Quotes from A Witch's Tail

Phoebe: Nothing perks up a girl's career like sending her husband straight to hell.

Leo: Can we refrain from blowing up demons in the nursery?
Piper: Oh, honey, it was just one.

Leo: I'm your Whitelighter. I've been watching you ever since you were a baby.
Piper: Uh huh, yeah, see, that's too creepy to think about.

Darryl: What if I don't want your help?
Cole: I could always turn you into a water cooler.

Paige: Well, I didn't want to make you mad, y'know, you getting so panicky and all.
Piper: Yes, we've established, I was a spineless coward in the face of evil.

Paige: I'm about to orb your family jewels far far away.
Cole: Yeah, that would hurt.

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