Synopsis of The Eyes Have It

Written by Brandee Mode

The episode begins with Phoebe entering a shop to a palm reader. Madame Teresa begins to read Phoebe's palm. She is surprised to *read* that Phoebe "has the gift of foresight" and goes on to say that Phoebe is "creative, sensitive, street-smart" and that she "has close family ties".

Teresa is confused why Phoebe would come to her instead of her family. Phoebe says she doesn't want to worry them and the reason she came to see Madame Teresa is because she is having problems with her *gift* and Teresa says Phoebe is over-worked. Phoebe admits that in addition to writing her column, her boss has her doing personal appearances and hosting a radio show. Teresa says that her professional life is blocking her *gift* and offers to help Phoebe unblock some of that energy. They grasp hands, close their eyes and breathe deeply. Teresa jerks and it is obvious that she is having a premonition. Phoebe tried to get Teresa to describe it, but she is too terrified. Teresa insists that Phoebe leave immediately and closes the shop once Phoebe is outside.

Teresa calls a woman named Lydia while she packs a suitcase. Teresa tells Lydia that Orrin is coming for her. Orrin is a gypsy hunter and Lydia claims that it's impossible for him to be after Lydia because "we blinded him decades ago, only gypsy magic can lift his curse" but their conversation is cut short when Teresa turns to find someone inside the shop with her. It turns out to be Cree, who is the son of Orrin and he is there to take revenge on behalf of his father. Electricity shoots from Cree's hand and into Teresa's eyes. She screams in pain and then we get the opening credits.

Paige and Piper return from a pre-natal yoga class. Piper did not like it because all the other mothers were talking about their sonograms and she doesn't have one of her own. Piper really wants to go to a doctor because she thinks the nausea should have stopped by now and since it hasn't stopped, she is worried that something is wrong. Leo says every pregnancy is different, it's nothing to worry about yet and he doesn't want to go to a doctor because he is worried the baby will do something magical while there. Leo has a video called "The Joys Of Home Birthing" and Paige quickly offers to watch with them. Piper and Leo think that's odd that she would want to. Paige admits that since she quit her job, all her friends think she is "a big, dumb, fat, unemployed loser" since she can't tell them the real reason she quit was to focus on her magic.

Phoebe enters the kitchen to get coffee before leaving for work. It's briefly mentioned that Cole is "off somewhere soul-searching, or searching for a soul" ~ Phoebe is not sure which. Piper notices the pen marks on Phoebe's hand, left over from her visit to Madame Teresa. Phoebe admits she went to see a fortune teller because she has not had a premonition in a few months and when she tries to levitate, she can only get about an inch off the floor. Leo says she should have come to him. It is again mentioned how busy Phoebe is. Leo is off to check with the elders. Phoebe tells Piper and Paige about Teresa getting her premonition. Paige volunteers to go back to Teresa's shop so Phoebe can go to work.

Here's the gross part, Cree has taken Teresa's eyes. Yes, her actual eyeballs. They make comment about the strength of Orrin's *mind's eye* and then Cree gives the eyeballs to his father. Orrin removes his dark glasses to reveal empty eye sockets. Orrin puts Teresa's eye in his own head but they immediately cause him pain and then burn up into nothing. Cree wants to stop, but Orrin says the eyes he is looking for are worth the pain. Orrin senses Lydia nearby and sends Cree after her.

Outside the shop, Paige calls Phoebe and tells her that Teresa is dead and "her eyes were gouged out". Phoebe's boss (Elise) enters Phoebe's office and tells her she wants her to do a few more shows on the radio. Pheobe promises to meet Paige as soon as she can, then runs after Elise. Phoebe tells Elise that she has too much to do, but Elise basically tells her to stop complaining.

At the hospital, a dark-haired doctor named Ava is interrupted by Lydia, who has burst into the room and speaks excitedly in Romanian. Ava tells her she doesn't speak the language anymore. Lydia tells Ava about Teresa's death and warns Ava that she is in danger because Orrin is after all Shuvani gypsies.

[I assume that is their version of a coven because we learn later that their last name is Nicholai.]

Ava wants nothing to do with gypsy magic. Her mother used it and herbs when she got cancer and it didn't save her. Ava has chosen western medicine instead, that's why she is a doctor. Ava's mother never came to visit her in the after life, like they said would happen. Ava tells Lydia to turn to the police for help.

Paige returns home to find Piper and Leo watching the birthing video. Piper says she needs "an epidural just to watch this" and again mentions how she wants "professional medical people".

Paige says according to Darryl, Teresa's murder was the third gypsy murder where the victim's eyes were removed. Phoebe returns home and asks Leo what the elders had to say. Leo says whatever is causing Phoebe's lack of powers is related to her human emotions. Paige suggests they go to Teresa's funeral in the hopes that Phoebe will get a premonition. At the funeral, Piper complains of nausea and Phoebe ignores her boss calling on the cell phone.

Paige and Piper tell Phoebe to "mingle" otherwise she'll never be able to get a premonition. Phoebe starts moving through the crown, subtly touching people on the shoulder or elbow as she passes. Lydia wants Ava to stay for the wake so we will be protected but Ava refuses to stay. As Lydia tries to go after Ava, she bumps into Phoebe, causing a premonition of Lydia getting her eyes burned out of her head. Afterward, Lydia moves off after Ava. Paige and Piper hurry over and the three of them go after Lydia.

Ava has disappeared and Lydia is alone when she is attacked by Cree. Green bolts of energy shoot from Lydia's eyes and stir up dust at Cree's feet.

[I didn't understand why it lands on the ground in front of him, could she really have missed him that badly or are we to assume it was a warning shot?]

Cree uses a red energy bolt to knock Lydia to the ground then begins to *burn* her eyes. He is interrupted by the arrival of Piper, Paige and Phoebe. Piper tries to blow him up but instead it just flings him several feet away.

[I keep hearing that the baby is supposed to have the power of telekinesis, I wonder if that was our first glimpse of it...]

Piper is irritated that her power didn't work right and Paige orbs the fours of them back to the house. Leo heals Lydia's eyes and she is surprised. She thanks them and immediately begins to leave. Paige and the others eventually talk her into staying. Phoebe's boss calls again. Lydia explains that several gypsies together cursed Orrin many years ago but there are not enough gypsies left to curse Cree. She explains that Ava has turned her back on gypsy magic. Piper insists that she is the one to go talk to Ava and while she is there, perhaps she'll have a doctor visit of her own. Leo and Piper orb out. Phoebe agrees to make an appearance at work and Paige promises they will do their best to help Lydia vanquish Orrin and Cree.

Cree is worried about The Charmed Ones vanquishing him but Orrin says he just needs to be prepared. Lydia's eyes have the power he has been looking for. Orrin tells Cree to take advantage of Lydia's concern for Ava.

At the hospital, Piper and Leo bicker about whether she should go to a doctor or not. Ava walks past and they try to talk to her but she is not in the mood to listen and she leaves. Piper gets another wave of nausea and insists that she see a doctor right then.

At home in the kitchen, Lydia finishes a potion with ingredients Paige says she never would have thought of using for something other than seasoning her food. They end up reading tea leaves. Lydia reads Phoebe's tea leaves and determines that her brain is over-riding her heart.

Paige wants to learn and reads Lydia's tea leaves and Lydia realizes that Ava is in danger. Lydia creates a puff of smoke so she can leave without Paige and Phoebe. Phoebe tries to get a premonition from Lydia's cup. It works and she gets a vision of Ava being attacked by Cree in a parking lot. They decide it must be the hospital parking lot and off they go.

Piper is getting some blood drawn when he hears Phoebe and Paige calling for him. He tells Piper he is being paged and when the hospital technician gives him a weird look, he claims it's set to vibrate and explains that only her sisters have the number.

The baby heals the tiny puncture would from the needle and they claim that she is a "fast healer" before hurrying out of the room. Piper and Leo orb to the parking lot where Paige and Phoebe are waiting.

[They are all at the hospital, why couldn't Piper and Leo WALK to the parking lot?]

They hear Lydia and Cree fighting and hurry in that direction.

Lydia shoots her green energy bolts at Cree but he absorbs them and he begins burning her eyes and she is unable to hit him with the vial of potion. The gang arrives and Phoebe throws a vial of potion onto Cree and he is vanquished. Leo tries to heal Lydia but she is already dead. In the emergency room, a woman's heart stops and Ava uses the paddles to shock her. Before she can try again, the woman on the lying on table changes to a vision of Lydia. No one can see this except Ava. Lydia's ghost says some words in Romanian that is obviously a warning of some kind. Since Ava has been standing there doing nothing, after Lydia's ghost disappears, the woman on the table is pronounced dead.

Back from commercial, Lydia is already inside a body bag when Ava emerges from the emergency room. Ava can tell by the looks on Piper and the others faces that Lydia is dead.

Ava explains to them the vision of Lydia. Ava explains that it was a warning but she has not spoken Romanian in a long time so the warning is unclear. Paige wants Phoebe to try to get a premonition, but Phoebe refuses. Phoebe insists that Leo take her home so she can make more of the vanquishing potion. Ava says that Teresa would have known so they go to her apartment.

Ava looks through some of her mother's belongings and also finds their family talisman, called the Evil Eye. Ava says it is only harmful to those who would wish her family harm. Lydia always wore a talisman just like it and they realize that Orrin was looking for the eyes belonging to the keeper of the talisman because they are more powerful. In the morgue, Orrin steals Lydia's eyes from her body and puts them in his own eye sockets. They do not burn him like Teresa's eyes did. A hospital employee enters and asks what he's doing. Orrin kills him with green energy bolts just like Lydia had.

Piper calls the house and tells Leo that she, Paige and Ava are going to the morgue. Phoebe doesn't want to join them, she is feeling a little sorry for herself, saying that it's her fault Lydia died. Leo blames Cole because Phoebe was so obsessed with him, then she was obsessed with work to get over him. Phoebe's boss calls and complains that Phoebe is not at work. Phoebe tells her that her family is more important right now. Paige orbs in, bringing Piper and Ava with her and they explain that Orrin had already taken Lydia's eyes. Ava gives Phoebe the talisman and Phoebe gets a premonition. It is more advanced this time, like she is part of it instead of just watching it.

Phoebe sees them in the attic, Orrin arrives and the potion has no effect on him. Orrin kills Piper and Paige, knocks Leo across the room and when he kills Phoebe (in the premonition) the green energy bolt looks like it's coming right at us, as we are watching through Phoebe's eyes. In real life though, Phoebe gets a hole in her upper chest and falls to the floor. Leo runs over and heals her. Phoebe sits up and Piper hugs her.

Back from commercial, Piper wonders how Phoebe could be at risk in the present from something that happens in the future.

[I am wondering that myself.]

Phoebe describes the advancement as being astral projected into the premonition. Piper says it's just a better way of telling them they are screwed. Phoebe says the reason she gets them is still the same; they are supposed to change the outcome. Paige takes them to the attic, saying that Ava was not in the premonition and they can use gypsy magic to help defeat Orrin. Paige shows Ava the spell they used to kill The Source and tells her to call on HER ancestors. Ava starts saying the spell to call on Nicholai gypsies and Orrin arrives. Piper and Leo are injured in the same way as the premonition but Paige and Phoebe begin chanting with Ava and *ghosts* start to swirl around them.

Orrin is vanquished. Ava gets tears in her eyes because she says she could feel that her mother was there. The last scene of the show appears to be a few days later, possibly longer. Ava has started a free medical clinic for gypsies without health insurance. Paige is a volunteer as Ava's assistant. Paige and Phoebe had made an appointment with Ava for Piper, so she can see a real doctor. Paige says that Ava is going to teach her and Phoebe to be midwives for Piper but Piper says she wants "lots and lots of western medicine."

They all laugh and that is the end of the episode.

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