Synopsis of The Power of Three Blondes

Written by Brandee Mode

The *bad guys* of the episode are three blonde sister witches named Mabel, Mitzy and Margo. The episode begins with them having glamoured to look like Piper, Phoebe and Paige. They enter the attic pretending to be the Charmed Ones, in an attempt to steal the Book Of Shadows. It doesn't work though, the book senses they're evil. They return to looking like themselves and decide it's time to try an "identity theft spell." They hurry to leave the attic when they hear Piper approaching, leaving the book on the floor. Piper enters the attic and is gets a confused look on her face when she finds the Book Of Shadows on the floor.

At P3, Phoebe arrives for a lunch date with Piper. The new bartender keeps looking at Piper and Phoebe's empathy kicks in: she can feel the bartender's lust for Piper. They send the bartender away and Phoebe asks for advice about Jason. He is flying in from Hong Kong today. Phoebe explains that so far she keeps getting overcome with his desire for her and then she can't keep her hands off him. Piper suggests staying in public where she "can't get buck wild" and then ask Jason how he feels. Chris arrives looking for Leo. Piper asks if either of them left the book on the floor but neither of them did. Chris remembers a story from the future that started with the book on the floor and the book ended up getting stolen. He warns them to be careful. He asks where Paige is and they tell him she is at a new temp job because she is still on a "quest for happiness outside of magic."

Paige is at a fruit packing plant. A female co-worker gives her advice on how to stand, etc to prevent injury. Paige is happy to be away from magic until she sees 2 little blue gremlins trying to push crates onto the co-workers. Paige is able to push the co-worker out of the way as the crate falls.

Mabel, Mitzy & Margo have killed the Halliwell's neighbor across the street in order to spy on the Charmed Ones. Mabel uses a bowl of dark liquid to see into Halliwell manor and learns that only Piper and Wyatt are home. It is learned that as the oldest, Mabel will get Piper's powers, Mitzy will get Phoebe's and Margo will get Paige's powers. Mitzy does not like this because she thinks Phoebe does not have good powers. A vacuum salesman arrives and won't take no for an answer. Mabel allows the salesman inside out of frustration. She continues giving her sisters a pep talk about working together. When the man starts talking about the vacuum again, Mabel stabs him and he falls to the floor.

Leo orbs to the manor looking for Chris because he heard Chris was looking for him. Piper starts to get irritated with him for not staying away like he promised, but then realizes Leo misses Wyatt. Paige comes home and Leo orbs out. Wyatt cries and Piper thinks he misses Leo. Paige complains about the gremlins. Piper asks if Paige left the book on the floor. Paige says no and is not surprised or concerned when Piper informs her that Chris thinks someone is after the book. The elf nanny takes Wyatt for a walk, hoping to calm him down.

At the newspaper office, Phoebe and Elise walk past a large picture of Phoebe that says "Ask Phoebe" on it. Elise tells Phoebe she is doing a good job. Phoebe turns toward her office and is surprised to see Jason. He tries to tell her how much he missed her, but she starts to get overcome by feeling his desire for her. She is able to pull back and starts to babble about wanting to be alone with him in public, so they make plans for dinner and he will pick her up at 7:00.

When Phoebe arrives home, the blonde sister witches across the street put their plan into action. Mabel explains that once they say the spell, they world will know them as the Halliwell sisters. They will not get the Halliwell powers until they can get to the book of shadows, which will require luring the real Halliwells out of the house. They say a spell in unison:

Blinking faces blank and ho hum
We are they and they are no one
Grant to us the power of three
And turn them into nobody

They call for Chris to see if the spell worked. Chris orbs into the house across the street. Mabel (pretending to be Piper) claims they are here because they are trying to solve a murder and someone evil has probably been spying on them. Mitzy and Margo flirt with Chris and try to kiss him but he just looks irritated. They convince Chris to orb to the astral plane in search of the where the knife came from that killed the salesman. After Chris orbs out, they are excited that the plan worked.

Mitzy arrives at the newspaper pretending to be Phoebe. She gives Elise a piece of paper with an article messily written in eyeliner. Mitzy claims she didn't like what was written before and wants to use this instead. Jason passes by and reminds her that he will pick her up at 7:00 and gives her a quick kiss. Mitzy grabs his arm and gives him a big, long-lasting kiss while everyone in the room watches.

At home, Piper is talking on he phone and we learn that Mabel has been at P3 pretending to be Piper. Mabel fired the band. Piper tells the person on the phone that she has been home all day and did not fire the band. Piper tells the others to have the nanny give Wyatt dinner and she rushes out of the house. As she grabs her keys, we see a picture now shows Mabel in a wedding dress next to Leo instead of Piper.

Paige has the Book of Shadows open to the page on gremlins and is making a vanquishing potion, which she says is more like a vanquishing goo. Paige asks Phoebe to check the last ingredient for her. Phoebe reaches for the book but it jumps away from her, "like it doesn't recognize us." Phoebe calls for Chris but no response. Both of their cell phones ring. They each get a call about an emergency at work where Mitzy and Margo have created problems to lure them out of the house. Paige says she will leave a note for the nanny and attempts to hide the book but it jumps away from her, landing under the couch.

Piper arrives at P3 and the bouncer will not let Piper in because he doesn't recognize her. As that's happening, Mabel and the new bartender come out of a room, obviously just after they had sex, but the bartender of course, thinks he just had sex with Piper. When Mabel sees the real Piper, she tells the bartender to come by her house after work, then quickly leaves. Finally Piper freezes the bouncer and walks past him. The bartender doesn't recognize Piper either.

Paige orbs to the plant to see Margo leading the workers on a strike. A guard sees Paige and asks for her identification. Paige shows him her ID card but is has a picture of Margo on it so the guard forces Paige to leave.

Mabel, Mitzy and Margo arrive at the Halliwell house and start to look for the Book Of Shadows, when they are startled by Chris. He tells them that he knows they sent him on a wild goose chase to avoid hunting demons. Mabel is relieved that they haven't been discovered. Mitzy puts her arms around Chris and lays her head against his chest. Margo is irritated because she likes Chris but Chris thinks she is Phoebe and is disgusted. He pushes Mitzy away. Mabel claims they wanted time to investigate the murder across the street. Chris tells them that he is reasonable and offers to look around for them. He leaves and they resume the search for the Book Of Shadows. Mabel orders her sisters to keep their hands off Chris.

Next we see Piper getting thrown out of P3, then Paige getting thrown off the property at the packing plant and then Phoebe getting forced out of the newspaper office. Phoebe looks up and sees an "Ask Phoebe" poster that now has a picture of Mitzy on it.

They find the book downstairs and call up to Mabel. They found the spell "to call a witches powers" just as Paige orbs in with Piper and Phoebe. The blonde witches say the spell and a glow rises from Piper, Phoebe and Paige and floats across the room to settle on Mabel, Mitzy and Margo. Mabel imitates Piper's earlier hand gesture and a piece of furniture near Piper explodes. Piper falls and gets a large cut on her leg. Phoebe kicks Mabel, knocking her down, but when Phoebe turns, Mitzy levitates and kicks Phoebe in the face. Margo tries to hit Paige with a lamp and Paige orbs out of instinct. Everyone is shocked that Paige still has the power to orb. Paige quickly reaches for Phoebe and Piper. Mabel tries to freeze them but doesn't know how. Paige orbs out with her sisters.

In the attic, Mitzy scries for the Halliwell sisters. Margo is sad and irritated that Paige can still orb because she wanted that power. Mabel looks through the book. Mabel explains that orbing must come from Paige's whitelighter side since they called for witches powers. Margo keeps complaining and the empathy is giving Mitzy a headache. She tells Margo to "get over it already." Mabel is excited that there is an entry about them in the Book Of Shadows. "The Stillman sisters: Mabel, Mitzy and Margo. Common witches known for their small-time hustles and cons. Not worth vanquishing. If they become a nuisance, try a simple spell to bind their magic." Mabel announces they can't relax until the real charmed ones are dead, but when Jason rings the doorbell, Mabel says they need to keep up appearances so Chris and Leo don't become suspicious. Mitzy leaves for her date with Jason while Margo and Mabel stay behind to work on spells.

Paige and Phoebe help Piper into a cheap motel room and begin tending her leg while discussing how to get their powers back. They decide to try getting Chris to meet them at the manor at midnight, so they can prove the blondes are fakes. Since Chris can't hear them call, Paige will go to the fruit packing plant and ask the gremlins to get the message to Chris. She happens to have a little packet of vanquishing gel if the gremlins refuse to cooperate. Phoebe leaves to "hand out a personal invitation" while Piper stays behind to rest.

At a restaurant, Jason is still believing that Mitzy is the real Phoebe. Jason gives Mitzy a diamond necklace while Phoebe watches from the other side of the room. Mitzy pretends to drop a napkin and goes under the table. It's obvious that she is trying to fondle him under the table. Jason makes her sit up again and asks what's going on. He tells her that's not what he's about. Phoebe is touched to hear that and walks over to them. Phoebe hits Mitzy in the nose, causing Mitzy to get a premonition of the real charmed ones returning home at midnight. Mitzy falls to the floor and Jason moves to help her. Phoebe leaves.

Paige finds the gremlins at the fruit packing plant, but has to resort to threatening them before they will listen to her.

Mabel and the bartender enter Piper's bedroom while kissing and pulling at each other's clothes. They tumble onto the bed and Leo interrupts them. Leo is shocked she would do that in front of Wyatt. (Of course at this point, Leo thinks he is looking at Piper and the bartender.) Mabel claims she is a bad mother and tells Leo he should take the baby. Leo and Wyatt orb out.

The clock chimes midnight as Paige orbs into the manor with Phoebe and Piper. The blonde sisters enter the room right after. Mitzy is proud of getting a premonition until Phoebe explains she gave it to Mitzy on purpose. Chris orbs in, asking the blondes if they know any gremlins. Chris does not recognize the real charmed ones. Piper reminds him that he said something would happen to the book and this is it. Margo states that "everyone knows the charmed ones are blonde"

Paige tries to orb to prove they are telling the truth but nothing happens because Margo had written an anti-orb spell. Mabel tries to blow them up but a plant and a door explode instead. Phoebe reminds Chris that Piper NEVER misses. Piper reminds Chris that they can't control their powers when they are angry. Chris has a look of surprise on his face.

PIPER: "Yeah, so you got us now, why don't you blow us up?"
PHOEBE: "Piper, death bad, life good."
PAIGE: "Don't worry, this bimbo couldn't hit the broad side of a beauty parlor. Check out that dye job."

Mabel is outraged and tries again, but another door explodes. The real Charmed Ones run toward the attic.

Piper, Phoebe and Paige take weapons from a chest and wait for the blonde witches to enter the attic. When they enter, Piper shoots an arrow at Mabel, who raises her hands in panic. The arrow freezes right in front of her, then they realize Piper, Phoebe and Paige are also frozen in place.

Chris orbs into the attic. He gives Mitzy a hug and kiss, claiming he's proud of her. Margo has a hissy fit, claiming that she was "ripped off in the power department," Mabel "bagged the bartender" and Mitzy got diamonds from the boyfriend. Margo claims "that whitelighter belongs to me!" Mitzy says she and Chris did not sleep together, and at the same time, Chris says they did. The blondes start to argue and Chris looks toward the BOS. The triquatra on the cover starts to tremble. The blondes continue to argue over who is in charge and because of the empathy power, they start to argue over what they think of each other. Chris takes Mitzy's side to push them over the edge and it works, the triquatra splits apart, causing the real charmed ones to unfreeze. Chris tells the real Piper that the can handle "these women" now. Piper hits Mabel and Paige hits Margo, knocking both blondes to the floor. Phoebe takes her diamonds back from Mitzy, then hits Mitzy, knocking her to the floor.

Chris walks over to Piper, Phoebe and Paige holding the book of shadows. They ask how he knew they were telling the truth. Chris says that in "all my life" he had never seen Piper "take the bait" the way "that witch" did when she was provoked. Phoebe questions him about the "all my life" comment, since he has only been their whitelighter for two months. Chris doesn't answer and just urges them to reverse the magic used to take their powers.

The next morning, Leo plays with Wyatt and Piper explains that they bound the powers of the blonde witches and turned them in to Morris. There was enough evidence in the house across the street to book them for murder and if that doesn't work, they are wanted in 8 other States. Leo and Wyatt enjoyed their time together and Piper offers Leo that he is welcome to come visit Wyatt whenever she is not around.

Chris tells Leo that he heard Leo has a clue on who sent him to Valhalla. Leo states he started the rumor to "draw out the guilty party" and also says that Chris is the only one to ask about it. Chris starts to leave and Leo tells him that he knows who did and when he gets the proof he needs, Chris will be the first to know.

Paige takes the gremlins to a junkyard so they can "tinker away" without hurting anyone.

Phoebe goes to Jason's office and he says he is confused because she is sending many mixed signals. Phoebe passes it off as being difficult to "squeeze" all their feelings into just one or two nights when he comes to town. Jason suggests they just go to lunch. As they walk away, she thanks him for the diamonds.

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