Synopsis of Witches in Tights

Written by Brandee Mode

The show begins with Piper and Leo at a club other than P3. They are there to find out why that club is so popular because P3 has been lagging lately. They discover Paige kissing a man named Dave. Phoebe comes over and is surprised to see Piper there. Piper is irritated that they went to a club without her. They thought the noise would not be a good thing for the baby but Piper says she needs to have fun too. Piper leaves. Phoebe is worried about Piper's stress level.

A young teenager named Kevin sits on some steps in what looks like an alley. A demon named Arnon appears, but the boy is not scare of him. Kevin says the door was locked so he was practicing drawing while he waits. Kevin says "it's not working" and shows Arnon a picture of a tiger. Arnon tells Kevin that if he is going to make it work, he needs to make it real in his mind. Kevin focuses on the picture and a real tiger appears. Kevin panics and asks how they make it go away. Arnon rips up the picture and the tiger disappears.

Kevin walks through an alley and runs into a guy named Kaz and a friend. Kaz reminds Kevin that it's his alley and he told Kevin to stay out of it. Kaz hits Kevin, knocking him down. As Kaz leaves, Kevin looks at a picture he drew of The Agressor and smiles. Elsewhere Kaz and his friend are robbing a place when The Agressor runs in at super-speed. The friend tries to attack The Agressor but gets thrown across the room. Kaz shoots at The Agressor but he holds up a hand and the bullets bounce off The Agressor's hand and hit Kaz in the chest.

Paige arrives home to find Piper making a sandwich of pickles, hot fudge sauce and mustard. Piper is surprised that Paige was gone ALL night because she thought she saw Paige when she walked past Paige's room. Paige admits that she was having sex with Dave and right as they were getting to the good part, Paige accidentally orbed out. They discuss why that might have happened. Paige says Dave is the first guy she's been with (other than Glen) since she found out she is a witch. She thinks it has something to do the big secret they have and not being able to let her guard down. They are distracted by a crash in the other room. Leo orbs in with an elder named Ramus. Leo claims he missed because he is nervous. Paige thought he wasn't coming until tonight. Piper wants to know what's going on. They weren't going to tell her until the last minute, they were trying to prevent Piper from having stress. Leo says Ramus is going to retire and is going to turn over his powers to a new elder. The other elders want the Charmed Ones to protect him because all the demons will want a chance at Ramus' powers. Ramus has a bad attitude and explains that the transfer has to take place that night during the equinox.

Elsewhere Arnon is angry when Kevin explains he tore up the drawing of The Agressor because The Agressor killed someone and that's not what he wanted. We learn that Kevin and Arnon had a deal to help each other. Arnon has made Kevin think that Ramus is a bad man who needs to be vanquished. Kevin asks why Arnon doesn't take care of Ramus himself. Arnon says he can sense great powers, he can not posses them. Arnon orders Kevin to draw The Agressor again.

Piper calls Phoebe and tells her to come home and baby-sit Ramus because she needs to go to the club. Paige is not home and Phoebe finally agrees. Cole arrives as Phoebe is leaving. Cole asks her to help him with a man named Edward Miller who is a landlord that is evicting several families that night. Cole can not do anything legally until the next day. She says she is too busy. Cole leaves and Phoebe's assistant points out that she did get some letters from some of those tenants.

Paige is with Dave. She is still experiencing *sexual difficulties* and tries to explain without actually explaining.

Piper yells out for Leo, startling Ramus from his meditation. Piper wants Leo to watch Ramus while she goes to the club. Ramus says Piper can't leave because it's against the rules. Piper claims she takes pride in breaking their rules, like marrying Leo. Ramus says he supported their marriage because he foresaw the special baby she would be carrying. Piper starts to ask what he meant by special, but Phoebe returns home interrupting them. She only came home to tell them she can't stay because she needs to stop the "dirt-bag landlord". Ramus gets a vision (we don't see it) and tells them someone is coming for him. The Agressor runs into the house at super-speed. Piper tries to freeze him but only slows him down. Phoebe calls for Paige who orbs in, wearing only lingerie. Phoebe tries to knock down The Agressor but it doesn't work. Leo orbs out with Ramus. The Agressor leaves. They go to the attic and discuss what to do. They decide Phoebe should go take care of the "slumlord" while Piper and Paige check comic book stores.

Arnon is magically choking Kevin because The Agressor failed to kill Ramus. He finally lets go and orders Kevin to draw a stronger and more powerful Agressor. After Arnon leaves, Kevin begins drawing a picture that looks like Phoebe. Elsewhere Phoebe is trying talk to Mr. Miller about the eviction but he walks away refusing to discuss it. After he goes around a corner, Phoebe morphs into Super-Phoebe. She is wearing a mask with a red and black leather outfit (shorts).

Paige and Piper emerge from a comic store discussing Paige's love life. Piper tells her that unless she decides that Dave is *the one* then Paige shouldn't worry about telling him their secret. Suddenly they morph into Super-Piper and Super-Paige. Paige's outfit is pink and black, but she is in a skirt instead of shorts. Piper's outfit is silver and black, but hers is a pants suit. They both have masks. They hear a woman calling for help and walk toward the sound. A man is pulling a woman from her car. When Piper yells for him to stop, he shoots at her. Piper catches the bullet with her bare hand. The man starts to run but Piper runs at super-speed and gets in front of him. Piper throws him in a dumpster. Paige helps the woman to her feet. The woman asks where they came from and Piper says that's a good question.

Super-Phoebe is on the roof of the building. She is holding Miller over the edge by his ankles. She is threatening him to let the people stay and take care of cockroaches. Cole appears saying he got a call from a tenant. Cole says "this is not you" but Phoebe replies that now she can help everyone. Cole warns her to be quiet or Miller will hear her. She pulls Miller up and lets him go. Phoebe says she has to go and jumps to the next rooftop. Downstairs, Miller order his assistants to find out everything they can about Cole's ex-wife.

Paige and Piper super-speed into the house. Phoebe super-speeds in right after them. Phoebe and Paige compliment each other on the outfits but Piper wonders where they got them. Phoebe takes off her mask and discovers that it was clouding her judgment. The others take off their masks and agree. The Agressor super-speeds into the house knocking Phoebe into the wall. A super-fight begins: Paige ducks from several swings by The Agressor then hits him a good one on the face. Piper does a rotating kick and gets him the chest. Phoebe rushes over as The Agressor gets up and sends him flying into another room. When the three of them go into the room, The Agressor is lying on the floor. He landed on something sharp that punctured his chest. The Agressor says "thank you" then morphs into Kevin and he passes out.

[I couldn't tell what it was that he landed on.]

Returning from commercial, Leo has arrived home and is uncertain if he should heal Kevin since he tried to kill the sisters. They tell him to do it anyway. After Kevin wakes up, he explains that he drew them as super-heroes to help stop the Agressor. Originally, he drew The Agressor because he was tired of being picked on. Kevin has the ability to draw things and make them come to life. Leo says that thought projection is a rare power, it means Kevin is a witch. Kevin explains about Arnon. Leo gets a message from *up there* that they want him to bring Ramus back down. Kevin says they can follow him back to Arnon's hide-out.

Outside the hide-out, Paige uses her super-hearing to determine that Arnon is not inside. Leo returns to the house with Ramus. Leo is irritated that doesn't tell him what's going on and Ramus tells Leo that "just because you're an angel doesn't mean you can't kick some ass now and again." Ramus goes on to say that everything will happen the way it is supposed to. Ramus says that since he is an elder he can foresee enough of the future to give Leo a glimpse if he's interested. He allows Leo one question. Leo asks if the baby will be healthy. Ramus says the baby will be healthy "and more powerful than you can even imagine".

An airplane passes when Paige is using her super-hearing. Kevin goes inside. Miller is outside with a video camera. Arnon grabs Kevin and forces him to draw a new Agressor. Since Paige can only hear ringing in her ears now, they rush inside to find Kevin unconscious. They see the drawing of the new Aggressor. The new Agressor rushes over and shows them the drawing Kevin made to turn them into super-heroes. He rips it up and they return to normal. He knocks them through a window.

[The new Agressor is played by the same actor, he just has red eyes now.]

Kevin offers to re-draw them as superheroes but Piper says that would take too long, they'll have to do it as witches. Piper says they will rip up his drawing and return him to "the wimpy demon that he is" but Kevin says he took the drawing with him.

Leo is pacing, he can sense that something is wrong. Ramus tells him to calm down. The new Agressor rushes in and knocks Leo across the room. He sticks his hand into Ramus' stomach and a white light glows around his fist and flows into the new Agressor. Then Ramus disappears. Paige, Piper, Phoebe and Kevin orb into the house. Piper goes to check on Leo. Paige calls for the new Agressor's boot. Kevin tells her he meant the other boot. Paige calls for the other boot, pulls out the drawing and rips it up. The new Agressor morphs back into Arnon. Piper blows him up. Blue orb lights remain where Arnon stood, then the float over to Kevin and enter his body. Paige doesn't understand how Kevin could be the new elder because he's only 13. Leo says elders are like kings, they can be any age.

As Cole is leaving his office, he is approached by Edward Miller. He makes it clear that he knows their secret and when Cole tries to pretend he doesn't understand, Miller holds up a video tape and tells Cole they should talk somewhere private.

At the club, Paige and Dave approach Leo and Piper. The guys leave to get them something to drink. Piper admits that being a witch is "still awesome but there's a new number one in town" meaning the baby. Paige has worked through her sexual problem, she is going to take Piper's advice and not worry about how serious the relationship is just yet. Phoebe approaches and informs them that Miller knows the secret and is threatening to expose them.

At the pent-house, Miller asks for $50,000 each month. Cole says he could find the original of the tape if he needs to. He has powers too but he's trying not to use them. Miller says he is going to sell the tape to the highest bidder. Cole waves his hand and Miller lights up with flames then disappears. The elevator doors open and Phoebe steps out, asking if Miller is there yet. Cole says he took care of it. Phoebe realizes that Cole must have killed Miller and she begins backing up. Cole tries to explain the Miller was going to expose her but Phoebe gets in the elevator and leaves.

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