Synopsis of Witchstock

Written by Brandee Mode

Piper is inside a warehouse patiently waiting for Paige while Chris paces in irritation nearby. Chris complains that Paige is late. He states that she used to be the "first one to a vanquish" and wonders what's wrong with her. Piper explains that Paige is in love and that's "hardly wrong." Piper offers to "handle this one alone" but Chris reminds her that she has done the last four vanquishes alone.

Chris thinks Piper should have never let her sisters move out. Piper points out that she has not been complaining and they should be happy for her sisters. She asks him what the demon's name is. Chris tells her that no one knows its name and it's too strong to handle alone. Darryl peeks in and asks how much longer it's going to take. Piper tells Chris to go see what Phoebe is doing. Chris orbs out and Darryl asks where he went. Piper tells him that Chris went to Hong Kong. Darryl mutters that this is "the last time I work crowd control" for them and he returns outside.

Chris orbs in with Phoebe, who quickly hugs Piper. Phoebe misses Wyatt. Piper hopes this isn't a bad time and Phoebe explains that Jason is away at a conference and she was only practicing origami. Phoebe hands Piper an origami tiger and says she's sorry she hasn't been back to visit. Piper apologizes for needing help with a vanquish. Chris has to interrupt to get them back on track.

Darryl is standing outside the warehouse preventing employees from entering. The workers want to get started with work but Darryl tells them they have to wait until a safety hazard is cleared.

Inside Chris explains that Phoebe is the bait. The plan is for Phoebe to levitate and when the demon senses her magic, it will attack and then Piper can blow it up. Piper puts down the paper tiger and Phoebe levitates high into the air. After a few seconds the demon bursts through the sawdust covering the floor; it looks like a big green blob. It covers Phoebe completely and Piper blows it up. From outside we see Piper exit the warehouse with a big smile on her face. She has several spots of green slime on her and she tells Darryl its "all clear." Opening credits start.

When the show returns from commercial, Piper is standing at the kitchen sink, trying to wipe off the slime and Phoebe is standing behind her, now wearing a silk robe. Paige orbs in, and quickly asks if she missed the vanquish. Paige and Phoebe are excited to see each other and hug. They ask about each other's boyfriends. Paige admits that Richard is the reason she is late: she couldn't orb until he left the house. Phoebe is confused since Richard is knows about magic. Piper explains that Paige asked Richard to stop using magic. Paige explains that in order to support him, she does not use magic when he is around. Paige asks how Phoebe is doing in Hong Kong. Phoebe says she is studying numerology and the Chinese zodiac.

Phoebe admits that she misses the family, to which Piper replies that her only company lately is "my baby" who doesn't talk yet and then "one really neurotic whitelighter." Phoebe asks how Chris is doing. Piper says Chris is still "shaken up" but he tries to hide it. Paige thinks it's more than just losing his fiancé, that "something in the future is freaking him out." Piper informs them that Chris is obsessed with protecting Wyatt from evil and there's a demon hunt every day. Phoebe feels guilty for leaving them to deal with "all this" but Piper points out she kind of likes having the manor to herself. She says there is room to spread out and things stay cleaner longer. Small spots of slime on a piece of clothing, move together to form a bigger spot of slime but no one sees it. Piper takes the slimed clothes to the laundry room. Phoebe decides to go get dressed in some of the clothes she left behind. Paige goes with her. In the laundry room, when Piper looks away to get soap, a small blob of slime moves off the clothes, down the side of the washing machine and into a vent.

When Phoebe and Paige enter Phoebe's old bedroom, they are surprised to discover that Piper has transformed the bedroom into an exercise room. Phoebe wonders where her "stuff" went. Paige tells Phoebe she can borrow something of hers for now. When they enter Paige's old bedroom, they find it has been transformed into a nursery for Wyatt. They find Leo sitting in a rocking chair with Wyatt and Chris is sitting nearby. Phoebe comments that "you move, you lose" in this house. Chris points out that they could end up losing a lot more than a bedroom. Phoebe gets a bit sarcastic: "well, hello to you too." Leo defends Chris that it's his job to offer an opinion. Chris informs Leo the only reason Phoebe is there, is because Paige "missed the vanquish" again, it makes five in a row that she has missed. While Phoebe comments that Leo and Chris have become "chummy," The slime crawls onto Chris' shoe, but no one notices. Leo admits that Chris has gone through enough to protect Wyatt so Leo thinks it's time he helps Chris instead of doubting him. Piper enters and asks what they think of Wyatt's new room. Phoebe and Paige say they liked their bedrooms, but Piper reminds them they are the ones who left. Phoebe asks where their clothes are.

In the attic, Piper watches as Phoebe and Paige sit down and start opening boxes. Paige comments that this really makes it "hit home" that she doesn't live at the manor anymore. Phoebe agrees. Paige comments that Richard's house doesn't feel like "home" yet either and she had more fun living at the manor because she was more free to be herself. Piper pulls out a pair of red boots, assuming they belong to Phoebe, but they don't. Paige points out "the name on the box says Penny." They all comment that the boots are not something they would expect their grams' to wear. Paige tries on the boots while claiming to hate the sixties. She says they had bad clothes and hair back then. The instant Paige zips up the 2nd boot, she disappears in a small puff of smoke. Piper and Phoebe look at each other in confusion.

Paige appears in Piper's bedroom (in the past) to find a woman with orange hair like herself. The other woman is standing in front of a mirror, adjusting her aura. The woman is pleasantly surprised to see Paige and explains that she had cast a "return to owner" spell on all her favorite stuff. Paige realizes she is talking to a younger version of Penny Halliwell and checks a calendar to find it is 1967. A friend of Penny's named Robin enters the room and tells them that the whitelighters "are putting on a light show." Penny pulls Paige downstairs.

In the present, Phoebe and Piper explain to Leo and Chris that Paige is missing. Leo explains that Penny used to cast spells on her clothes when she was young. Phoebe is surprised that Leo knew Grams back then. Leo seems reluctant to talk about it.

[You'll soon see why he is so reluctant.]

Chris tells them that since it was their grandmother's boots who made Paige disappear, they should probably summon her from the dead.

When Paige, Penny and Robin reach the bottom of the stairs, they see 3 whitelighters, making motions with their arms raised. Above them there are *orbs* moving about in different shapes like a laser light show. Paige is shocked when she realizes that one of the whitelighters is a younger Leo, who has longer hair.

Paige asks why there are so many people at the house. Robin points out they are not just people, they are witches and whitelighters. Paige asks if anyone would happen to know how to open a time portal. Penny says that anything is possible and explains that is why they are planning to gather that night for a "magical be-in." It's mentioned that the human "be-in" will be the next day in Golden Gate Park. Paige just wants to go home. Robin asks if Paige has an active power, and when Paige admits she can orb, Penny announces to the room that they have "a witch here who can orb." Hippie-Leo asks her to "lay some orbs on us sister." Paige sees a pile of 8-track tapes and tries to call for one, but since she doesn't know what they are, she calls for a "big fat tape thingie." Nothing happens and Paige assumes it is because she's in the past.

PAIGE: "Oh no. My power's down. Must be the past... uh... past few minutes."

Hippie-Leo comes on to Paige, suggesting he could give her a private lesson upstairs. Paige is a bit grossed out and tells him no. Paige mentions that she has never seen so many witches letting it "all hang out." Penny tells Paige that tonight they are going to tap into the power of the spiritual nexus and "ride the magic wave." Suddenly everyone in the room freezes except Robin. A warlock named Nigel blinks into the room. He asks Robin if everything is on schedule for tonight and Robin confirms that the witches are lining up "like lambs to the slaughter." Nigel notices that Paige is dressed a bit differently than everyone else and tells Robin to keep an eye on Paige. Nigel blinks out and everyone unfreezes. Penny continues the conversation as if there had been no interruption, asking Paige to join them at the magical be-in. Paige admits that even though she is a free spirit, she needs to get home. She is in the middle of asking Penny to help write a spell to send her home, when suddenly Penny rushes out of the house because she hears her husband (Allen) return home.

Penny rushes to give Allen a big hug and asks where Patty is. Allen says he left Patty at his sister's house for the night. Paige is surprised and has to cover for a slip of the tongue. Allen is surprised to see Paige because he thinks she looks exactly like his sister Janice. Patty introduces Allen and explains that he is not a witch, but he's "cool with it." Paige recognizes the name Allen and comments about him being Penny's first husband. Penny corrects her that Allen is her "firs and only" husband because she is "not THAT into free love." Allen mentions that he saw a "drum circle" on the way back and asks who wants to go join it. Paige tries to back out of it, intending to look through the Book Of Shadows, but they all urge her to go with them and she reluctantly goes for a ride in the "rainbow bus."

While preparing to summon Grams, Piper voices her feelings of guilt about taking over Paige's old bedroom. In unison, Chris and Leo say "what's done is done" which causes Piper and Phoebe to give them a weird look. Phoebe has been lighting candles and once finished, she says the spell to summon Grams. Lights begin to form inside the circle of candles and the slime immediately begins to grow, covering Chris' shoe. The lights form into Grams, who is transparent. She is smiling as she steps from the circle of candles and becomes corporeal.

Piper tells Grams they have a problem, but Grams quickly points out that Chris has a problem too. The slime demon is much bigger now and has covered both of Chris' legs as it *grows* up him. Chris struggles to free himself and Leo tells him to orb out. Chris doesn't want to because the slime demon feeds on magic and has already been made bigger by summoning Grams' spirit. The slime has grown enough now that it covers him up to his chest. Leo, Piper and Grams urge him to orb out so Piper can blast it. Chris finally agrees as the slime begins covering his face. He orbs out, Piper blasts, and the slime explodes.

Chris orbs back in, gasping for breath. The slime oozes down through the floorboards. Everyone has an "uh-oh" look on their faces, except Chris who shakes his head, as if to say *you should have listened to me*. The show goes to commercial and when it returns, Grams is downstairs with Piper and Phoebe. She is upset because they have just told her that Phoebe and Paige have moved out of the manor to live with their boyfriends. Phoebe tries to explain that it's been a few weeks and they have been able to handle things. Grams points out that Paige is "stuck in the past" and there is "a demonic blob roaming the manor" and how is that "handling things." She continues to admonish them for separating.

PIPER: "They deserve a shot at a normal life."
GRAMS: "They're not normal Piper, and neither are you. When are you going to learn that?"
PIPER: "Well, I guess never!"

Grams starts babbling that the problem is all because of men; that they are only utensils to be used, washed and thrown in a drawer until needed again. Leo and Chris enter the room, still looking for the slime demon. Chris thinks it's in the wall, then the wall cracks, confirming his suspicion. Chris tells them that they need Paige because it took the power of three to kill "this thing" in the future. Piper asks why he didn't tell them that in the first place. Chris points out that it's been difficult to get two of them together lately, much less all three and he thought two could handle it while it was still small. Grams tells Leo to take charge because Chris is too inexperienced to guide the girls this time. Chris tries to protest but Grams tells him to be quiet.

After learning which boots Paige had put on, Grams tells the others that Paige was sent back to the "summer of love" which was an important time in her life. She continues that their grandfather Allen had led her "down the hippie dippy trail" but he was killed by her best friend Robin, who was evil but Grams didn't know that at the time. Grams points out that her "peace-nik days ended fast, along with that bitch Robin" when Allen was killed and she thinks that if it hadn't happened she would probably still be a flower child. Grams tells them that she put the same spell on some other items of hers and Phoebe is excited to go back in time to meet her grandfather. Grams warns them not to change history or tell anyone that they are from the future. Phoebe pouts and asks why Chris gets to tell people. Chris replies that he knows what he's doing, but Grams disagrees. Grams tells Piper and Phoebe she will stay behind to help "Leo and the newbie" contain the slime until they get back with Paige.

In a park, there is a large group of hippies, most of them listening to Allen say a poem. After he's finished Penny is telling Paige about how she dreams of "a crusade to rid the world of evil, not through fighting" but instead using "the magic and power of love." Paige is very surprised to hear these words coming from Penny and asks how long Penny has felt this way. Penny answers that it's been since she met Allen. Suddenly Piper and Phoebe appear, each dressed in stereotypical 1960's clothes. Penny welcomes them, but warns them not to use their magic so openly. She asks if they came for the magical be-in at the manor but Piper explains that they came looking for their friend Paige. Paige is happy to see them but Piper tells her they have to leave. Before she has the chance to explain, they hear a police siren. Officers arrive, telling everyone they need to leave. Most of the hippies refuse to leave and the officers hold up their night-sticks. Penny casts a spell that turns the sticks into daisies. Robin makes her way over to Penny and tells her they should leave before the cops catch them; they don't want to miss the be-in. Piper raises her arms to freeze the officers but nothing happens and instead the officer puts handcuffs on her. Penny follows Robin away, pulling Paige by the arm along with her. Piper and Phoebe get separated from the others.

Phoebe and Piper are put in a holding cell at the police station. They realize this "might be the night Grandpa dies" and they hope Paige can get to them soon. They don't want to be raised by "that flower child we saw in the park." A man in the next cell is yelling out at the officers in the next room. Phoebe and Piper turn to see a man (who looks just like Darryl) but of course, he is dressed in 60's clothes and his hair is in an afro. He yells out that "The Man will never own Luther Morris."

Back at the manor, Paige is asking Allen to help her friends get out of jail. He tells her that the cops won't hurt them, they will just make her friends stay in jail for the night and release them the next day. Penny comes down the stairs, handing out crystals to everyone. Robin asks what the crystals are for and Paige answers that they "resonate a harmonic tone when exposed to evil" and acts as a "demonic alarm system." Penny is surprised that Paige knew about the crystals and Paige explains she was "taught by the best." Penny tells Robin that she realizes that because of so many covens coming to the be-in, they will be "sitting ducks." Robin walks away without taking a crystal. Allen notices this and looks after Robin suspiciously. Paige again asks about getting her *friends* out of jail and Allen promises to call a lawyer friend of his.

Upstairs in the nursery, Wyatt is standing in his crib while Grams, Leo and Chris are nearby discussing what to do about the slime demon. Chris tells them it could not be controlled in the future. Leo asks what happens to Wyatt in the future, but Chris immediately responds that he can't tell Leo that. No one notices Wyatt reach for his bottle, which is on a stand nearby. Leo suggests orbing it to "an ice drift" but Grams thinks that is a stupid idea.

CHRIS: "So what's YOUR great idea?"
GRAMS: "Are you giving me lip?!"

Chris starts to answer no, but instead yells out "No!" when he notices Wyatt has just started to orb the bottle. Right after the bottle appears in Wyatt's hands, they hear a rumbling in the walls. Leo is barely able to grab Wyatt before the slime demon bursts through the wall. The group arrives downstairs and realize it has stopped chasing them. Chris tells Leo to get Wyatt out of the house and if the slime demon tries to follow, he will "fire off an orb" to lure it back. Grams approves of this plan. As Leo reaches for the door knob, we see that the slime has surrounded the door, preventing Leo from opening it.

In the jail cell, Piper and Phoebe realize that they are not going to be able to contact Paige "before grandpa is attacked." They decide try a spell and Piper quickly makes up a spell for the guard:

Come to me and be seduced
I have a girl to introduce
Fall for her, you can't resist her
Trust me mister, she's my sister

Phoebe is not thrilled that Piper made the guard fall for her. Phoebe starts talking to the guard, telling him to come inside the cell with her. The guard unlocks the cell and enters. Phoebe tells him to take off his clothes. Once the guard has his shirt off, Phoebe takes the shirt and hands it to Luthor, telling him that he is going to lead them to freedom.

Paige walks through the large group of hippies around the house, when she is approached by hippie-Leo, who puts his arm around Paige. He starts talking about zodiac signs and is obviously flirting with her. Paige calls him "starshine" and tells him to "cool down." She asks where Allen is. Hippie-Leo responds by pointing upstairs.

In the attic, Robin stands with her back to the door, arms raised out and eyes closed. She is saying a spell, ending with"let evil roam, inside this home" and she turns as Allen enters the attic. He accusingly asks "What about our dream?" Robin forms a fireball but Paige enters the room. Robin throws the fireball, but Paige hides behind some furniture. Allen tries to tell Robin that violence isn't the answer. Robin forms another fireball but Paige empties a can of marbles onto the floor. Robin stumbles on some marbles and falling down. As she falls, she releases the fireball causing it to float straight up in the air. Phoebe and Piper enter the attic just in time to see the fireball fall back down and vanquish Robin.

PHOEBE: "Uh oh."
PAIGE: "What? What'd I do?"
PIPER: "Oh nothing much. Just changed our entire future."
PHOEBE: "Or erased it."

Leo and Chris have tried to escape through a different door but the slime is blocking it as well. They assume it mush have split itself in half to prevent them from leaving. They turn to ask Grams what she thinks and find that Penny dressed like an old hippie. Penny tells them that "love conquers all" and she thinks they should give the demon a hug to make it feel safe.

Chris asks to speak to Leo privately. Leo hands Wyatt to hippie-Grams. Chris points out the obvious: Penny never made the turn from flower child into demon hunter. Leo wonders if the girls can fix the time line and get back to the present. A noise catches their attention and they turn to see green slime still covering the window on the laundry room door and the window cracks. Leo ushers Grams and Wyatt into another room, while Chris grabs and electric blender.

Penny enters the attic looking for Robin and quickly realizes something happened. Paige informs her that Robin attacked. Allen states that he is ok and tells the others that Robin had said something about a warlock attacking that night. Piper says that is not a problem since they have a house full of witches. Phoebe says all they have to do is fight him. Penny and Allen look disappointed. Penny claims they don't believe in murder. Phoebe insists they don't either but they do believe in vanquishing evil. Penny insists that violence is not a solution to anything and tells Paige that she "thought you were one of us." Allen urges Penny to go downstairs with him to send everyone home.

After Penny and Allen leave the attic, Phoebe voices her irritation at seeing Penny because it's not the grandmother she knows. Piper reminds Phoebe that the Grams they grew up with had "found her husband dead tonight." Paige thinks it's possible that they were sent back to help Grams embrace a NEW destiny, WITH Grandpa. Phoebe reminds Paige that their grandfather was supposed to die tonight and since he didn't Death will come for him again. Piper points out that they aren't supposed to change anything, then says right now they need to focus on keeping Penny alive. Phoebe opens a thinner Book Of Shadows and states that there should be enough in it to help them come up with an offensive potion. She asks Paige to help her and Paige reluctantly agrees. Piper goes downstairs to watch for warlocks.

In the present, the slime has gotten Chris, Leo and hippie-Grams trapped in the kitchen and dining room area. They have a large pile of electrical appliances on the table, all plugged into outlets. Hippie-Grams tells them that Allen would have taken "the path of peaceful resistance" and asks if they have tried talking to the slime. Leo tells her no and orders Grams not to try it either. Leo turns to Chris and tells him that is he is in the mood to talk, he could explain what happens to Wyatt in the future. Chris just responds "nice try." During this conversation, Leo has been looking for an available electrical outlet. He finds one but as soon as he plugs in the toaster, the fuse blows and the lights go out. Leo tells Chris to get a flashlight from the laundry room so he can check the fuse in the basement.

After getting the flashlight, Chris shines the light down into the basement while standing at the top of the stairs. His eyes widen in surprise and he quickly slams the door shut. Chris yells for Leo, who quickly rushes into the kitchen. Chris explains that the slime is in the basement feeding on the nexus. Leo asks how big it is and answers himself by taking the flashlight and looking in the basement. When Leo opens the door, we see the green slime has filled the entire basement and part way up the stairs. A stream of slime shoots out toward Leo and he slams the door closed. Leo and Chris lean against the door, with worried looks on their faces.

After all the witches have left, Piper tells Allen they need to talk. Allen says they need to talk to the warlock to "find a path of peaceful resistance" to resolve the situation. Piper explains that the first lesson her grandmother taught her was "never reason with demons."

[Hmm, Piper didn't find out she was a witch until AFTER Grams died and she didn't remember having powers before Grams had bound Piper's powers, so are we to assume that Grams *taught* this lesson to Piper as a ghost?]

Penny is surprised that their grandmother fought demons. Piper tells them that she was a great woman and she knew that demons "keep killing until a force of good stops them" but Penny says that if Piper's grandmother "hurt other living creatures" then she doesn't sound so great. Allen agrees with Penny. Piper asks them if a demon attacked someone they love, like their daughter, then would they fight? Allen and Penny are caught off guard by this question and before they can respond, the warlock appears. Nigel is surprised that most of the witches are gone. Allen tells the warlock they sent the witches home and he can have the manor.

ALLEN: "We won't fight you."

Nigel hits Allen, knocking him down. Piper urges Penny to "do something" so Penny says a spell that is supposed to make the warlock feel "peace and love." Nigel freezes Penny and Piper. He is disgusted that she tried a love spell on him.

[I thought good witches didn't freeze?]

Allen wakes up. The warlock throws an energy ball toward Piper and Penny, but Allen jumps in front of them. Allen is hit by the energy ball and as they fall to the floor, Piper and Penny unfreeze. Penny realizes that Allen is dead and begins to cry over him. The warlock notices Piper is looking at something behind him and turns to see Piper and Paige standing behind him. Paige throws a potion vial at Nigel and he flies backward into some furniture. Phoebe throws her vial, but the warlock blinks out before it can hit him.

The sisters turn to see Penny crying over Allen's body. They all look sad over the loss of their grandfather, but then Piper realizes something isn't right. Originally in the timeline, Grams flew into a rage when she found her husband dead.

In the present, Hippie-Grams stands at the top of the basement stairs. She opens the door, telling the slime not to be afraid. Leo and Chris are too far away to help her, as a stream of slime shoots up from the basement and pulls hippie-Grams inside. The door slams shut. Chris and Leo look horrified.

In the past, a sad-looking Penny sits at a table mixing a potion. Phoebe asks why Penny is so calm and tells her it is ok to be angry right now. Penny claims to be angry at herself and says that's why she is making a binding potion. "What good is my magic if it can't save my family." Paige asks what Allen would think, but Penny says it doesn't matter because he's dead; she comments that "no one can compare to him" and she'll "probably end up hating men." Piper sarcastically comments that Penny is right about that. Phoebe starts talking about how magic can save her family and how many times her sisters have saved... Penny notices that she said sisters instead of friends and Penny asks who they are. The sisters look at each other and Paige relents first, admitting "we are your granddaughters." Each sister in turn points out the boots, earrings and belt that brought them from the future. Piper starts to explain that if Penny doesn't start to fighting now, "the people we save in the future will-" she's interrupted by the warlock's return. He throws a fireball and destroys the potions that were on the table. Phoebe runs and jumps to kick him but he blinks out, causing Phoebe to crash into the wall. The warlock blinks back in.

In the present, the slime is starting to push on the basement door. Chris informs Leo that it's nowhere else in the house now and he thinks it was just distracting them before so it could feed on the nexus. Chris zaps the slime as it tries to ooze under the door, but he says they need to escape. Leo refuses, insisting they continue to fight it because "that's what Penny would do."

The warlock now has all the sisters cornered and is about to throw a fireball at them. Penny orders him to "stop!" but the warlock is not worried. He sarcastically asks if she's going to do another love spell. Penny uses her telekinesis to send the warlock flying into a wall. Penny smiles, "It's OK to fight for someone you love, right?" Penny gestures a few more times, knocking the warlock into another wall and having various pieces of furniture hit him. Penny asks the sisters what to do next. Phoebe tells her to do "something very final if you catch my drift" and Penny hesitates to kill, but she says a spell to "snuff this warlock, his days are done" and after a small pause, she continues with "but make him good for the ecosystem." The warlock explodes, turning into daisies, which fall to the floor. Paige comments that Penny "not exactly ruthless" but it was "a fine start." Piper tells the others that they need to get home because they have "a slimy demon" to take care of. Phoebe says they just need Penny to reverse the *return to owner* spell. Penny is glad she has "groovy grandkids" but decides to write a "forgetting spell" once they leave, to "keep the cosmic order."

The slime is about to break through the door. Leo urges Chris to escape but Chris refuses. The sisters appear in the room and Piper tells the guys to stand back. Paige says a spell (by herself) that draws on the power of three. We hear an explosion from the basement.

[I don't understand why only Paige said the spell. I thought power-of-three spells required all of them saying the spell for it to work.]

Leo tells them that Grams "didn't make it" but suddenly the basement door opens, revealing Grams, surrounded by smoke. She calls herself a war-horse and reminds them she is already dead. She is not dressed like a hippie anymore. Paige whispers to Leo, calling him "sun-god" He is embarrassed and asks her to keep it to herself. Grams speak to Leo and Chris, thanking them for not giving up the fight and she says she is proud of them.

[It was very surprising to see Grams smiling and saying something nice about men.]

Later, Piper is in the nursery with Wyatt. Phoebe and Paige enter. They tell her that before leaving, Grams scolded them for moving out, but then gave them her blessing. She also ordered them to stay in touch better and made Paige promise to keep using her magic. Piper asks if they are leaving now and Paige answers yes; they are "heading out." Piper reminds them they will always have a room at the manor if they ever want it. They hug and say goodbye, then Paige orbs out with Phoebe. Leo enters the room and asks Piper if she's OK. She says no.

PIPER: "I know it seems to them that I'm moving on with my life, and everything's fine, but it's not true. I wish they were here."

Leo thinks Piper should tell them, but she says no and leaves to go to bed. Leo smiles while looking down at Wyatt, who is now covered with a blanket that has a large peace sign on it.

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