Season 5, Episode 10: The Importance of Being Phoebe

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I like the sound of that. Slutty and manipulative, that's better than evil any day.

Oh, you're blonde. I should have known.

Aired: Sunday, January 12, 2003

Rating: 4.6/6

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Written by Krista Vernoff
Directed by Derek Johansen

Guest starring
Erik King as Dex
Angela Little as Kaia
Rebecca Balding as Elise
Armando Valdes as Garcia
Steven M. Porter
Christopher Darga
Garry G as guard
Natasha Aiello as driver
Dawn Lewis as demon dancer
Joe Sabatino as demon guard
David Figlioli as brute demon
David Heckel as seedy demon
Alex Paez as cop #1
Casey Smith as rat demon #1

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