Synopsis of Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 2

Written by Brandee Mode

Paige, Phoebe, Leo and Darryl's spirit emerge from the portal in the alley where they left Darryl's body. Leo wants to go back for Piper but Phoebe reminds him they won't hurt Piper because they need her "to get to us." They check Darryl's body and discover he is barely alive so Paige tells him that he can just "step back in" to his body. Phoebe thanks Darryl and then orbs out with Leo and Paige. Darryl seems to be feeling like he's taken for granted but he doesn't have much time to think about it because the three warriors who followed emerge from a portal. The next thing we see is Darryl flying through the air and landing on his car. The three warriors look around.

When Phoebe, Leo and Paige orb in, Chris is concerned that Piper is not with them. Leo immediately hits Chris and pushes him up against the wall. Leo yells at Chris, asking why he did it. Leo throws Chris across the room and Paige tells Leo to stop. Leo tries to go after Chris again, but Phoebe stops him, claiming she can't take the hostility.

LEO: "He was the last one to see me. Right afterwards I was mysteriously trapped in Valhalla."
CHRIS: "So that makes me responsible? Is that what you're saying?"

Paige asks why Chris would even want to do that. Leo says, "to get rid of me" to make him an Elder and get him out of the house. Chris claims that was "to save the world." Phoebe tells Leo she knows how he feels, "literally" but that Chris has "been the model whitelighter" since Leo has been gone. Phoebe also points out that Chris helped them become valkyries, otherwise they would not have been able to get close enough to rescue Leo. This surprises Leo and he asks where Chris got the valkyrie pendants. Chris doesn't answer and Leo agrees to let the subject go for now because he wants to see Wyatt. Paige tells Leo that Wyatt is staying with Sheila until they can save Piper. Paige and Phoebe decide they have a better chance of saving Piper as witches instead of valkyries so they take off their valkyrie pendants and their clothes return to normal. Paige and Phoebe go upstairs to check the book for information about valkyries.

Mist holds her hand above Piper and *scans* her. She senses that Piper is a valkyrie, "but it's not pure" and detects she is a witch deep down but it's faint. Freyja decides that Piper can be of use to them anyway, she is not the first witch to convert to being a valkyrie. Either they have gained a powerful sister or at the least she can lead them to the others.

FREYJA: "After all, we can't have anybody knowing how to find us and risking what we do, now can we?"

In a bad part of town, the warriors have just killed some men who look like stereotypical gang members.

In the attic, Chris and Leo continue to bicker. Phoebe tells them to stop because she is "still reeling from Piper's emotions" and she doesn't need it from them too. Paige is writing another memory spell, but is confused about how it's going to help. Phoebe explains that "Piper needs to believe she's a valkyrie because it's too painful for her to be herself." Phoebe continues that if they "don't get her back mentally" then it won't matter if they get her back physically. Paige points out that Piper wasn't herself before that anyway. Leo is confused and Paige explains that they think the "magical whammy" he put on Piper backfired because Piper was always happy.

PHOEBE: "After you left, Piper was really..."
PAIGE: "Chipper. Incessantly, increasingly, annoyingly chipper."

Leo explains that he had "designed it to make her feel less pain at first" but since he wasn't around "to pull back on it, it must have just kept making her happier and happier." Chris and Leo start to bicker again, causing Phoebe to rub her temples and mutter that "this new power is gonna drive me crazy." Leo tries to reassure her, but Phoebe points out that it "almost destroyed Prue" when she became an empath. Leo points out that Prue wasn't meant to be an empath but Phoebe is. Phoebe wishes she knew how to turn it on and off. Paige tells Phoebe to look on the bright side, at least now she can find out "how Jason REALLY feels" about her. Paige announces the spell is done. The doorbell rings. Paige and Phoebe go downstairs to answer it. They open the door to find Darryl, who now has many cuts and bruises.

Kara informs Freyja and the others that the warriors who followed the witches "have killed civilians" and they "turned off their locators." Valkyrie-Piper is confused. Mist explains that the warriors are trained to do that "when the final battle between good and evil begins." Mist is unsure how they will be able to find the warriors in the city. Valkyrie-Piper reminds them she is from the city and offers to help find the warriors.

Leo heals Darryl, who says he is glad to have Leo back. Leo thanks Darryl for helping to rescue him. Darryl says the warriors appeared just seconds after they had left the alley. Darryl says the warriors seemed "lost and confused." Phoebe apologizes to Darryl for putting him in that situation. They think the warriors "shouldn't be too hard" to find because they will "stand out, even in San Francisco." If the warriors get exposed, so will the valkyries. Leo claims they still "have a noble purpose" and it is not their fault he "ended up there."

Leo asks Darryl to go back to the police station in case someone reports seeing the warriors; he wants Darryl to be the first officer to respond. Phoebe decides to go to the newspaper office to do the same. Paige decides now is the time to return Oscar to his owners again. Leo thinks this is not the time. Paige points out that things have changed since Leo left and she is now "determined to have a life separate from being a witch." On her way out, Phoebe come up with a plan to get Piper out of Valhalla. Leo says Phoebe is right and grabs Chris and they both orb out.

Leo has orbed himself and Chris back to Valhalla. Leo drags Chris into the cave where Leo tells a guard that he caught the intruder. Leo asks the guard where "the new valkyrie" is, (meaning Piper) and the guard replies that they all went to the city. Leo pushes Chris into the cage where he was trapped earlier and tells the guard that he is going to question the intruder alone. The guard leaves. Leo's voice reveals he is angry and he tells Chris that he wants the truth. Leo points out there are no sisters to save him and the cave prevents him from orbing. Chris suggests leaving to find Piper but Leo claims he has "already lost Piper" and orders Chris to pick up a sword. Chris comments that Leo is not acting like an elder. Leo informs Chris that "five weeks trapped in here fighting" for his life changed him. Leo attacks and Chris dodges the sword. Chris ends up on the ground with Leo's sword pointed at his throat. Chris is obviously nervous and scared.

CHRIS: "You can't kill me, I'm a whitelighter."
LEO: "No? Then why are you sweating? I'm going to find out the truth. I'm going to find out who did this to me, I promise."

Meanwhile, the dead gang members have been found and police have arrived, taking pictures and setting up the *do not cross* tape. Kara, Freyja, Mist and valkyrie-Piper emerge from a portal in an alley across the street from the crime scene. Freyja is saddened and confused why the warriors would do this. Piper tells her they are probably confused by all the evil in the city.

Piper offers to scry for the warriors and says she needs something of theirs. Freyja teleports the knife from a gang member's chest into her own hand. A biker guy comes out the bar and sarcastically asks if there is a "Xena convention" in town. Kara orders the biker to get on his knees. Instead he makes a lewd comment about her getting on her knees, which makes Kara angry. Kara uses telekinesis to force him down onto his knees. Piper pushes Kara's arm, releasing the man, who goes back inside the bar. Kara is mad at Piper for interrupting but Piper reminds her that she doesn't "have dominion over men here." Freyja is confused.

FREYJA: "Then how do you train them? How do they take orders?"
PIPER: "They don't. They do what they want."

The biker guy comes out of the bar again, this time he has friends with him. Piper tells the other valkyries that she has an idea to make them blend in better. Then the scene changes to show Piper is now dressed like a biker, wearing leather pants, boots, etc. Kara, Mist and Freyja are also dressed as bikers now and the four of them ride off on motorcycles, leaving behind the biker guys and women tied up in the alley. Darryl has just arrived at the crime scene across the street and looks up when he hears the roar of the motorcycles. He is shocked to see Piper ride past.

At the newspaper office, Phoebe has received a call from Darryl to tell her about Piper on a motorcycle. Before she can say goodbye to Darryl, Jason arrives. Phoebe is surprised to see him. He kisses her and her empathy power starts to take over. As they walk toward his office, he is asking about meeting for dinner. The amorous feelings Phoebe is getting from Jason empathically cause her to suddenly kiss him passionately. She realizes what is happening and tries to back away. He kisses her on the back of the neck and she loses control completely as the empathy takes over. Phoebe starts kissing him. Jason realizes the door is open and everyone in the office is watching them. He closes the door and everyone in the outer office groans with disappointment.

In a warehouse, there are cars and car parts lying around the building; it's a place where criminals take cars after they steal them. The warriors have attacked the criminals and just after they kill the last criminal, Piper and the other valkyries arrive on the motorcycles. The warriors start to leave, but Freyja calls out to them. The women take off their sunglasses so the warriors can more easily recognize them. Freyja tells the warriors they have made a mistake. Freyja tells the warriors that this " is not the final battle" and they have "come to take you back to Valhalla." The warriors do not believe this is really Freyja because "the enemy wears many masks" and they run toward the valkyries with their weapons raised.

Elsewhere, Paige is walking Oscar and talking to her temp agency on her cell phone. Oscar's owners have left town and the temp agency wants Paige to keep Oscar until they get back. Paige gets off the phone very frustrated. Paige begins muttering to herself, telling herself that "things happen for a reason" and she should "just go with it." Paige realizes that many dogs have been barking during this and she wonders what is going on. A voice answers that it's a "bad ass fight" but Paige doesn't see anyone. In a moment of shock, Paige realizes it was Oscar the dog talking to her. Oscar explains that he has been trying to get her attention for the past 2 days. Paige assumes this is a power advancement; that now she can talk to animals, but Oscar tells her that she just couldn't hear him until she was "open" to helping him. Oscar reveals that an evil witch put a curse on him, turning him into a dog. He wants her to turn him back into a human and at Paige's hesitation, he points out that if he is evil, it won't work.

[Since when? Remember the demon who had been cursed with empathy? If this statement is true then Prue's spell to remove the empathy should not have worked.]

Paige makes up a quick spell and Oscar is returned to human form. He is grateful and says all the dogs are barking because there is "some serious magic in the air" and it's the kind she might be looking for.

Back in Jason's office, Phoebe and Jason are putting their clothes back on and Phoebe is embarrassed. He tries to comfort her but she is trying to stay a few feet away from him so the empathy will not kick in. Paige arrives before anything can happen again and pulls Phoebe out of the office. As they leave the office, Phoebe senses that Paige is angry. When Phoebe asks where they are going, Paige replies that they are going to save Piper.

In the warehouse, the valkyries are fighting the warriors. We get to see Piper use telekinesis that she got from becoming a valkyrie. Paige and Phoebe orb in and when Piper notices them, she moves toward them. Paige says a reversal spell, but it has no effect and Piper uses telekinesis to throw Paige backward. Phoebe pleads with Piper that she needs to feel the pain in order to feel the good. Piper pauses but then kicks Phoebe backward.

Darryl arrives at the warehouse, telling everyone to drop their weapons. One of the warriors throws a knife at Darryl from behind. Phoebe yells for Piper, causing Piper to instinctively freeze the knife. Piper looks stunned. Freyja touches her pendant, opening a portal. The warriors see it and realize Freyja was telling the truth. The warriors enter the portal and the valkyries follow but Piper is hesitant. Paige and Phoebe beg Piper to stay but the other valkyries urge Piper to hurry. After a moment of indecision, Piper runs into the portal and the portal closes.

Paige, Phoebe, Leo and Chris have gathered at the manor. Leo says the other elders think Phoebe's new power is the key to saving Piper. Phoebe points out that just because she picked up on Piper's feelings, doesn't mean that Piper is experiencing the feelings. Chris reminds them of a spell "to make someone feel what you feel" which would force Piper to feel the feelings Phoebe is getting from her. Paige remembers the spell she used on Cole last year to let him sense how Phoebe felt toward him and decides to change the words to make it work for Piper. Leo offers to orb them, but Phoebe reminds him that he is the cause for Piper's "emotional cocoon" so he should stay away for now. Phoebe realizes that since powers are based on their emotions and since she has been channeling Piper's emotions, she should be able to channel Piper's powers also.

Piper is back to wearing the valkyrie costume and she's alone when Paige and Phoebe arrive at Valhalla. Piper uses her telekinesis to throw Paige backward. Piper tries to do the same to Phoebe but Phoebe just staggers backward without falling. Phoebe has already begun to channel Piper's emotions and powers and is able to use telekinesis and throw Piper backward instead. Paige says a spell:

Open Piper's heart to reveal
That part which only Phoebe feels
Send it back form whence it came
But don't protect her from the pain

Little yellow lights emerge from Phoebe and float over toward Piper. When they hit her, Piper gasps as she begins to feel the strength of her own emotions. Paige and Phoebe stand there watching, waiting to see if it worked. Freyja, Mist and several other valkyries come running but Piper tells them to wait. Freyja asks Piper if they hurt her but Piper responds that they helped her. Piper looks like she is fighting not to cry. Piper tells Freyja that she understands what they do in Valhalla and why, so she can trust that their secret is safe, but it's time for her to go home.

It's night now and Jason is in his office when he gets a call from Phoebe. He left her several messages and she apologizes for not calling back sooner. He knows that "something came up again" and tells her she is mysterious. She tells him that she's mixed up with her feelings. Phoebe turns to look through a window and we realize she is in the newspaper officer too, now looking at Jason as they talk but he doesn't know she is there. He wants to see her again before he returns to Hong Kong but she tells him it's not a good idea. He promises to call her. They hang up and she walks away.

Paige prepares to leave the house and Chris is cleaning up the mess left over from when Leo attacked him. Chris seems like he feels guilty about it. Phoebe returns home and explains she is waiting until she gets her new power under control before she sees Jason in person again. Phoebe and Chris are surprised when Paige tells them she has a date with Oscar. She is worried that he's having a hard time adjusting.

Leo orbs in upstairs and knocks on Piper's door. She tells him to come in. Piper is sitting in a chair, crying and holding Wyatt. She lets Leo hold Wyatt, but then he puts Wyatt in the crib. Leo apologizes for holding back her feelings but Piper realizes he was only trying to help and someone else prevented him from removing the spell. Leo vows to find out who it was. She asks if he is still an elder and he says yes. Piper tells Leo she needs some space. She understands that he can't ignore his calling; but she is going to have to learn how to deal with being a single mother and she can't do that if he is around the house. Leo leans down toward Wyatt and promises to stay nearby. He tells Piper that she deserves a normal life and he hopes she can find it. He orbs out and the episode ends with Piper looking out the window.

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