Quotes from A Witch in Time

Phoebe: What's wrong with Piper?
Leo: Uh, they gave us paper instead of plastic.

Piper: What is this, a brothel?
Max: You didn't mention that. I'm a little short on cash....

Miles: What are you doing here?
Phoebe: I wanted to surprise you for lunch. Surprise!
Miles: You saved my life.
Phoebe: Oh, it was nothing.
Miles: It was my life.
Phoebe: Yeah.
Miles: I should be dead right now.
Phoebe: Yeah, but you're not. That's good.
Miles: You saved my life.
Phoebe: I think we've been over that part.
Miles: Did I thank you?

Cole: Who the hell are you?
Bacarra: Name's Bacarra, I was sent here from the future.
Cole: Well, can't say I've heard that one before.

Bacarra: You're the future of evil, man.

Miles: Your kisses kill me.
Phoebe: Right back atcha.

Leo: Ladies, death cannot be feared, for death, in time, comes to all witches. Y'know, the witch who says she's not scared in battle is a liar. The real witch is the one who fights.
Piper: Honey?
Leo: Yeah.
Piper: Zip it.
Leo: Okay. I thought it was worth a shot.

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