Synopsis of Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 1

Written by Brandee Mode

Before we begin, it would probably be helpful to you if you know what a valkyrie is, so here the description Paige and Phoebe read from the Book Of Shadows during the episode: "Valkyries are a power race of demi-goddesses who scout the battlegrounds for dying warriors, then take their souls to Valhalla where they prepare them for the final world battle."

If you have not seen the episode yet, I recommend looking through the picture gallery at the costumes worn by valkyries.


Phoebe is doing a radio interview, and they are broadcasting from the beach. The host of the show (Chad) is asking about her advice column. He asks what her "deal" is because everyone is talking about how insightful her advice is. He makes her give him advice about a woman he wants to ask out on a date. Phoebe tells him to "ask me and find out."

Chris is in the attic looking through the Book Of Shadows. A portal opens and a valkyrie named Mist emerges. She tells Chris that she was sent by Freyja to find out what is taking so long. Chris asks if "he" is complaining already.

CHRIS: "I'm sorry, but I haven't finished what I came here to do yet and I need Leo out of the way until I can."

Piper calls out looking for Chris. He kisses Mist and she leaves the attic through a portal. Back on the beach, the interview has ended and Phoebe is talking to Chad privately. She continues to over-flirt with him. Chris arrives and interrupts the conversation. Once alone, he tells Phoebe they have a demon to vanquish.

Paige has taken a temp job as a dog walker. There is one dog in particular named Oscar that keeps humping her leg. Chris arrives and urges her to go back to the house, where Phoebe is now waiting. They call Piper to come downstairs and Phoebe comments that since Leo left, Piper is always happy & chipper. They think she's getting worse. Piper makes a play-date for Wyatt. Chris tells them to make sure Piper freezes the trok demon otherwise they won't have time to say the spell. Paige hands the dog-leashes to Chris. Piper comments how she loves Phoebe's new hair-cut.

Phoebe closes her eyes in concentration and the trok demon soon appears. It has 2 heads. Piper motions with her hands and blows up one of the heads. Phoebe reads a vanquishing spell and the demon explodes. Afterward, Piper comments that it was "awesome." Paige ended up with an injured shoulder. The sisters are surprised to learn that Chris can not heal her. Chris says he is new at being a whitelighter; that healing is "big" and it takes time to learn.

As Piper leaves for the club, Phoebe comments about how sad Piper is. While bandaging Paige's shoulder, Phoebe comments to Chris that they need a break from all the demon hunting he has been having them do. He says in the future a demon is going to "come after Wyatt." They tell him no more demon hunting until they figure out what is wrong with Piper and her powers. Paige thinks Leo did something to Piper before he went away. Phoebe decides they need to contact Leo so they can ask him. When they ask Chris to go *up there* and get Leo, Chris is forced to admit that Leo is missing, presumably he was kidnapped.

On a battlefield somewhere, a soldier is mortally wounded and Mist emerges from a portal. She opens a small urn and the soldier's spirit is sucked inside. She returns to the portal and disappears.

At P3, the stage has been modified into a day care. There are several babies and toddlers, among toys and blankets. Darryl and his wife Sheila are there with Piper. They comment how well Piper is dealing with the situation of being without Leo. Piper smiles and tells them she has to "push ahead" for Wyatt's sake. On the way out, Darryl and Sheila meet Phoebe and Paige coming in. Phoebe picks up on their worry for Piper. Afterward, Phoebe tells Paige she has been getting a lot of "weird vibes" from everyone. They go to Piper and tell her that Leo is missing. Piper says not to worry, that Leo will "show up sooner or later" and then turns back to the children. Paige and Phoebe are surprised at Piper's lack of a strong reaction.

In a jungle somewhere, Mist returns to Valhalla. She meets two other valkyries, one named Kara and their leader Freyja. Mist releases the soldier's spirit to show them. Freyja tells him he is in "warrior heaven" and that he must fight their champion to prove his worth. The soldier is pushed into a gated fighting ring. Another man enters the ring, dressed like a gladiator, wearing a mask. The gladiator attacks and quickly defeats the solider. The gladiator removes the mask to reveal he is Leo. He tells Freyja that he "doesn't belong here" but she points out that he is an Elder so he has much to teach her warriors.

Paige uses one of Leo's shirts to help scry for Leo on large maps, including a star chart. Phoebe realizes that Chris is nervous and he claims that he just thinks they "should be concentrating on helping Piper, not Leo." Paige insists that finding Leo IS helping Piper. Chris snaps that she's not going to find him, then tries to cover by saying they need to "let it go" and let the Elders take care of finding Leo. They are shocked at the suggestion that they forget about Leo, but agree they need to help Piper. Paige suggests using a "magical laxative" to free up Piper's emotions. Phoebe calls a restaurant to cancel a date with Chad and is angry to find he has already cancelled the date by leaving a message. Phoebe immediately leaves to find Chad.

[And once again Phoebe chooses her love life over her sisters. And this time it's for a guy she barely knows and has already admitted to not liking all that much.]

Phoebe approaches Chad and starts asking him why he backed out of their date. She starts pressuring him, obviously affected by his emotions. Suddenly Phoebe starts crying but she notices a little girl nearby who is also crying due to falling off her bicycle. Phoebe realizes she was overreacting and that she was feeling the same emotions as the young girl. Phoebe leaves quickly.

In the attic, Paige on the phone with the temp agency, trying to explain that she wants to work with people not animals, while Oscar the dog is again trying to hump her leg. Chris announces that Piper is home. Piper has returned with a couple extra babies, whose mothers were unable to retrieve them from play-group. The spell Paige was looking for is supposed to help Piper with her memory of Leo leaving. Paige says the spell:

Powers and emotions tied
A witch's heart is where it hides
Help her through her agony
Bless her with her memory

The spell results in giving Piper amnesia. She doesn't recognize Paige, Chris or Wyatt. Paige is confused because there was nothing wrong with the spell, but maybe it could have interacted with whatever magic Leo used on her. Piper swats at a fly, causing in a nearby plant to explode. Chris tells Piper to keep her hands down and they urge Piper to go into the next room to relax. Wyatt uses magic to steal a pacifier from another baby, which gives Paige the idea to use Wyatt's help when scrying to find Leo.

Phoebe returns home and rushes over to Piper, beginning to babble about her "weird behavior lately." Phoebe proudly tells Piper she thinks she has a new power now, that she is "an empath." Chris walks over and tells Phoebe that Piper has no memory. With a smile, Piper asks Phoebe if she can blow up things too. Phoebe starts to get angry with Paige but immediately becomes sympathetic when she senses how bad Paige feels about the mistake with Piper's memory. Chris is shocked that Phoebe is not going to scold Paige. The crystal lands on the map, pointing to an area in the Indian Ocean. Paige returns Wyatt to his play-pen, then asks Chris to return the dogs for her. Paige and Phoebe orb out. Chris kicks a toy in frustration, causing Wyatt to put up his protection shield. Chris glares at Wyatt and says:

CHRIS: "If anybody should be protecting themselves, it should be me from you."

Piper stares at a wedding photo of her and Leo. Paige and Phoebe arrive on an island jungle that they assume is magically camouflaged to prevent detection. They hide as a few warriors rush past. Suddenly Phoebe attacks Paige and tries to choke her. Paige pushes her away and Phoebe realizes she channeled the emotions of the warriors who passed by them. They enter a cave and discover Leo in the fighting cage. All three are happy to see each other but they are quickly interrupted by two valkyries who immediately attack Phoebe and Paige. Leo saves them by throwing a sword at each valkyrie, killing them. Paige is surprised at this non-pacifist behavior and Leo tells her that he's changed. Leo urges them to leave before the valkyries find them. Leo warns them that the cave is protected from orbing. Paige and Phoebe hurry to leave, promising to return for him later. Kara and Freyja enter and Leo again tells them he doesn't belong there.

At the manor, Chris is irritated with Paige and Phoebe for risking themselves. Paige finds the page in the book describing valkyries. She and Phoebe are surprised to learn they might be *good* but are confused why they would want an Elder. Chris gets uncomfortable and tries to change the subject. Phoebe points out that Leo may be the only way to help Piper and Chris reluctantly admits that he has dealt with valkyries before. He says the only way to get into Valhalla undetected is by using a valkyrie's pendant. He also says they need to arrive with "a warrior's soul" so the valkyries will accept them as one of their own. Chris orbs out, leaving them confused.

Elsewhere, a policeman is shot and a valkyrie appears to take his soul. Chris orbs in and tells her she's not taking this one. She recognizes Chris and he tells her the plans have changed since the witches found out about Leo's disappearance sooner than anticipated.

CHRIS: "I mean, it's not like I was just gonna leave him there forever anyway — just long enough to get the girls to trust me."

Chris makes a fist and the valkyrie acts as if something is crushing her heart. She falls to the ground. Chris asks for her forgiveness and pulls off her pendant. She dies and disappears. Chris walks back to the policeman and uses his microphone to notify the dispatcher that there is "an officer down."

Elsewhere, Darryl has just arrested someone as Paige and Phoebe orb in nearby. They have asked his wife Sheila to baby-sit Wyatt and they need Darryl's help. They explain that they need to borrow his soul for a couple hours, while they have it, his body will act like he is in a coma. Darryl tells them no, "absolutely not" and turns away from them as he starts to babble to himself. Paige throws a potion at Darryl, causing his body to fall to the ground as Darryl's soul continues to walk and talk. Paige interrupts him, and Darryl realizes that he's a spirit now. Phoebe takes out a small urn and Darryl's soul gets sucked inside.

Chris puts a jade pendant on Piper and she turns into a valkyrie. Phoebe and Paige return home and he explains that convincing Piper she was a valkyrie wasn't difficult since her mind was blank anyway. Chris gives Phoebe and Paige pendants of their own to wear.

Piper, Paige and Phoebe arrive at the valkyrie camp dressed in valkyrie costumes. They approach the leader Freyja who doesn't recognize them. Valkyrie-Piper steps forward, saying "perhaps you'll recognize this" and she opens the urn releasing Darryl's spirit. Freyja accepts him, telling them "well done."

Next thing we see is Darryl in the cage and Leo enters wearing the gladiator mask. After some hesitation, Darryl attacks knocking off Leo's mask. Piper recognizes him and Phoebe feels Piper's pain begin to return. Leo knocks Darryl to the ground. Leo whispers to Darryl to "take the fall" and hits him, knocking Darryl to the ground. Piper starts to question what's happening and Phoebe feels Piper's pain getting stronger. Paige apologizes to the valkyries for bringing such a poor warrior and offers to "get rid of him." The valkyries leave and our group of heroes make their escape.

Once outside the cave, Piper remembers that Leo left her and Phoebe gasps with the pain that Piper is feeling. Leo tries to explain that he became an elder, that he didn't have a choice. Piper remembers now, and asks why she had forgotten. Leo admits to using his powers to protect her, so she wouldn't have to "deal with it all at once." He had planned to allow her to feel a little more each day, until she could handle all of it, but he was banished to Valhalla before he could do that. Darryl and Paige urge them that they need to leave. As Leo walks past Phoebe, she channels all of Piper's emotions and begins ranting at Leo. Phoebe speaks as if she were Piper, calling him a bastard and telling him that he destroyed their family. As Phoebe rants, she gets louder, causing some nearby warriors to hear her.

We can see the pain and anger on Piper's face as she watches Phoebe yelling at Leo but then she suddenly looks calm. Phoebe immediately calms down and says she doesn't feel Piper anymore. The warriors are approaching and Paige insists that they must leave now and opens a portal. Piper is again confused and just stands there as the others move toward the portal. The warriors are very close now and Phoebe says they will have to leave Piper behind. Paige, Phoebe, Leo and Darryl jump into the portal. Just before the portal closes, the three warriors follow them inside. Freyja, Mist and Kara arrive just after, but have no time to react before the portal closes. They look at Piper, who is not showing any fear. (We soon learn that Piper has lost her memory, again.)

End of part 1. Read part 2.

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