Synopsis of Siren Song

Written by Brandee Mode

Phoebe has a nightmare about Cole. Then we are introduced to the demon of the episode: The Siren. She kills married people by kissing the husband so he burns from the inside, while the wife watches. Then she attacks the wife.

Cole and Phoebe are talking on the phone when he notices a news report on TV about a fire. Cole disappears in the middle of the conversation and the next thing she knows, Phoebe sees Cole emerging from the flaming building carrying a woman. The woman is Melissa; she and her husband had been attacked by The Siren.

At the house, Piper complains that she is not getting enough attention, especially from Leo. She is also worried about the pregnancy symptoms she is experiencing. She burps and bubbles come out of her mouth. Piper thinks the baby is trying to turn her into a pacifist because she has been having dreams that are animated musicals.

[They call it *burping white lights* but it just looks like a bubble to me.]

Piper and Paige learn from Leo that Melissa is a future whitelighter. Piper all but ignores the discussion about Melissa and wants to talk to Leo about the baby, but Leo tells her they will talk LATER. This causes Piper's hormones kick in and she starts to cry. Piper goes to see Darryl about the fire.

Phoebe's boss orders her to get an exclusive interview with Cole. Phoebe tries to get out of doing it, but the boss insists. The Siren discovers Melissa is alive. Phoebe begins to interview Cole but he is giving her answers that involve his powers or his love for her. They end up getting frustrated with each other and Cole leaves, telling Phoebe that since she thinks she knows him so well, she can fake the interview.

Paige thinks that since Melissa is a future whitelighter, it must be a darklighter that's after her. Paige summons a darklighter into a trap in the attic. It's a force-field similar to the one they used to kill The Source. Piper arrives home and begins to scold Paige for bringing a darklighter into the house. While they are distracted the darklighter escapes from the cage but when Piper tries to blow him up, small fireworks explode above him instead. Paige kills him with his own crossbow.

Piper tells Paige what she learned from Darryl, while intermittently calling for Leo. Melissa's husband died before the fire was started and three other married men have died the same way. Leo calls Piper's cell phone from the hospital, explaining that he is waiting for the doctors to leave the room so he can heal Melissa. When they do, he hangs up on Piper. The Siren has appeared in Melissa's room and Leo walks in right after that. The Siren sees Leo's wedding ring and starts to *sing* for him.

[Well, she's not actually singing since her lips don't move, but it's more than humming...]

Leo goes into a trance and the Siren starts kissing him. Piper can hear the Siren's melody at the house and Paige orbs the two of them to the hospital room. Paige uses an IV stand to knock the Siren away from Leo and he gasps with pain before orbing out with Melissa. Piper tries to blow up the Siren but flowers suddenly appear and fall around the Siren instead. The Siren magically knocks Piper out the window. Paige *stabs* the Siren with the IV stand and orbs out to catch Piper. Paige and Piper land in a dumpster and Piper can't believe what happened with her powers.

At the house, Leo heals Melissa. Paige and Piper orb home and Piper freezes Melissa. Piper complains about that the baby is interfering with her powers. Leo tries to call her down. Paige returns, having found the Siren in the Book Of Shadows. The Siren was once a mortal woman who had an affair with a married man. When the affair was discovered, she was burned at the stake while the man was held blameless. Her extreme anger turned her into the demon.

Piper and Leo begin to argue. They each think they are not getting enough support from the other. While they were arguing, a glow emerges from each of their backs, pink for Piper and blue for Leo. Paige tries to warn them but they aren't listening to her. They finally yell at each other "You don't know what I go through everyday!" Then the pink glow slams into Leo and the blue glow slams into Piper. Melissa unfreezes, panics and begins to run. Piper tries to freeze her again but instead she orbs out then back in. Leo reaches for Melissa but blows up the front door instead. Melissa runs out and Phoebe arrives home.

The Siren gets help from another demon for her wound. Phoebe thinks the baby had a good idea to switch Piper and Leo's powers. Paige magically restores the front door. Leo wants to focus on getting their powers back, but Paige reminds him tat won't happen until they have learned their lesson. Piper starts hearing voices in her head and Leo says it's his charges. We also learn that he hears the voices all the time. Cole arrives to warn them about the Siren but then tell him they already know. Leo burps a white-orb-bubble and he realizes he is feeling nauseous. Paige determines that since Leo blew up the front door instead of covering it with flowers, that must mean that even though Leo currently has the pregnancy symptoms, Piper must still have the baby. Cole wants to help, but they tell him no. Cole looks like it hurt his feeling and leave to find the Siren himself. Piper senses someone is in panic and she thinks it's Melissa. Paige takes Piper to show her how to orb (to Melissa) while Phoebe stays behind to make a potion.

Melissa is in what looks to be her burned up apartment. Piper and Paige orb in behind her but are not sure how to help. Piper reminds Paige that she is part whitelighter and but insists she is a witch. Piper hears another charge in trouble and orbs out, leaving Paige to deal with Melissa. Piper orbs to the other charge, who speaks French. Piper suddenly starts speaking to her in French and is shocked that she knew how to do that. Piper and the woman begin to run when a couple of men (demon's maybe?) come around the corner.

Leo practices Piper's explosion power but misses the target. He calls for Piper and when she asks him about speaking French, Leo said that whitelighters speak whatever language the charge speaks. Phoebe says the potion is almost done. Piper says she hears another charge in trouble. Leo says he need help with her powers and nausea but she just tells him to eat some crackers and orbs out. Phoebe hands Leo some crackers and tells him to start writing a summoning spell.

Cole is threatening the demon who helped the Siren with her wound. He wants to know where the Siren is, when she walks in behind them, *singing* for Cole. The unknown demon leaves them alone. The Siren walks toward Cole and tells him that she needs to "sing for your witch."

Leo begins reading off the spell he wrote to summon the Siren and Phoebe makes fun of him. Paige orbs home. Leo asks where Melissa is. Paige says that Melissa was running from her, caused a traffic accident, got arrested and is now in jail. Leo gets upset and begins to cry. Paige and Phoebe try to comfort him, saying it's just hormones. Piper orbs home and asks what happened to Melissa. Paige says she is not good at "the whitelighter thing". While Paige and Piper are bickering, Phoebe hears the Siren's song for Cole and silently leaves. Piper lists all the things she has done while she was gone and says she expects support from her family. Then she calms down and both Piper and Leo explain to Paige why the whitelighter side of her is just as important as the witch side. Paige orbs out. Leo tells Piper she is a good whitelighter and Piper says she learned from the best.

Paige visits Melissa at the jail. She is finally able to comfort Melissa over the death of her husband. Back at the house, Piper and Leo have discovered that Phoebe is gone. Piper orbs them to Cole's pent-house. Leo tells Piper she can't just pick somewhere to look, she has to *sense* Phoebe.

Phoebe arrives as the Siren kisses Cole, smoke rising from their mouths. The Siren pulls away and Cole falls backward. The Siren magically throws Phoebe across the room. Phoebe gets up and throws the vanquishing potion at the Siren, but Cole blows it up. The Siren is shocked that Cole is still alive. Cole knows it was the vanquishing potion he destroyed. He wants the Siren "for himself" and Phoebe tells him to "make it hurt" but Cole kisses the Siren instead of killing her. We realize that Cole is still under the Siren's spell.

Piper is having trouble sensing Phoebe. Leo tells Piper to breath and focus. He tells her that he's been dealing with her life all day and he doesn't know how she does it. He says her love keeps him sane and balanced and she should let him do the same for her. It works, Piper hears Phoebe calling.

Cole attacks Phoebe, starting to strangle her. The Siren watches and says he could be useful to her. Piper and Leo orb in and Piper tells Leo it's up to him. Piper jumps on Cole's back, trying to get him to let go of Phoebe. While Leo tries to blow up the Siren, Phoebe becomes unconscious. Leo succeeds in blowing up the Siren and Cole snaps out of the trance and backs away. Piper heals Phoebe's neck. Cole is in shock and can only say "I'm sorry" before disappearing.

The next morning, Piper and Leo are in the kitchen. Each thinks they are the reason they have not gotten their powers back. Piper admits she is a nag and Leo admits he has been insensitive. Paige again tries to warn them about the pink and blue glows but they don't listen in time and are again knocked to the floor. Piper tests her power on a donut and she is able to blow it up. Paige tells them that she was able to help Melissa and it's "good to know I have it in me" then she leaves the room. Piper gives Leo a smile and says "Voulez vous couche avec moi?"

Cole knocks on Phoebe's office door and she comments that he used the door this time. Cole says he's going to try to limit the use of his powers. Phoebe admits she knows he was under the Siren's spell. Phoebe points out that other men just die but because of all his powers he became a bigger threat. She says it's only "one way of a thousand" that his power could turn against her. They both agree that they didn't want her to be right.

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