Synopsis of House Call

Written by Brandee Mode

Through the beginning of this episode, there are "manifestations" of evil that annoy the sisters ~ playing little pranks on them like moving their belongs. Paige makes plans on the phone to meet Glen, it's obvious that her romantic feelings for him have resurfaced. One of the manifestation attacks Phoebe as she tries to "cleanse the house" so the next morning they summon a witch doctor. After he appears, Paige and Phoebe quickly leave the house. Piper is irritated that they left her to clean up the mess by herself.

At work, Phoebe's boss (Elise) tells Phoebe that her rival columnist (Spencer) is doing a photo shoot for a magazine and she thinks Phoebe should do it also to help circulation of their newspaper. Phoebe reluctantly agrees. In the park, Glen arrives and Paige hugs him a little too long, he pulls away. They say a few of the standard "how have you been" type comments before Glen blurts out that he is getting married! His finance is a blonde woman named Jessica and she walks over to them.

The witch doctor sucks a small manifestation into his talisman and continues to look for the larger one. He steals Piper's lipstick, Paige's keys, Phoebe's toothbrush and a picture of the three of them. Paige returns home ranting about Glen's upcoming wedding. With some difficulty, the witch doctor is able to suck the large manifestation into the talisman. Then he disappears from the manor and reappears among other witch doctors. He tells them that the witches are "easily distracted by the pettiness of their lives, sooner or later, evil will overtake them and along with them, their powers" Another witch doctors states they must eliminate the witches before evil can steal their powers.

They realize things are missing and begin to make another potion to summon the witch doctor. Meanwhile, the witch doctor puts their belongings in a potion of his own to turn their character flaws into obsessions. Paige suddenly becomes very rude to Jessica, while Piper becomes engrossed in cleaning the house. She throws dishes away instead of washing them and blows up the window because it's dirty.

Leo goes to Phoebe's photo shoot but he is unable to get her to return home because she becomes affected by the spell as they speak. Phoebe takes off her outer layer of clothes to pose for the camera in a bikini. Leo gives up and leaves. Paige surprises Jessica in her car and orbs her to a rock ledge overlooking what appears to be a fiery pit. Jessica is understandably freaked out and asks what happened. Paige just tells her that she "pissed off a witch" and orbs out, leaving Jessica there alone.

[It looks like the ledge that Barbas was stuck on in an earlier episode.]

Phoebe returns home to make a potion to use on Spencer and Piper has covered all the furniture with plastic. Leo orbs to the church where Paige is wearing a wedding dress. She tells him she is getting married and uses her whitelighter powers to glamour herself into looking exactly like Jessica. She explains that she tricked Glen into moving up the wedding date.

As Paige-in-Jessica-form walks down the aisle, Leo tries to talks her out of the wedding. He realizes he is getting nowhere and orbs out. Phoebe arrives at the other newspaper office and finds Spencer. He insults her and she throws the potion on him. He turns into a turkey.

Leo returns home to find Piper removing the shingles from the roof because they are filthy. Phoebe arrives home, dragging the turkey into the house, claiming that "Thanksgiving is coming early this year". Leo tries to follow Phoebe into the house, but Piper blows him up to prevent him from tracking mud inside the house.

Leo has a realization and retrieves the real Jessica from the ledge and returns to the church with her. Leo tells the preacher that the two women are twins and Glen was about to marry the wrong one. Paige removes the glamour and returns to looking like herself. Seeing the hurt and concern on Glen's face forces Paige to *snap out of it* and Leo quickly takes Paige home to help him with Piper and Phoebe.

Leo and Paige orb to the sidewalk in front of the manor and find Piper vigorously sweeping the sidewalk. When Leo mentions the cleaning, Piper tells him she already took care of it. The camera moves up to show us the foundation of the house, but no house! Leo and Paige are shocked. Piper claims she thought it would be better to "start from scratch" and she explains she cast a vanishing spell. Paige realizes they need to *shock* Piper out of it, so Leo points out to Piper that Phoebe was inside the house when she made it disappear. That works and Piper snaps out of it. They walk up onto the foundation and Piper says a short spell that brings the house back.

[It was a neat special effect too, the house *grew* up around them].

They rush to the kitchen and stop Phoebe from killing the turkey just in time. Leo takes Phoebe to the attic to keep her away from the turkey while Paige and Piper orb to where the witch doctors are. They insist to the witch doctors that they are good witches, and without them, there would be even more evil in the world than there already is. They also threaten that Piper will blow them up if they don't remove the spell from Phoebe. The head witch doctor agrees they are on the same side and removes the spell.

The next morning Paige tricks both Glen and Jessica into meeting in the park. She reminds them she was under the influence of magic, apologizes to both of them, and hopes that she and Glen can remain friends. Then she walks away.

That night at the club, Piper claims to have realized that she must accept that sometimes life is messy. Phoebe shows up to show the others her pictures in the magazine. Paige opens it up and looks at the centerfold picture of Phoebe, commenting that there was no re-touching. Phoebe asks for it bag but Paige tosses it to Leo so they can play *keep-away* with it.

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