Synopsis of Baby's First Demon

Written by Brandee Mode

(This episode takes place three weeks after the baby's birth.)

Leo, Piper, Paige and Phoebe stand around the baby in the bedroom discussing what to name him. They discard the name Peter since it is another name for the "appendage of his that surprised" them. Leo explains that they have decided the baby will have the last name Halliwell because "demons fear it and good magic respects it." Piper is both excited and terrified to find out what the baby's powers will be, considering how much he could do from INSIDE the womb.

They leave the room once the baby is asleep and Paige announces that since he isn't sleeping through the night, she is going to apply some make-up to the dark circles under her eyes. Piper feels bad that the baby is keeping them awake and offers to put a sound-proofing spell around her bedroom, but Paige declines because it could "interfere with the baby's alarm system" and at Piper's questioning, Paige explains that she "enchanted a few cowrie shells" that will "alert us the presence of evil" so they can sleep more soundly.

Phoebe tries to sneak back into the nursery to watch the baby sleep. Piper and Leo catch her and point out that she should be leaving for work. Phoebe wishes for "some kind of maternity leave for aunts" to which Leo points out that maternity leave is for mothers, but Phoebe doesn't take the hint. Piper reminds Phoebe that the club has not been bringing in a lot of money and since Paige is not working right now, they really need Phoebe to keep her job. Phoebe tells them not to make any decisions about the baby's name until she gets home, then she leaves for work.

The baby's alarm goes off, (sounds like a car alarm) and Paige rushes out of her room back to the baby, with Leo and Piper right behind her. Two demons have arrived in the bedroom but a blue force field has surrounded the baby, protecting it from the demons. Piper blows up one of the demons and the other one teleports out. The force field disappears and Piper picks him up while Leo is very proud that his son used his powers to protect himself.

After opening credits, Paige searches the Book Of Shadows while Piper rants that she "can't believe they came into the house and tried to steal the baby". Leo orbs in and tells them the Elders won't let the baby stay *up there* because they want Piper and Leo to prove they can care for the baby themselves. Piper takes the baby and Paige announces she has found the demon in the book. It was a Hawker demon and the book says they are "breed of demons known for hawking magical goods at The Demonic Market". Piper is outraged that they consider her baby to be a "magical good". At the market two pale looking parasite demons have arrived at the Hawker's booth.

[I don't remember hearing there names but I have seen another person call them Leech and Suck, so that's what I will do.]

There is a brunette gypsy woman is tied to a wall. The pale demons are angry with the Hawker because they hired him to get the baby, not a gypsy. These two pale demons were cursed by a witch long ago and now they can only survive by feeding on the power of other magical beings. They believe the baby will have enough power to restore them to their former strength. The Hawker ignores them for a moment to take an order from The Crone. The Crone is an older woman with long gray hair. She has premonitions, but we never get to see them. She stares at the parasite demons for a moment. While the Hawker fills her order, the Crone warns him against doing business with the parasite demons because it will "only bring death and destruction, and not to our enemies". After she leaves, the pale demons accept the gypsy for now and offer the Hawker even more money to get the baby and threaten to put a bounty on this Hawker.

At the newspaper office, Elise is warning everyone that the newspaper's new owner Jason Dean will be arriving today and that it's possible that some people will be without a job but they don't know who yet or how many. Phoebe shows off pictures of Piper's baby. Jason arrives and it's obvious that Phoebe is immediately attracted to him. Jason says he plans to raise circulation and he thinks Phoebe can help. Elise escorts Jason away and Phoebe goes into her office.

Paige enters the house and informs Piper and Leo that she has put apples and sage in a circle around the house. They explain they haven't summoned the baby's "fairy guards" because the summoning spell requires that the baby have a name. Piper and Leo are looking at the family tree for ideas. Paige is disappointed to see that she has not been added to the family tree. Piper and Leo try to pass it off as being too busy to update it.

[A few points of interest: when the sisters went to the past and helped with the birth of Melinda Warren, they used a circle of apples and laurel leaves, not sage. And Paige's birth is not the only thing missing from the family tree ~ they have not added Prue's death or even Piper and Leo's marriage.]

Paige changes the subject and suggests they go on a demon hunt. She suggests they ignore the Hawker and go after the demon who hired the Hawker. Paige says it will send a message to other demons that "if you come after this baby you will die in the cruelest manner possible". Piper likes the message but doesn't want to leave the baby. Paige suggests that she go with Phoebe instead of Piper, but Leo points out that Phoebe is having an important day at work and they need Phoebe to stay there. Paige offers to go by herself but they tell her it's too dangerous, especially since they don't know what kind of demon to go after. Paige thinks it's her job to protect the baby because she is his godmother. Piper and Leo expect the Hawker to try stealing the baby again and they suggest setting a trap. Piper sends Paige upstairs to "get the crystals for the trap".

Phoebe calls home to check on the baby and Leo tells her about the attack earlier. Phoebe is irritated that they didn't call her immediately. She insists on coming home even though Leo tells her it's not necessary. Phoebe goes to the boss's office to tell them she's leaving but Elise and Jason tell her to stay and come up with new idea to increase the number of newspapers they sell. Jason thinks Phoebe is stalling to get a pay raise.

Meanwhile, Paige has fallen asleep on the sofa, so Piper and Leo go into the next room to talk. They discuss the baby sensing the tension in the house when suddenly Paige hurdles through the door. The baby alarm goes off and they run to check on the baby. They find two intruders, one of them being the Hawker demon. They are using some kind of magical power to make the bassinet float toward the window. Leo tackles an intruder while Piper dives for the bassinet. Leo gets to his feet and Paige puts the last crystal in place causing the cage to activate. But the demons disappear in a flash of white light. Paige assumes she must have overcharged the crystals. Piper tells Leo she needs to be healed then passes out and the show goes to commercial.

[Her leg didn't look bad to me at this point. It looks like they put some fake blood on Holly's leg, but When the show comes back from commercial, Piper's leg looks different.]

As Leo heals Piper's leg, it looks like there was bone sticking out. They comment that they had hoped some of the invulnerability would have stayed with Piper even though she wasn't pregnant anymore. Paige suggests they scry for The Market with the Hawker's knife.

PAIGE: "We can disguise ourselves as demons, infiltrate the market, and pretend we know how to get the Charmed Ones' baby."

Piper thinks it's a good idea but and the last minute she changes her mind, saying she isn't ready to leave the baby yet. Paige leaves the room, claiming she's going to check the Book Of Shadows to make sure she didn't miss anything. Leo leaves the room to call Phoebe.

Paige takes the baby's blanket with the triquatra on it. Next we see her wearing a very tight blue dress and wearing a blonde wig. (We learn later that she's in Golden Gate park.) Paige approaches two demons, claiming to be a "dissatisfied customer" who wants her money back after paying for a flaming dagger that doesn't have flames. They don't look like they are going to believe her, so she stabs on of them with the knife and he disappears. She holds up the knife for the other demon to see and points out that there is no flame. The demon waves a hand and the entrance to the market appears and he lets her inside.

At the newspaper office, Phoebe again tries to leave, but Jason stops her. He tells her that her advice column has centered around babies too much and tells her that she needs to write about a wider variety of topics. Pheobe's assistance interrupts to tell her that Leo is on the phone and it's the third time he's called. Phoebe leaves Jason's office in a hurry.

Leo orbs back to the house with Phoebe and they explain to her what has been happening. The baby alarm system goes off. Phoebe picks up the baby while Piper and Leo look for intruders, but don't find any. They finally realize they haven't seen Paige for awhile so they go upstairs. They find the evidence that Paige had been scrying and a potion is missing. Paige has left a note that just says, "Gone to market -- back soon."

Paige finds Leech and Suck absorbing the last bit of energy from the gypsy woman. Paige attempts to make them think she tried to capture the Charmed Ones' baby. She throws a potion at them, but they just absorb it. Leech and Suck immediately extend their arms and begin to absorb Paige's magical energy, turning her skin purple. For some reason, this causes wind and the blonde wig comes off. Paige falls to the ground.

Piper and Pheobe feel guilty for Paige going off by herself. Phoebe decides to write a spell that will take them to The Market and asks for a piece of paper. Piper picks up the nearest paper which happens to be the note Paige left. Phoebe she gets a premonition of the parasite demons draining Paige's energy. The baby alarm activates.

Elsewhere, the parasite demons decide to use Paige as bait to lure the others away from the house and then they will go and take the baby. Paige looks like she is tied to a table.

Piper complains that the baby alarm is faulty and Leo realizes that in the prior attempts, the baby was crying but every time since then, when the alarm goes off, he hasn't been crying. Leo tells Piper to put the baby down and step away. She does and the alarm goes off again. Leo explains that the baby is using his powers to set off the alarm because he knows they will rush over and give him attention if it goes off. They are all proud that the baby is so smart. Piper instructs Leo to watch the baby while she and Phoebe go to find Paige. They arrive at the park and Piper blows up the demon guarding the entrance. Once inside, Piper angrily asks who "put the bounty" on her baby and she begins blowing up demons, one after another. As Phoebe and Piper approach the building the parasite demons are in, they disappear; leaving Paige behind.

At the house, the alarm goes off, the baby cries and Leo tries to soothe the baby, realizing too late, that the parasite demons appear behind him. They immediately absorb a bunch of his whitelighter energy, causing Leo to fall to the floor. By this point the baby has put up his force-field. Paige is still very week and tries to tell Piper and Phoebe that it's a trap. They hurry to release her and help her out so they can return home. In doing so, they drop the baby blanket Paige had brought along. The Crone hurries over to take the blanket once they are gone.

Leech and Suck are absorbing the energy from the baby's force-field. Leo manages to smash a lamp over one of the parasite demons, allowing enough time for the baby's force-field to come down to allow Leo inside then it goes up again. The sisters appear in the attic and Paige is eased onto the sofa. Piper and Phoebe hurry downstairs. Piper blows up one of the parasite demons and the other teleports out. After confirming that Leo and the baby are OK, they quickly return to the demonic market.

The remaining parasite demon returns home to find The Crone there. The market is in shambles after Piper's attack and The Crone tells him it is his fault. Apparently she got a premonition from the baby blanket.

THE CRONE: "This child is powerful beyond your understanding. What I have foreseen is not to be ignored."

PARASITE DEMON: "What did you see? What is he?"

THE CRONE: "He is... our end. We'll have nothing more to do with this... being." The parasite demon balks at this. Phoebe and Piper arrive just in time to see The Crone kill him.

[We never get to see what The Crone sees in her premonitions. It implies that her premonitions are more similar to what The Seer had, rather than what Phoebe has.]

Piper and Phoebe are surprised. The Crone tells them that Paige's powers have been restored. She also tells them that she represents those in power and they will pass a law "forbidding any further attempts" on the child. Piper is suspicious. The Crone claims Piper has proven that the costs of a war would "far outweigh the benefits". She suggests that they "rest well" and save up their energy because from what she has foreseen, they will need it. The Crone teleports out.

Back at the house, Phoebe makes more *baby talk* toward the baby. Paige apologizes for going off by herself. Piper apologizes for not going with her in the first place. Piper announces she has chosen a name for the baby. She has decided middle name will be Matthew in honor of "his super protective aunt" Paige. The baby's first name will by Wyatt, in honor of "his very protective daddy". Phoebe realizes she needs to act like the baby's aunt, not the mother. Phoebe returns to work and apologizes to Jason for leaving so abruptly earlier. She makes it clear that family is important to her but also promises to make the changes he is looking for in her writing. He agrees to tell her first in the future if he tells the secretary to hold Phoebe's calls.

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