through time and space
Bring her back to me.
Astral Phoebe slips from Cole's grasp and an instant later disappears. Both *tongues* of the Beast disappear back into the sand. In the attic, Phoebe wakes up, gasping. The doorbell downstairs rings and when they open the door it's the FBI agent. He introduces himself as Agent Jackman and says they should talk.

Sitting at the table he shows them a copy of the file he has on them. He says he could have exposed them as witches 6 months ago. Piper tells him to prove it. He plays a recording of Paige and Piper saying the reversal spell. Phoebe asks what he wants. He says he specialized in occult style killings. He thought they were going to be the next victims but now that he knows who they are, he wants their help. Piper tries to freeze him but he doesn't freeze. He points out this time he has an amulet that makes their magic useless. He shows them a picture of Selena and says she is a witch hunter and she burned her last 3 victims at the stake. He pulls out a ziplock bag, explaining it's some of Selena's belongings. He tells them to use their powers on the belonging to find Selena and he will make the file disappear. He leaves his card on the table then leaves the house.

Phoebe says maybe now is the time to take the Angel Of Destiny up on his offer. Paige says then they would be free, but so would Selena. Paige and Phoebe start to argue about whether or not to give up their powers. Piper interrupts and tells them they need to see this through like the Angel suggested. She gives Paige the bag of belongings and tells her to go upstairs and get started; they'll be up soon. She calls Leo and tells him the FBI agent already busted them. Leo says the Angel is real and so is the offer. Piper tells him to go check in with Darryl and find out what he can about Agent Jackman.

Cole is hanging on the side of a rock cliff. We can see the Beast moving under the sand. A demon falls from the sky and when the lights hit the ground, we see a bump under the sand start moving toward them. Cole jumps to the ground and yells out...

COLE: "You don't want his powers, you want me! Here I am, come and get me! Come on, hurry up! End it!" He is looking at the bump under the sand as it moves closer. As Cole is talking he walks closer and steps into the lights. A wave of blue light travels up Cole's body. When the tongue of The Beast shoots up from beneath the sand, Cole raises his arms in self-defense. What looks like electricity shoots from Cole's hands, zapping the *tongue* and the *tongue* retreats beneath the sand. Cole looks at his hands with great surprise. Another demon falls from the sky and when Cole sees the lights hit the sand, he realizes what happened.

COLE: "This could be good."

Back at the house, Paige is scrying for Selena. Piper thinks Agent Jackman is not going to let them off so easily once it's all over.

PHOEBE: "Great. Charlie's freakin' Angels. This just keeps getting better and better."

The three sisters orb into a bedroom. Piper peaks into the next room and sees Selena with several bodyguards. They assume Agent Jackman didn't mention the bodyguard out of fear they wouldn't help him. A guard comes out of the bathroom and immediately shoots at Paige, who orbs out. Piper freezes him. Another guard comes in and shoots. Phoebe throws him against a dresser. Selena starts to run, but Paige orbs in, in front of her. Selena tries to hit Paige and misses. Paige hits Selena, knocking her out.

Piper bends over to look at Selena. Behind Piper, Phoebe sees a faint image of Cole, who calls out her name. Phoebe looks shocked. Cole's image disappears before anyone else can see him. Another guard comes in and shoots. Piper freezes him. Paige orbs the 4 of them back to the house.

Agent Jackman arrives at the house and appears surprised that there were bodyguards. Piper says they had guns and they "weren't shy about using them." The sisters are suspicious of him now and say they won't let him take her without a warrant.

AGENT JACKMAN: "You're all the same. You think because you have gifts, powers, you're above it all, you're special."

He calls them arrogant and says that's why demons and witch-hunters will always be after them. He pulls a warrant out of his coat and tosses it onto the coffee table.

Paige asks when they get their files. He says after Selena's in jail and he feels safe. He doesn't want to become "another one of those people who disappears around here." He picks up Selena and leaves.

Piper says they're screwed. Phoebe says, maybe not. Paige insists they are not giving up their powers. Phoebe says she doesn't want to give up their powers but she doesn't want to give up her life even more. Phoebe wonders if they need to talk to Leo first. Piper says no, he'll understand. Piper says this is their reward for all the good they've done. Paige is close to tears.

PAIGE: "Pardon me if it doesn't feel like much of a reward. Because without being witches, I wouldn't have sisters."

Up in the attic, Paige sits by the window looking sad. The Angel Of Destiny asks Piper and Phoebe if they are sure, because the decision is final. He raises his arms, but Piper interrupts to make sure there is no loop hole. They won't have to worry about demons, warlocks or Agent Jackman. He says yes. Paige asks if they will remember being witches. He says they will remember; this does not change their history, only their future. Paige asks about the book. He says it will pass to some future descendant. Phoebe asks if Cole will keep trying to contact her. The Angel says he doesn't know. Cole is beyond time and space; he has no control over it. Phoebe decides that since Cole is still holding on, she should go tell Cole she won't have the power to save him and then he will be able to let go.

Cole is standing on the rocks looking out at the horizon. Astral-Phoebe appears in The Wasteland. She hurries over to him and he asks if she saw him come to her. Phoebe asks how he did that but he says it's a secret. She tells him she is giving up her powers, they all are. He looks surprised. Then he looks hurt. She tells him they tried every way they could, it just wasn't meant to be and that love wasn't enough. He tells her to leave before The Beast attacks. She looks surprised that, that's all he has to say, then astral-Phoebe disappears. Cole turns around and walks back to the edge of the rocks. He looks out, then down and we see the 2 *tongues* lying on the ground, with the ends bloody. With this, I assume we are supposed to think that Cole has killed The Beast.

Phoebe wakes up in the attic. Piper tells her that they have been thinking a lot of things don't add up, like Agent Jackman coming in alone to get Selena. Piper says they want to make sure they've done the right thing before it's too late to do anything about it. Phoebe asks the Angel if that's OK. He says yes, and he thought they were "being a bit premature anyway." But he couldn't say anything because of free will. He says to let him know when they are ready and disappears.

Piper calls for Leo who instantly appears with Darryl. Leo says they were just coming to get them. Darryl tells them Jackman is the witch-hunter; Selena is the daughter of a witch. (It appears that Selena doesn't know she is a witch.) The sisters are shocked.

Somewhere in the woods, Jackman has Selena tied to a pole with blocks of wood around it. As he lights the wood, he is talking about how it's in his blood to hunt witches, etc. The three sisters orb in and Piper tries to freeze the fire but it doesn't work. Jackman says he buried the amulets in the surrounding area in anticipation of their arrival. As he's speaking, he walks closer to them. He pulls out a gun and grabs Phoebe. Phoebe starts hitting and kicking him. She yells to the others to get Selena. Paige and Piper try to slap out the fire with their coats but it's not working. When Selena's pant-leg catches fire, Piper jumps up through the flames and grabs Selena, (post and all) and they fall to the ground. Paige rushes over to put out the fire on the pant-leg.

Jackman is knocked to the ground near his gun. He grabs it and quickly stands up. He tells Phoebe that saving Selena's life just cost Phoebe her life. Cole appears off to the side in the bushes. Jackman pulls the trigger. As the bullet travels in slow motion toward Phoebe, Cole makes a gesture with his hand that causes Jackman and Phoebe to trade places. The bullet hits Jackman in the chest and he falls to the ground. She looks over and sees Cole, who walks forward out of the bushes. She asks how he got there.

COLE: "Let's just say I picked up a few powers lately. Quite a few actually." He starts to walk away from her, then stops. "I'm not giving up on us, Phoebe. Ever." Cole disappears.

Back at the house, Leo is waiting. Piper and Phoebe come in. Paige is parking down the street because the driveway is blocked from the construction. Piper says it looks like they got away with everything. Phoebe says Selena testified for them. They can't figure out how Jackman shot himself from 20 feet away. The subject of the file he had on them is mentioned and Leo admits he orbed the files into a volcano. Piper and Phoebe are surprised. Leo says he was just protecting his charges. Piper says he might not have to do that anymore and asks if he would be OK with that. He says he'll support what ever they decide. Paige comes in and the door gets stuck as she's closing it. It's the Angel Of Destiny again. Paige stares at the floor. He asks if they are ready now.

PHOEBE: "Actually, I don't think so anymore." Phoebe looks at Paige. Paige looks up, shocked but with a huge smile on her face. "We saved someone. It felt good and it felt right. I got a taste of what it would be like without my powers and I didn't like it at all." Phoebe hugs Paige.

The Angel turns to Piper and asks, "What about you?" Piper says she might as well make it unanimous. She says Phoebe is right, it's who they are. The Angel reminds them this is their only chance. They won't get this opportunity again. The Angel walks past Leo who is still frozen in place.

AOD: "Thought you'd like to know that neither decision would have affected yours and Leo's personal destiny."
PIPER: "What do you mean?"
AOD: "You'll find out soon enough." The angel glances toward Piper's stomach. Phoebe's eyes go wide.
PHOEBE: "Oh my God!" She turns to Piper; "Don't you get it?" Piper just looks confused. Phoebe turns to Paige. "Don't YOU get it?" Paige looks like she figures it out but before she can say anything, Phoebe blurts out, "She's pregnant!"
PIPER: "Who's pregnant? I'm pregnant?"

Paige hugs Piper around the shoulders. Phoebe hugs her around the waist. Phoebe says "Hi baby" into Piper's stomach. The Angel Of Destiny smiles and disappears through the front door.

End of episode.

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