Synopsis of Y Tu Mummy Tambien

Written by Brandee Mode

A demon named Jeric searches for a body that will hold the spirit of his dead lover Isis. The problem is that each time the body dies because it can not support 2 spirits at the same time. Jeric and Isis search for a witch who has enough power that Isis will be able to eject the witch's spirit from the body once she has taken over.

The episode starts with Isis in a body that is about to die but she is able to scry for a new witch just before she takes her last breath. Jeric mummifies the body to trap Isis in the body, so her spirit does not *move on* and then escapes himself just as Darryl and other officers arrive.

Piper's pants have gotten tight and Paige urged her to start wearing maternity clothes. Piper does not like all the pastel colors and ruffles. Now that her stomach is showing that she is pregnant, she also hates that people touch her without asking. Paige comments that she has been working harder at her witchly duties because Phoebe has been slacking off and the tension from it is causing her to have aches and pains.

Darryl describes what has been happening to the sisters and also mentions that he is up for a promotion and if he doesn't avoid the "freaky deaky rap" then he might not get the promotion. Then Darryl takes Paige and Phoebe to the crime scene. Pregnant women are not allowed at the crime scene because of the chemicals used so Piper stays home and looks through the Book Of Shadows. Paige steals the crystal Isis used to look for a new witch. There is a tender moment when Piper discovers Leo has been watching her while she examined herself in the mirror. Phoebe goes to work. Paige comes home and Piper explains what she found in the book. Paige says a spell to have the crystal shows them what it showed Isis and it turns out to be the address of The Bay Mirror (where Phoebe works). Leo, Paige and Piper orb there just in time to see Jeric grab Phoebe and disappear.

Leo can sense that Phoebe is alive but can't tell where. Paige tries to scry for her but with no luck. Darryl calls and explains that his boss blames him for Jeric's escape at the beginning of the episode. Leo claims he can help Darryl but it would be "breaking a few rules" and Piper tells him to do it because Darryl has broken rules for them in the past and they owe him. In a pyramid, Jeric says something I would assume to be ancient Egyptian and the spirit of Isis is transported from the mummy into Phoebe's body. She wakes up and they kiss.

Paige and Piper arrive at the pent-house to find that Cole is trying to kill himself. They enter just as he has thrown a fireball at a mirror which bounces back and hits him. After a few seconds the flames dissipate and he says "Dammit, still here."

[In my opinion, this whole scene is quite comical.]

Going by the smile on his face when he sees them, Cole is pleasantly surprised to see Piper and Paige. Piper suggests that Cole get some therapy and he automatically replies that he would rather have his head cut off. That gives him an idea and with a wave of his hand a guillotine appears. He giggles and tells them he can't wait to see how he survives it. Piper quickly explains what has happened to Phoebe and we learn that Cole has heard of Jeric. He relates to Jeric, claiming that Jeric is just "trying to get his love back" Cole thinks he could work with Jeric and teleports out.

At the pyramid, Isis feels alive in Phoebe's body and says a short spell to eject Phoebe's spirit. It doesn't work. Part of the wall explodes and Cole enters claiming "that's my witch". He introduces himself and tells Jeric he will need the power of three to accomplish the task of ejecting a soul from it's own body. Jeric tells him no, but Cole points out the Phoebe's body is already breaking down. Jeric turns to see Isis-in-Phoebe's-Body sweating and slightly shaking. Jeric insists on a replacement body and Cole asks how he feels about red-heads.

Elsewhere in the city, Darryl scolds Leo for being "here" because someone has called in an anonymous tip that Jeric was there. Leo admits he made the call and does a glamour to make himself look like Jeric. Leo forces Darryl to arrest him so he will get credit for capturing Jeric. Other officers arrive and take Leo away in a police car. In the attic, Piper scries for Phoebe, hoping the baby will give her powers a boost. The crystal flies across the room and points to Egypt. Piper and Paige orb to the pyramid. Paige is quickly knocked unconscious. Before Piper can blow up anyone, Cole waves an arm and magically sends Piper back to the manor in San Francisco. Phoebe's body dies and Jeric mummifies her. Jeric performs the quick ritual and transfers Isis into Paige's body. She wakes up and they kiss.

Piper paces and calls for Leo. He orbs to the house and forgets that he still looks like Jeric so she blows him up. Once he undoes the glamour and looks like himself again, he follows Piper upstairs. She hates the ruffled maternity shirt and insists on changing her clothes. Leo changes out of the orange prison jumpsuit. Piper explains that things have gotten worse and Leo suggests she go on the offensive and summon Cole. Jeric gives Isis-in-Paige's-Body a massage and she claims Paige does not deserve the body because she has over-worked it. Jeric urges her to finish the power of three spell before she runs out of time. Cole disappears from the pyramid because Piper has summoned him and he reappears in the attic. Piper demands to have her sisters returned but they just end up fighting: she tries to blow him up and he throws energy balls at her. They get knocked down but no real damage is done to each other. Several pieces of furniture gets destroyed though. Isis-in-Paige's-Body starts to sweat and shake. Leo enters the attic and tells Piper and Cole to stop. They are both indestructible and it's not accomplishing anything. Cole admits that Leo is right; they are just wasting time. Cole explains that Piper has a decision to make: she needs to choose between her sisters or they will both die. Cole thinks Piper will choose Phoebe because they've been together longer and Paige is *new*. Piper sits on the couch downstairs crying because she can't choose between them and doesn't know what to do.

Cole and Piper teleport back to the pyramid and Piper claims to have chosen Phoebe. She goes to Isis-in-Paige's-Body and tells Paige "I know you can hear me and I know you understand, but I can't lose Phoebe." Sounding sad, Piper says a spell causing Isis-in-Paige's-Body to gasp. Jeric hurries to her side and asks if it worked. Paige tells him it did and she knows how to celebrate, then she kicks him in the groin. Piper motions to blow up Cole but it just throws him across the room. Paige walks to the Phoebe-mummy and says something in another language. The bandages disappear and Phoebe wakes up. Piper blows up Jeric. Cole says it's too bad and maybe "next time". Phoebe asks what happened to him. Cole simply replies that he has "gone mad". Then he disappears. Piper says they "really need to find a way to kill him."

Phoebe and Paige pamper themselves with facials and painting their fingernails. Piper has given in and bought some maternity clothes. Piper tells them Darryl got his promotion.

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