Synopsis of Enter the Demon

Written by Brandee Mode

The show starts with Cole and Phoebe practicing fighting. Looks like they are in a home-made gym somewhere. Cole kicks Phoebe and while she is doubled over from the kick he gives her instructions,

COLE: "Don't be tense. Be ready. If you see me expand, you should contract. If I contract, you expand."

They fight some more. Cole finally flips Phoebe onto her back and squats over her. Phoebe giggles and says, "If you wanted to be on top, all you had to do was ask." In the background, someone giggles. The camera swings around to reveal Paige sitting at the bottom of the steps.

Phoebe hops to her feet and while walking over to Paige, asks her she isn't upstairs studying for Piper's quiz. Paige was *hoping to go a couple of rounds with a demon first." (So they're in the basement. When did they put a gym in the basement?)

Phoebe says something about Piper taking her "witchcraft quizzes very seriously" and asks what the subject is. It's potion basics. Phoebe attempts to get Paige to understand how important it is that she learn the craft quicker that they did. Paige doesn't like it, but does get up to go back upstairs. Paige just wants to know when the fun starts," and rolls her eyes. Phoebe turns back to Cole with "Where were we?"

Phoebe makes it clear that, after his seven-day absence, she wants to get romantic. Cole reminds her that he was away for a week on a fact-finding mission and they can't ignore what he learned: The Source intends to finish what he started and this time it's personal. Cole picks up a couple of swords.

PHOEBE: "You think The Source is going to challenge me to a swordfight?"

COLE: "Hand-to-hand combat is too safe, sword fighting teaches confidence. Intensity. You need to learn to fight like a demon, Phoebe. Training must come before everything, including us."

He asks Phoebe if she's ready, she asks if she has a choice. Her answer is Cole taking a swipe at her with the blade. She dodges by simpering to the floor with a gasp. She sets a look of determination in her eyes, slides her own sword from its sheath, and...

The scene shifts to a ninja (wearing gray) watching an elderly gentleman kneeling before a statue of Buddha. The ninja darts over some rocks to crouch behind the elderly gent, the elderly man perks up, like he senses someone/something behind him. The Ninja-In-Gray remains where he is, a Ninja-In-Black descends from somewhere overhead him. They start fighting. At one point, the girl Ninja (in black) leaps into a tree. They smash some decorative pottery, too. She finally corners him and flicks the ninja mask from his face with the point of her sword. "Yen Lo!" she shouts. (Later we learn that the girl is names An-Ling. I don't remember ever hearing the old man's name, but we do find out he is An-Ling's father and is a zen-master so I will just call him that as his name.)

She says "This is how you repay my father after all he taught you? Everything he gave you?" He crosses a small, picturesque bridge to stand at her side. The main thing of the argument is that Zen-Master has trained Yen-Lo (to be a zen-master, I think) so that Yen-Lo would be the next in line after Zen-Master dies. Yen-Lo took the training and tried to use it for personal gain. So, Zen-Master made An-Ling his designated successor instead, and now Yen-Lo wants revenge. Zen-Master orders Yen-Lo to leave and never return. Yen-Lo threatens to kill them both and attacks. An-Ling stabs him in the side. Yen-Lo threatens that it's not over and "we're just getting started." Then he darts over to a nearby birdbath and dives into it, vanishing in the splash of water. An-Ling and her father stand over the birdbath with concern on their faces.


Back from the commercial, in the kitchen Piper is asking Paige a question about the best way to store unused sea slugs for future use. Paige tries to joke, saying she would let them go... but Piper says the correct method involves freeze-drying them for future use.

PIPER: "This isn't like trig. " It's not like you're never going to use it again. If you blow a potion, innocent people could die. Didn't you study at all for this test?"

Paige says she started to but ended going out to a club with a friend. Piper groans and tells Paige to study that evening. Paige says she can't because her boss's son is in town, and she hopes that showing him a good time will help to keep her from getting fired. Piper accuses Paige of having "no priorities." Piper says they could be attacked at any moment. Paige says she shouldn't be wasting her time with book learning when she should be "learning how to body-slam big, sweaty demons like Phoebe." Piper points out that Phoebe's been at this for longer than Paige and if Paige is patient, and learns all of her lessons, one day she'll "get a big, sweaty demon of your own." Piper rises from the table to retrieve an umbrella and the car keys. She needs to head to Chinatown to stock up on herbs. Paige jumps at the chance to go with her *get her nails done* while Piper's shopping. Piper tells Paige she needs to stay behind and work on her potions.

PIPER: "Don't make me the Wicked Witch of the Northwest. I didn't ask for this big sister gig, and frankly, it sucks, but since I'm on a roll you should get rid of that lollipop habit because it's gonna ruin your teeth."

(Since when is San Francisco in the Northwest? To me, northwest is Oregon or Washington, not California). Paige again rolls her eyes, sticking the lollipop back into her mouth.

Down in the basement, Cole and Phoebe are practicing fighting with swords. Phoebe twists her ankle and asks for a time out. Cole tells her she must learn to fight through the pain, but he was a little rude about it.

COLE: "Demons worship strength. Power. Nothing else. To beat The Source you have to channel all of your energy into your strength -- including pain." Phoebe gets up and they fight some more.

The scene shifts back to the monastery. An-Ling is saying something to Zen-Master about protecting him from Yen-Lo. He tells her that, to defeat Yen-Lo, they need the "Dragon Blade." Zen-Master hands her a note, instructing her to take it to a "Master Kwan." She doesn't want to leave his side. He tells her to hurry and he'll says he'll follow her in the shadows. As she leaves, the camera turns toward the birdbath. Yen-Lo peers from beneath the water's surface.

Manor kitchen. Paige is mixing a potion.

PAIGE: "Next up, some powered toadstool. BAM! Let's kick it up one more notch..."

Leo walks in, interrupting her. She complains about being stuck in the kitchen, cooking, while Phoebe gets to fight. Leo becomes the third person tonight to lecture Paige on patience and the need to develop all of her skills etc. She says she wants an active power like levitation. (I don't think levitation is that great, especially since Paige already has the teleport thing and orbing ability.) Leo gets some bottled water from the fridge, reminds her that as one who is half-Whitelighter, she's also "half-pacifist" and as a result may never develop fighting skills like Piper and Phoebe. He leaves, leaving Paige to mutter to herself

PAIGE: "Just once I'd like to know what it's like to be Phoebe and be able to kick some serious ass."

Then she tosses a final ingredient into the bubbling pot on the stove. The white powder causes the mixture to explode, and Paige is surrounded by a cloud of steam and smoke. Paige drops to the floor in slow motion, and once there, she glows. The glow-thing detaches and seeps through the floor to the basement below. Downstairs, Phoebe sends her sword clattering to the cement as she, too, drops in slow-motion. The two glowy things trade places. With the transfer of souls complete, PaigeInPhoebe'sBody reawakens and whispers, "How did I get down here?"

Cole approaches with the dropped sword, causing PaigeInPhoebe'sBody to scurry behind the punching bag in fear. He asks what's wrong with Phoebe and she is confused that he called her by Phoebe's name. She looks down and realizes her breasts are bigger, reaches back and checks the color of her ponytail. Realizing what happened, she heads toward the stairs. Cole complains about her interrupting the training, again. Upstairs, PhoebeInPaige'sBody is waking up herself, pulling herself to her feet while gripping the counter. They quickly determine it must have been the potion. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody swears it was an accident. PhoebeInPaige'sBody is angry, but agrees not to tell Piper of the body-switching accident. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody pouts. PhoebeInPaige'sBody tells her to "wipe that look off my face." PaigeInPhoebe'sBody yanks her shirt away from her body and looks down again and complains that the shirt is too tight. PhoebeInPaige'sBody says *but it looks good*. Cole comes into the kitchen; he's wearing a sweatshirt now. (I can understand why Paige wanted to keep the switch secret from Piper, but why not tell Cole? I guess they thought he would tattle on them.) PhoebeInPaige'sBody tells Cole that *Phoebe* can't continue with training that afternoon. He tells *Paige* that it's between him and Phoebe. He makes them both feel guilty about it and tells *Phoebe* to let him know when she decides to get serious about training. Then he shimmers out.

PHOEBE.IN.PAIGE'S.BODY (very angry): "If we don't fix this soon, I am going to PERM YOUR HAIR!"

Piper enters the den of her herb dealer in Chinatown, just in time to see the son of Master Kwan tell An-Ling she will have to come back later. He says the dragon blade is a family heirloom (it's in a frame up on the wall). She is trying to explain that it's an emergency but he refuses to listen to her. An-Ling tries to show him the note that ZenMaster sent but Son-Of-Kwan doesn't read Chinese. Piper interrupts all of this to ask for "a sprig of wormwood." An-Ling tries to explain "My father said your father...." but Son-Of-Kwan interrupts her saying Kwan is out of town.

An-Ling gives them both a look that says *oh puh-leez* then leaps onto the counter, then jumps up to the wall to grab the Dragon Blade from its frame. She lands back on the counter and flies over Piper's head to crash out through the window. Piper is startled and automatically tosses her hands into the air, accidentally freezing the Son-Of-Kwan. Ignoring him, she exits the shop to follow An-Ling through an alley decorated with banners. (I don't understand by An-Ling didn't freeze too...) Piper blows up some trash to get An-Ling's attention. An-Ling asks Piper who she is and Zen-Master emerges from a doorway to call her name. He steps past a puddle, not noticing Yen-Lo in the water near his feet. An-Ling tell her father she has the dragon blade as Yen-Lo leaps up from the puddle and stabs Zen-Master. He tells An-Ling, "I told you I was just getting started." Yen-Lo then vanishes back into the puddle taking Zen-Master with him. An-Ling screams, "No!" as she runs towards them. During this Piper is just standing there watching. (I don't understand why she didn't freeze the guys other that the obvious fact that it would have ended the episode too soon.)

Back from commercial, Piper has brought An-Ling home with her and they are sitting on the couch with the dragon blade on the coffee table in front of them. An-Ling tells Piper what had happened earlier, adding that Yen-Lo overcame the injury she inflicted earlier by using his knowledge of the teachings to escape before he died. Piper asked where he escaped to. An-Ling answers...

AN-LING: "To a place where souls pass on their way to reincarnation. It's a mystical region between life and death."

Leo says it's called Limbo and explains...

LEO: "Metaphysical and magical laws are amplified in Limbo. As long as he stays there his wound will never advance. He can literally cheat death forever."

An-Ling explains that's why she took the dragon blade; it has the power to trap human souls. Yen-Lo seeks to punish Zen-Master; by keeping Zen-Master's body in Limbo, his soul can never be reborn. Piper asks An-Ling if she knows how to get to Limbo, An-Ling admits she never *mastered that skill* Piper calls her sisters. Yen-Lo can use any surface of water as a portal, but he can't stay in this world for extended periods of time, because then his wound to advance to the point where they kill him.

Upon entering the room, Phoebe and Paige are introduced to An-Ling.

PAIGE.IN.PHOEBE'S.BODY: "Hi! I'm Paige! I mean, Paige's older sister Phoebe"

Piper and Leo both have a quizzical look on their face. Piper says they've got *a water loving demon* and tells them to turn off the water main. (I want to call Piper and remind her that Yen-Lo is human, not demon, but whatever...) Piper head to check the Book of Shadows for ways to get to Limbo.

Speaking of Limbo, the scene shifts to clouds with thunder & lightening, then seems to go below them... to a desolate place where everything is gray and brown, boulders and dead-looking trees here and there. Zen-Master is tied to a tree. He tells Yen-Lo this place was not meant for them to stay.

YEN-LO: "Tell me about it. I always expected the entrance to reincarnation to be a nice river, or even pearly gates. The last thing I expected to see was a big sucking hole." He turns to look at it; a big gray vortex looking thing with a bridge in front of it.

Zen-Master tells Yen-Lo it's never too late for redemption. If he passes through the vortex, it will cleanse his soul.

ZEN-MASTER: "You can start life fresh."

YEN-LO: "Yeah, as a tapeworm. Or maybe a dung beetle. I know how karma works..."

Yen-Lo finally tells us his master plan. Now that he knows he can trap people in Limbo forever, he has taken it upon himself to rid the world of all zen-masters "All their wisdom and magic lost forever in Limbo. Now that's evil," he sneers. Zen-Master changes the subject, wondering how Yen-Lo managed to escape limbo. Yen-Lo reminds him of the traveling-through-water thing and says something about clouds having a wet, watery lining. He rises into the air. He promises to find and kill An-Ling, and then vanishes upwards into the mist.

In the basement, Phoebe and Paige struggle to shut the rusted water valve. Phoebe tells Paige she needs to practice using Phoebe's powers and also asks Paige to stop sucking on the lollipops because *my teeth have enough cavities*. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody leaps towards the punching bag, grabs it and falls on the floor with a splat. Paige says Piper will never trust her with magic again. Phoebe says Piper will never know if they can reverse the potion and switch back. Paige says she figured out what she put in it last time but they need more powdered toadstool. Phoebe says she knows where to get some and tells Paige to stay in the basement to practice levitation until she comes back.

Upstairs, the doorbell rings. PhoebeInPaige'sBody answers to find a handsome young African-American guy, standing on the porch. We soon learn his name is Mason. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody comes up behind her and introduces them; he is Paige's boss's son. She feels like she knows him because *Paige* keeps talking about him. Mason asks Paige if she'd like to try an Italian restaurant for dinner that evening. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody insists they should have Chinese. "Chinatown Chinese." (hint hint, so she can get the herbs, I guess) She pushes a plaid jacket and umbrella into PhoebeInPaige'sBody's hands and practically shoves her out the door. While doing so, PaigeInPhoebe'sBody whispers *and keep my face out of the sun.* (I've heard a lot of complaints about how pale Rose McGowan is, I thought that was a bit funny.)

Piper enters the hallway from upstairs to complain to PaigeInPhoebe'sBody about Paige bailing on them in their hour of need. Piper says she doesn't like being the big sister, causing PaigeInPhoebe'sBody to frown. Piper is basically talking about Paige learning witchcraft, she says Paige doesn't listen. Paige tries to defend herself. Piper says it's a shame because Paige has potential. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody perks up. Piper continues to say that she doesn't think Paige cares, about anything really. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody insists that Paige does care and just needs to learn from her mistakes, assuring Piper that "she's learning fast." Piper leaves. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody sighs and sucks on a lollipop.

At Master Kwans's we see PhoebeInPaige'sBody's and Mason enter the shop. Mason looks at a jar of what looks like some sort of crustacean in yellow liquid, asks *what is this place*.

PhoebeInPaige'sBody says she just needs to buy some powdered toadstool. She keeps referring Paige as she/her instead of me/my and mentions *my boyfriend* and tries to cover by saying she meant ex-boyfriend. She purchases a bag of toadstool as lightning flashes outside. "Uh-oh. Yen-Lo," she says, getting confused look from Mason. She just says she *has to go* and leaves he shop, apparently alone.

Back at the house, lightning flashes as rain pounds the windows. Down in the basement, PaigeInPhoebe'sBody attempts to levitate. She fails. Cole shimmers into the background, leaning casually on the stairs' banister. He watches her for a moment, then asks her what she's doing. She passes it off as *levitation exercises*. Cole asks if this means she's ready to resume her training. She tells she is. He says he'll throw a couple of "low voltage" energy balls at her, and she should try to avoid them. She gets a look of confusion on her face and he starts before she's ready. He throws two little energy balls and they land square on her shoulder and her butt. Phoebe yells ouch and tells him that was rude and she's not having fun. She continues by telling him that he shouldn't treat his girlfriend so badly. Cole finally gets that something weird is going on and asks what's gotten into her. "Paige!" she blurts out, then tries to cover by saying she told Paige about what's been happening and *Paige* thinks he's way out of line. Unfortunately, she goofs and refers to Phoebe as *she/her* instead of *I/me* and Cole notices this and asks her about it. She points out that he *tore my jog bra* and uses changing her clothes as an excuse to leave.

In the attic, the windows are leaking from so much rain, and a puddle is forming in the shadows on the floor, no one seems to notice. The Book has nothing to say on the matter of Limbo. An-Ling sits off to the side, gazing into a small glass bowl of water. She explains Zen-Master could see into other worlds by staring into a bowl such as hers.

AN-LING: "Once, when I was young, he reached into a bowl of water and picked me a plum for me from the Garden of Eden."

Leo asks her if she can see anything at the moment. No, she only sees water and wishes her father were there because he would know what to do. Leo orbs out to with if The Elders can help. Piper sits at the table and the two women bond over losing a loved one and *filling the shoes* of the one they lost. Thunder crashes, lightening flashes. Piper gets up, telling An-Ling that with all this rain, they need to protect the house from Yen-Lo. They leave the attic. Then we see Yen-Lo leap up through the puddle into the attic. He stands there holding his sword, looking around and then it goes to commercial.

PhoebeInPaige'sBody enters the hall from the storm outside and takes off her rain gear. Yen-Lo creeps silently down the staircase above, and watches as Cole appears, startling PhoebeInPaige'sBody. He starts coming on to her (it's obvious to the audience that he knows about the body-switching, but she doesn't know he knows). PhoebeInPaige'sBody obviously upset at Cole's behavior. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody comes down the stairs just in time to see Cole kissing PhoebeInPaige'sBody. PhoebeInPaige'sBody breaks away from the kiss and flips Cole onto his back on the carpet.

PHOEBE.IN.PAIGE'S.BODY: "How could you do this to me?"

COLE: "I'm just trying to have a little fun, Phoebe. Isn't that what you were complaining about me not doing?"

PhoebeInPaige'sBody starts with a *yeah, but I never meant...* then she realizes he called her Phoebe... PaigeInPhoebe'sBody asks how he knew.

COLE: "For one thing," he replies, "you suck at levitating. For another, you set me straight on the way I've been treating the real Phoebe as only a sister could."

Cole swats PhoebeInPaige'sBody on the backside,tells her to call him when she's herself again, then shimmers out. They start to talk about switching back when they are interrupting by An-Ling yelling for Piper to "look out" the scene shifts to the kitchen, where the first thing with see is Piper landing on (and collapsing) a table.

An-Ling takes out the dagger, the blade glows green in her hand. Yen-Lo draws his sword, then recognizes the dagger as the Dragon Blade. They start fighting. Paige and Phoebe arrive in the kitchen and Piper yells for Phoebe to stop him. Yen-Lo cuts An-Ling's forearm. She drops the dagger and staggers back against a wall. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody leaps in the air and just spins helplessly in mid-air. (We never get a full view; but it looks like she's hanging from a moving ceiling fan) Yen-Lo grabs the dagger, back-flips onto the counter, and vanishes into the sink full of soapy water.

PhoebeInPaige'sBody pulls PaigeInPhoebe'sBody down as Piper rushes to An-Ling's side, calling for Leo. He orbs in and moves immediately to heal An-Ling's arm. (I don't understand why Piper didn't freeze him, she just kind of sat there on the floor watching...) Piper turns to her sisters, very angry and tells them "You two! Follow me!" She stomps out of the room, they follow her. The truth quickly comes out, and of course Piper gets even more mad. "Oh. My. GOD. You. SWITCHED. BODIES?" She goes off on a rant... "What if it had been The Source, we could have lost an innocent, etc. Piper suddenly lights up with a brilliant idea and asks if they remember the ingredients from the potion. They say they do. Piper orders everyone back into the kitchen.

Next we see that they have the potion boiling and Piper asks if there are any other ingredients that need added. PaigeInPhoebe'sBody says the only one left is powdered toadstool. She grabs some of it, holds hands with Phoebe and at the same time, they say "I want to be me again" PaigeInPhoebe'sBody dumps the powder into the pot. A bang and a puff of smoke later, they are back in their own bodies. (Funny how they didn't fall down this time.) Piper reveals her idea: she should switch bodies with Zen-Master, as he is "the only person who knows how to enter Limbo." Leo doesn't like the idea, but finally agrees with her that they have no other options. Piper grabs a pinch of the powder and states, "I want to be the Zen-Master." she dumps the pinch into the pot. Another bang and puff of smoke...

ZenMasterInPiper'sBody tells Paige and Phoebe they have a *very brave sister* and asks where the dragon blade is. They realize that Yen-Lo must have taken it with him. Meanwhile, Yen-Lo demands to know what just happened to PiperInZenMaster'sBody. She babbles something about blacking out momentarily. Yen-Lo's doesn't believe it. "Who are you?" he asks. She says, "I am one with the universe." Yen-Lo knows Zen-Master too well to be taken in by the attempted deception. He also knows Zen-Master does not have the power to switch bodies. "You must be one of the witches," he says. He realizes that means ZenMasterInPiper'sBody and friends will soon be arriving to reclaim her soul. He holds up the glowing green dagger. "The question is, how are they gonna get your soul back when I've got it?" Yen-Lo presses the tip of the dagger against PiperInZenMaster'sBody's chest, and Piper's soul *flows* down into the blade. Zen-Master's body slumps to unconsciousness; Yen-Lo grins. Commercial.

Up in the attic, everyone stands around the puddle of rainwater that's leaked in through the windows. They talk about Limbo and what they can expect once they get there. An-Ling tells ZenMasterInPiper'sBody about the plan to retrieve Piper's Soul & ZenMaster's body from Limbo so Leo heal his wound. "He's a miracle worker," she says, smiling at Leo. Leo smiles. ZenMasterInPiper'sBody waves her hand over the puddle, and we see ZenMaster's body, tied to the "tree." (I don't understand how ZenMasterInPiper'sBody can access Zen-Master's powers in Piper's body when Phoebe and Paige couldn't access their own powers when their souls were switched.) ZenMasterInPiper'sBody realizes that Yen-Lo has used the Dragon Blade to capture Piper's soul. He tells Leo he should stay behind if he accompanies them into Limbo, and gets stuck there, they would have no one to heal their wounds when they get back. One by one, the women disappear into the puddle on the floor.

*Down* in Limbo, ZenMasterInPiper'sBody and friends glance around uneasily. (Remember now, that Paige and Phoebe are back in their own bodies now.) Paige and Phoebe walk over to stand beside Zen-Master's body. Yen-Lo descends from mid-air behind ZenMasterInPiper'sBody and An-Ling and immediately attacks. He knocks An-Ling to the ground and kicks ZenMasterInPiper'sBody's chest, who flies backwards toward the vortex. ZenMasterInPiper'sBody grabs onto a wooden railing as An-Ling runs to help. Meanwhile, Paige spots the dragon-blade tucked into Yen-Lo's belt. She points it out to Phoebe, and the dagger orbs into her outstretched hand, Paige is shocked because she didn't call for it. Phoebe guesses that Limbo has expanded Paige's powers. She instructs Paige to remove Piper's soul from the dagger. Phoebe says she'll keep Yen-Lo busy and runs over to him.

YEN-LO (speaking to Phoebe): "So it's you, Black-Belt-Barbie."

Phoebe quickly proves him wrong by leaping into the air to kick Yen-Lo onto a nearby *shelf* of rocks. He drops his sword. Paige doesn't know what to do, and yells to Phoebe, asking how to retrieve Piper's soul from the blade. Phoebe yells back to *use your powers, orb her soul*. Paige squints her whole face and the glow representing Piper's soul floats out of the knife to hover above it. Phoebe and Yen-Lo fight a bit more and during a pause, Paige again asks Phoebe what to do. Phoebe gets a look on her face that says *do I have to explain everything?* and I think I hear annoyance in her voice as she tells Paige to "put it back in the body"

Now the glow is in Paige's hand, she holds her hand out to Zen-Master's body and it floats into him. His eyes open and Piper says *thanks for the lift* Paige unties PiperInZenMaster'sBody from the tree. Over at the vortex, An-Ling struggles to hold onto ZenMasterInPiper'sBody's hand. Paige wants to do something but doesn't know what. PiperInZenMaster'sBody reminds her she doesn't have any powers in his body. Yen-Lo kicks Phoebe off the ledge onto the ground. When she lands, she grabs her ankle saying it's twisted and she needs a time-out. Yen-Lo jumps down to land right by Phoebe and says...

YEN-LO: "A time-out? This will be easier than I thought." He turns to pick up his sword.

Phoebe mutters "for me too" and yells "Paige!" while holding out her arm. Paige orbs the Dragon Blade into Phoebe's hand. She plunges it into Yen-Lo's upper chest, near his shoulder. He grunts a little and the glow of his soul floats into the dagger. His body drops to the ground.

Suddenly, the vortex stops *sucking* and turns into an image of a blue sky with clouds. Piper gets a look on her face that says *how did I get over here* Limbo quickly morphs into what looks like a beautiful garden. We can hear birds chirping (which makes me think *huh?*) Paige gazes around in awe and asks what happened. Piper says *beats the hell out of me* Zen-Master explains to the sisters...

ZEN-MASTER: "The natural order of things has been restored, (he looks at Piper) including our souls. This was all a reflection on Yen-Lo's fears, of a man afraid of crossing over. In truth, this is a peaceful place. Welcoming."

An-Ling tells her father that they have to return home he can be healed. He tells her he was "mortally wounded" says it's his time to die. An-Ling protests.

ZEN-MASTER (talking to An-Ling): "You know better than to cling to the physical world the way you clung to my hand at the bridge. I am no greater or less than anyone facing death. That is the only lesson that keeps you from being a true zen-master. Death is a part of life. A transition and rebirth. Something your young friends here have learned recently."

The sisters look sad. Phoebe gives the dragon-blade to Zen-Master . An-Ling and her father profess their eternal love for one another, and he turns to enter the portal. Paige asks if anyone knows how to leave *this place* and An-Ling says she thinks she knows how to do it now. The four ladies then clasp hands to float up into the clouds.

The scene fades into a park. The camera goes down through the trees to show Piper and Paige, strolling along a flower bed. Paige runs through the list of magical herbs, correctly defining the purpose of each. By now they are back near Phoebe and Leo, who are on a blanket on the grass with a picnic basket. Piper tells them Paige got all the answers right. They both go sit on the blanket. Leo asks what prompted *the turn-around*. Paige says she liked the power boost in Limbo and it made her want to work harder, faster. Phoebe warns Paige to maintain as normal a life as possible outside of magic, and adds that should be easy with a cute guy like Mason around. Paige tells them he cancelled on their follow-up date, because he thought Paige *wasn't comfortable in her own skin.* Paige takes comfort in knowing he cancelled on Phoebe and not her.

Cole shimmers in at that moment and approaches the four on the grass. Phoebe gets up to meet him. She wonders what that day's training schedule will involve. "Light sabers?" Cole has other plans. He thought they might take the afternoon off for a picnic in "the south of France." She gets a big smile and moves in for a hug/kiss. They shimmer out as we fade to black.

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